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Fill-a-Bag 2019

As word of The Good Fund spread, and people all over New Zealand got in touch for help, two things happened.

  1. People started telling us that for the first time in their lives they were ‘excited to get their period’, and, the Fund started to run out of money.
  2. We were in a predicament. The fund was changing lives, but to keep the momentum going, we needed money.

All the funds we had were from the Fill-a-Bag Emily ran in March, and while there was a kickback going into the fun from packs being purchased by those not needing reimbursement, it wasn’t enough. Not to help in the way we needed to help.

And so plans for a second Hamilton Fill-a-Bag began.

When Emily posted about the Hamilton Fill-a-Bag on social media, a lady called Jane got in touch. ‘Em, this is such a good idea, and I really want to help. Can I host a fill-a-bag in the Bay of Islands?’ she asked.

And in true Good Fund style, we took that idea and ran with it. The Bay of Islands . . . Hamilton. . . what about NEW ZEALAND WIDE?

And so the call went out on social media and the response was overwhelming!

So many women, so many communities, so many people enthusiastic to take part in this mahi.

Within 24 hours we had Fill-a-Bags being organized from the Bay of Islands to Dunedin and messages were following Em’s inbox.

Some of the messages were from women who had access The Good Fund and because it had changed their lives so much, they wanted to be part of this drive to pay it forward.

By the next morning we had Fill-a-Bags planned for 17 regions across NZ!

This was happening! Social media started flooding with stories about the events, people all over the country started contacting Em and Kimberli and dropping off donations, and help poured from all over New Zealand, help with marketing, help with venues, help with whatever we needed help with.



On 22nd and 23rd June, 17 Fill-a-Bag events kicked off around New Zealand. Thousands of people attended, hundreds of bag of clothing were sold, and collectively over $33,000 was raised New Zealand wide!


With this incredible result, we here at The Good Fund were able to expand the level of help we could offer. 


As well as offering a 50% reimbursement on period packs, we extended our help to include a wait-list system for full funded products. We offer fully donated menstrual cups, cloth pads and period underwear to anyone with need. 


The media generated by the Fill-A-Bag events saw more NZ business step forward to be part of this mahi including Haakaa, and Breastmates, and every day we have Kiwis emailing us to ask for help. 


We can't wait to see what the future brings. 


We aim to make the Fill-a-Bag fundraisers an annual event. Make sure to follow our social media channels to stay updated! 


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