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Our application process is closed temporarily until further notice. 


Due to the overwhelming applications in the the week before Christmas we have had to close our application process until we can decide on how to move forwards with our work in the community. 


I apologize for this but we are unable to supply the packs in the numbers requested so are forced to close until such a time as we can set up a new system in the new year.


Please email us at if you have any questions (we will not be answering any emails for help at this time)


NOTE: We are not closing, just taking some time to re-evaluate our service and how we can best help the community. Anyone who has asked for help up until 10am on the 22/12/20 will be responded to with the option of applying for a fully funded menstrual cup

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Any upcoming events will be shown on our instagram story. 

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The Good Fund

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