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The Good Fund has been set up to assist people with the cost of period products.

Our difference is we give people a choice. #choicesarechoice

Emily Holdaway | Raising Ziggy


In March 2019 Emily held a Fill-a-Bag fundraiser event.  The event exceed all her expectations, raising over $2700 in 45 minutes. What she thought was going to be a ‘raise a few hundred dollars to help a few people’  became something much bigger. After a very exciting conversation with Kimberli about how to do what they were already doing, in a bigger and better way, The Good Fund was conceived.  Unbelievably we sold 184 packs in the first four weeks and 79 people accessed The Good Fund! We are now looking for people to help us to grow this fund to help more people.

Emily has a very large audience with her Raising Ziggy Page on facebook and instagram and continues to look for ways to raise funds to help people access reusable menstrual products. You can send her your second hand babies clothes and reusable nappies to help with her mahi. If you want to help please contact her raisingziggy@gmail.com

Kimberli Schuitman | My Cup NZ

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Kimberli is passionate about education around reusables and how they can change lives. She has spent years in research and development, especially in the menstrual cup industry. Over the last two years her company My Cup NZ has been gifting menstrual cups to community partners around NZ who work with people living in period poverty. To date My Cup has donated over 8000 cups to communities in NZ and continues with this Mahi.

Kimberli identified that choice was an issue with the gifting of cups, as not all people can use a cup. She has recently created a range of all inclusive menstrual packs on her online platform to support The Good Fund, where a percentage of sales goes back to the fund, supporting those who can't afford reusable period products. If you want to contact Kimberli and help with her mahi please email hello@mycup.co.nz

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You can help our mahi by donating a menstrual pack to someone.

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