Here are the stories we have been given permission to share from people who have applied to The Good Fund for Help.ย We respond to every single one.ย ย 

  • My daughter has been struggling with heavy bleeding and she goes through so many pads that we just can't afford the amount she needs and it breaks my heart I feel like I'm letting her down, she has had days off school because she's worried she will run out of pads at school and is embarrassed to ask the school for help, getting some reusable pads or period underwear would literally be life changing for her.

  • I suffer from PCOS (among other medical issues) and terribly long and heavy periods. I'm on the job seekers benefit with medical deferral, and all my money goes on my board, doctors appointments and medication. I so often have to use toilet paper as I've run out of money to buy my sanitary items.

  • I was originally given tampons when I first got my period. However I found they were never comfortable (I would get pain in my vagina and my cramps also would be even worse than normal) and my period was always very heavy. I changed to using pads but due to having a really heavy period that lasted 7 (even longer now that I'm postpartum) I need around 3 pads a day plus separate night pads (though sometimes they're not enough).

    I try to keep control of it all but I can't afford enough pads. I even leaked through my pants at work the other day and I felt like I was back in school (where this was a regular occurrence). I would love to try alternatives bit just cant afford them on a single income.

  • I am on a benefit and unable to purchase pads and have been using cut up rags. I can no longer use any of the range that are sold at the supermarkets as they irritate me so there is no option. I avoid going out as I have a heavy cycle.

  • Hi there, I have 4 children by birth (2 boys 2 girls) and 3 children (nephew and 2 nieces) that I now have in my care. We are a 1 income family and we are struggling with our finances. I know there are worse off people then us but I thought I would try and ask for help. I saved up enough to get 1 menstrual cup for myself and 1 for the older niece but I am struggling with my cup because I have heavy and irregular periods, so I'm wanting to try the period proof underwear instead.

    I would love to get some but at the moment we just can not make it happen with our expenses and xmas coming up. I'm completely embarrassed at asking for help because it is such a basic necessity every woman should be able to provide so I totally understand if you can not help me, I'm just very happy to see and know how you bless others!!! Thank you for doing what you do

  • I am a mother of 5 who suffers from endometriosis therefore suffering from very heavy and painful periods. I don't leave my house in the first two days of my period as I risk leaking, it has become a very expensive part of the month having to change my tampons or pad every 20 minutes. Tampons seem to make my pain incredibly worse so when I have to use pads the majority of the time I have to where 2 and up to 3 during the night to not leak at time I have used towels or nappies as it's cheaper and like most mums everything else takes priority. Reusable would reduce costs immensely but starting out is very expensive.

  • Kia ora I am applying on behalf of my daughters friend. She stayed at our house last weekend and was using toilet paper and sleeping on the floor at home so she didn't get blood all through her bed. She says her mum cant afford to buy sanitary products for her. As a mum this broke my heart. I gave her a few months supply of pads but I am applying for a long term solution for her.

  • My neighbours granddaughters came knocking on my door to ask about periods. Their grandparents haven't given them much information about periods or anything to use. I took the girls to the supermarket to get them some supplies for now but I can't afford to keep supplying them and both girls have expressed interest in reusable options after seeing my postpartum pads on the washing line. One of the girls (10) is also reacting really badly to disposable pads and the other one (14) wants to try a cup for swimming.

  • I am not quite 50 but suffer from severe heavy bleeding/ due to menopause due to being on a sickness benefit I can only afford 2 packets of budget sanity pads a week but I can easily use up to 7 a day on heavy days but have resorted to using cut up flannel sheets when I run out, not only are they bulky but embarrassing to hang on the wash line and then to hope they dry before it rains, and if it does rain? Then its toilet paper both of these have ruined my clothing from leaks, i also have my 12 yr old grand daughter has come into my care so now I will be giving her my sanitry pads to use instead, it would be an absolute god send with these products

    Irene - Gisborne

I am a stay at home mum of two. I used to work for 14 years before kids, I had money and now I have none. I have a partner who works hard and we budget like you wouldn't believe, we have our own house and land (with a mortgage of course) (in the middle of nowhere so it was cheap) we should be able to afford stuff but we have enough to get by and that's in. The bills are paid and there is always food on the table and that is it. There is no wiggle room for things like clothes, menstrual products, meals out, coffee etc. Like I say we are lucky we live rural so we grow a lot of our own food or hunt but the expenses don't stop mounting up. Were in that "working class" financial bracket that gets no help, no WFF, no best start credit after the first birthday etc..

For the past year I have been trying to save for reusable menstrual products before my period returns. I was lucky it was a year since my second birth before it returned. I got by the first month (October) by finding tampons and pads around the house. Then yesterday month number two rolled around, one tampon and one pad left..$12 in our bank account and I won't be going to town (50km away) until Thursday. Lucky we have a baby in cloth nappies, and I sew. I've just made some make shift pads to get me through. I feel bad for asking for help, I feel like there would be so many others that need it way more than me but having reusables would take that stress away each month, having reusables would remove one more expense for us.

I'm super keen to go green, but can't afford it. I wear a moon cup but leak regularly due to my heavy flow.

I have 6 children, single parent and cannot afford sanitary care for myself.

Kia ora I am applying on behalf of my daughters friend. She stayed at our house last weekend and was using toilet paper and sleeping on the floor at home so she didn't get blood all through her bed. She says her mum cant afford to buy sanitary products for her. As a mum this broke my heart. I gave her a few months supply of pads but I am applying for a long term solution for her. This truly broke my heart.

I'm wanting a reusable option for periods. I have endo & pcos and very heavy periods. I go through many packs of pads (mine lasts 2-3 weeks at a time) I'm on a very small budget due to only 1 income so I'm
Struggling to save to get alternatives to try

I am on a benefit and unable to purchase pads and have been using cut up rags. I can no longer use any of the range that are sold at the supermarkets as they irritate me so there is no option. I avoid going out as I have a heavy cycle.

I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you so much x

Never had a period before having babies now after babies I get it regularly but react to pads and tampons are super painfull! I am looking at investing in period undies but being a one income family don't have the money to purchase. Currently at that time of month we will go without food to be able to budget for sanitary products

Wanting to get a menstrual cup have been referred to you by many others.

My daughter is almost 12 and has autism. She is emotionally at times way behind her peers but physically she is blossoming quickly hormones are rife and I am sure her period is just around the corner. I got mine not long before my 12th birthday as did her grand mother and aunt. I have spoken to her even though she does not want to have the talk, about periods how the reproductive system works in a female and how important it is to stay clean down there (wiping and washing).

When she is able to have a proper discussion I have explained what products are available for her to use and what she would feel comfortable using because if she's not comfortable she would walk round half dressed and for a young girl that's dangerous. She has said she wants to use period underwear. I am struggling to pay bills and utilities as a single mother to two autistic kids. i find it hard to buy a start up set of underwear for her.

I am applying for my friend. She found herself as a single mum on the benefit this year after her husband moved to Canada. She's struggling to make ends meet and often goes without (usually skipping a meal) to ensure her three kids get all their needs met. She uses disposable products but has mentioned her desire to have period underwear many many times. She has not applied before as she says there are others on more need.

It would be great to stop using toilet paper as it can fall out of my underpants as my underpants are getting old too!

I want to use products that are good for my body and the planet but bring a single mum of 4 children, cost is a big factor. I got given a menstrual cup last year and love it but do require either a 2nd one or period underwear. I would be so grateful if you could help me with this!!

I would love to get some products for my daughter as I am in a very tight financial position and this would be amazing.

My daughter is autistic and now has her period . She would struggle with the tactile side of using a cup as of yet but I feel period undies will be amazing for her to use.
As a solo mum of 5 children who is also a student I am unable to fully pay for the cost of period underwear.

I have just set up a womens circle based on the menstrual cycle. We are looking at ways of honouring this cycle and healing through our knowledge of it. We discuss sustainable materials. I have just had my period return after breastfeeding and want to explore menstrual cups but have struggled to resource and pay for one . I'm also keen on other ways too. I would be able to share info with others.

I will be able to stop wearing baby cloth nappies inners as pads.

I am a young mum of two young girls, we are finding it very hard to afford things every week and having to add on these extra cost just isn't doable most months. This would help me so much so I can leave the house/function like a normal person and not have to stress about when I'm going to have it and wont have to plan around it anymore.

Hiya I am a mum to a wonderful 1 year old little girl , she is going through lots of tests at the mo as she have very low muscle tone in her legs and has only just started crawling , we are on one income and just finding it very very hard at the moment.

Hello, I am a mother of two young children and since having my children my cycle has changed and as you could probably imagine in many ways down there has to. I've never really found something that works for me since having my children and find it quite embarrassing when caught out whether it's not having any money, incorrect application or enough product to last me through my cycle.

I would love a chance to receive a pack please that could help me to gain some control, being comfortable back, save the environment and learn more about reducing waste from sanitary items. It would be incredible to have access to items that I know are better for the earth and my body, will be there as needed and not having to worry about being caught short. I appreciate your consideration, thank you so much.

I am a single mum to 5 children. 3 teens that live with their dad and twin 1yr olds that live with me full time. I would really like to use period underwear rather than pads and tampons but I just cant afford them

I was originally given tampons when I first got my period. However I found they were never comfortable (I would get pain in my vagina and my cramps also would be even worse than normal) and my period was always very heavy. I changed to using pads but due to having a really heavy period that lasted 7 (even longer now that I'm postpartum) I need around 3 pads a day plus separate night pads (though sometimes they're not enough).

I try to keep control of it all but I can't afford enough pads. I even leaked through my pants at work the other day and I felt like I was back in school (where this was a regular occurrence). I would love to try alternatives bit just cant afford them on a single income.

Help access affordable and sustainable menstrual products so that my monthly spending can be reduced or eliminated on spending for menstrual products.

My daughter is suffering from heavy periods and she is only 13 years old and I have just had a hysterectomy at age 37 and have been of work and am a single mum to 4 girls so any help would be appreciated.

Hey, I was on the phone to the My Cup team yesterday and they directed me here. I was really hesitant as my partner works and I am a student and we can afford to buy disposables every month. But if I want to get back to reusables I know I need the help.

I have always had trouble with heavy periods for way back to my first years (started at 11). But over the years the bleeding has just got worse and worse. Our hospital system here is not great and I have been fighting this battle to get it sorted for almost a year. I am now at the stage where I am loosing up to 1L of blood over a 9 day period, this comes with other issues like anemia, exhaustion and all the other things you can imagine.

I've used cloth pads and a cup since our 6yo was born. I brought a bunch of cheap china made pads and a cup. The pads did actually last me until about 6 months ago where I had to chuck them out as they were rags. Through the years I have been through 4 brands of cups that have cost me a fortune and all leak. The best one I've found is the My Cup but still can't use it for the first 3 days of my period, when I need the most help. I have recently purchased 4 pairs of modibodi heavy underwear after saving where I could while spending tons on disposable products each month that result in thrush.

But within 1 hour I had soaked through this underwear, in public. I went home in tears. I'm to scared to leave the house on my period because I can't contain it. Disposable pads do not absorb nearly as much as my cloth pads. But the cost to rebuild my cloth pad supply and try the LBL underwear is just not something we can justify right now, not with how much I go through and how much we spend monthly currently.

Right now a maternity pad over my period underwear (with a cup in which doesn't do much) is the way I'm surviving.
I love what your doing and appreciate any support I can get at this time.

My daughter has been struggling with heavy bleeding and she goes through so many pads that we just can't afford the amount she needs and it breaks my heart I feel like I'm letting her down, she has had days off school because she's worried she will run out of pads at school and is embarrassed to ask the school for help, getting some reusable pads or period underwear would literally be life changing for her.

I have not menstruated for 5yrs now apart from postpartum, I have been on contraception that has the perk of no periods but I'm feeling my body is over that idea and so i have come off it. I am expecting heavy bleeding like before children but also who knows right? I often reacted to tampons and some brands of pads. I have a posterior wall prolapse and a short cervix, so a cup is a bit nerve wracking to me too. Id like to explore my options further but on limited income its difficult to cover the cost.

I am a single mother who would love to try your period underwear to avoid the ongoing cost of sanitary products

Teenager independently living with very little income and periods are expensive.

A young girl I know, 11, is really struggling with having her period. Her parents don't have the funds to help and I heard of your amazing fund. She is having heavy periods and struggling with cramps and leakage.

I seem to bring having a reaction to disposable pads and they are just uncomfortable and with three females now needing products it's expensive.

I've always had heavy painful periods but since having my third child that only worsened I struggle with tampons lasting 1-2 hours and therefore require both tampons and pads I have recently become a single mum my youngest is 5 months old and requires goats milk formula @ $50 a tin and I struggle to be able to afford my kids needs and my own so theirs comes first and I hide away for 7 days. #strugglingmumtimesarereal #kidscomefirst

- Kate, Bay of Plenty

I've actually been following you guys on Instagram since you started now. I have recently separated with my partner of 7yrs and am a solo mama of 1. I'm asking for help because I have done everything to decrease our budget and yet it still leaves us with $5 each week which is fine mostly except when the unexpected or additional costs come up then its a shitfest. So I'm trying to apply so my period doesn't need to be something I have to stress about financially anymore.

- Melissa, Auckland

I am a struggling single mum and with three teenagers, two who have behavioral needs therefore constantly making damages to our rental home I hate trying to find the money necessary for mine and my daughters menstrual needs monthly, not to mention the effects it's having on global warming.

I am a Mum of 5 tamariki, 4 boys and our newest baby girl. I am on maternity leave and we are relying on my husband to provide for us during this time.
I have recently got a mirena in for the first time (and have blinking started getting my period๐Ÿ˜ฅ and my baby is still exclusively breastfed ๐Ÿฅฐ)

I would love to be able to save some money through getting hold of some period underwear and a menstrual cup. I have been a bit hesitant about this, but believe that it would not just help us financially but also help our environment by not having so much waste.

I can afford disposable menstrual items, however I can't afford to set myself up with reusable items.
I understand I may not qualify for this opportunity, just thought it was worth try, to get started with using these types of items. It would be a bonus too, to have a good understanding of how these work for when our baby girl finally has to use some.
Thank you for considering me.

My 12 year old baby has recently got her period and unfortunately it is hard enough purchasing these products for myself at such exorbitant prices than both of us. You want to be able to give the best for your children and these reusable products are definitely it. If not only for the benefit to the environment let's be honest it is mostly about the benefit to our pocket.

As a solo mama of two girls I would very much appreciate any help and especially if it comes in the form of period undies. These products will save me money in the long run which is amazing. But the start up cost is immense to someone struggling to put food on the table let alone a reusable cup in the vagina xx Appreciate your kaupapa and all the amazing mahi you do โค๏ธ Arohanui

I've been struggling to regulate my period as when I go off the pill I bleed for sometimes up to 6 months and one of these would make all the difference.

I am a solo mum of one on the solo support benefit. Since having a baby I feel like my insides have changed tampons are no longer my friend. The prices of those disposable smelly things are ridiculously expensive. After paying for the cost of living I even found out I now have to pay for my rubbish being disposed of. Which made me think how I can reduce my waste.

I tried a cup from wish it was like $2 something cheap. I love it but it doesn't seem to fit well it's always leaking a very thick plastic. Anyway a few dollars is all I can afford. I am happy to donate a few bucks each month so other woman can make the change as well. I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you have put this opportunity here for woman. Thank you.

I've been wanting to change to reusable products after I got my period back with my daughter but ended up pregnant, I've only just got it back now 11 months after having my son. I currently can't afford the initial cost of buying them myself ๐Ÿ™ We're a single income family so I thought I'd reach out for help.

There have been many times when I couldn't afford period products. My period days are now over, but I never want my daughter to have to go through that. We both love the idea of sustainable environmentally friendly period products. I'm single working mum, finances are tight.

Hi there, I have 4 children by birth (2 boys 2 girls) and 3 children (nephew and 2 nieces) that I now have in my care. We are a 1 income family and we are struggling with our finances. I know there are worse off people then us but I thought I would try and ask for help. I saved up enough to get 1 menstrual cup for myself and 1 for the older niece but I am struggling with my cup because I have heavy and irregular periods, so I'm wanting to try the period proof underwear instead.

I would love to get some but at the moment we just can not make it happen with our expenses and xmas coming up. I'm completely embarrassed at asking for help because it is such a basic necessity every woman should be able to provide so I totally understand if you can not help me, I'm just very happy to see and know how you bless others!!! Thank you for doing what you do

Just finished university and am getting out in the world. Have learnt a lot there about our environment and am always looking for ways to do my part but it's hard when alternatives can be so expensive.

Kia Ora The Good Fund. I am a student studying at Unitec Waitakere to be a nurse and am wanting to try out a menstrual cup or reuseable items as I am a big believer in protecting our bodies from toxins and papatuanuku from all the toxic waste going into her, doing my part in saving our Taiao where ever I am able to possible.

Also, due to being a low income student I am literally left with a minuscule amount of money at the end of the week to be able to purchase reuseable items. When it comes to my time of the month I frequently use toilet paper or flannels to get by because I can't afford sanitary products. I believe they are way overpriced.

There are a lot of women in my uni group who also struggle to afford sanitary products. With the belief that other things are more important for survival such as food, rent etc. I am kindly asking to be funded a menstrual cup to help with my period poverty and in order to achieve a sense of empowerment by protecting our taiao and Papatuanuku.

Ngaa mihi

I have been using a cup since before having my 2 kids, since having them my cup causes pain, I continue to use it because I don't want to go back to throw away products and I can't afford to purchase underwear being on one wage with 2 kids. I would love some help to switch to period proof underwear.

- Jamalia, Otago

I'm a single mother, after paying for childcare rent and food and essentials for my daughter I struggle to supply my own personal monthly necessities.

We have gone down to a single income family with a mortgage to pay. My daughter has just got her period and we are having to buy budget pads. She starts high school next year and we would like to provide her with reusable period options so she doesn't feel embarrassed with having to use pads.

Some months it's choosing between healthy food for my family or for tampons and pads.

We are a low 1 income family with 3 children (one who also menstruates)... I have a horrendous period and go through so many products... I've been wanting to try some out for ages but 1 money and 2 scared haha... but I just for my period and we have $10 to our name for me to buy my products with to last till Tuesday so thinking now is the time to ask for help.

Would love the chance to use these reusable menstrual products, hearing all the feedback from those round me. Always wanted too however financial struggles have held me back.

I am a single mother to a 4 year old boy his father passed away 2 years ago. I really struggle to afford sanitary products each month. I have looked into a moon cup and reusable pads but the full start up cost is way out of my budget sadly. I would really love to make the change though and also reduce the unnecessary amount of waste. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I've had menstrual issues since the age of 14 and it has caused a lot of problems for me in my life. I've had my first child a year ago and have been struggling to afford pads since he was born, I only have one week a month where I don't have my period so it's getting expensive but I can't spare the initial money for a menstrual cup as I'm on the supported living payment.

Being a single low income family with 3 school children, it is not always affordable for me to purchase sanitary products for myself being on a tight budget with a mortgage to pay. They will also be great for when my 11 year old daughter starts menstruating so she won't have to use tampons or disposable pads.

Cannot afford menstrual products, using cloths/toilet paper or having to take time off of study.

I'm a single mum of 4 children have a range of health conditions and I make sure their needs are met first so sometimes means i go without. I have sensitive skin which means some times I'm that sore from using pads that I'm at the doctors often to get cream due to dermatitis of the vaginal area. But even that is costly when your on one income

In need of a new menstrual cup. We are on one income and get all the bills paid and have a roof over our head but don't have the money to get a new cup.

Me and my family have been struggling with money for a while and sometimes it is really hard for my parents to purchase necessities for me so reusable products would really benefit me and my parents so they can spend less money on me and more on other important things.

My daughter has recently started menstruating and cannot swim when bleeding as she can't use tampons. This singles her out at school. We have very limited means.

I suffer from very heavy period which means I leak over my sheets and sometimes leak even with tampon and pad wearing.

Hey so I get bad rashes using disposable pads and I suffer heavy bleeding as well I've looked at cloth pads but because I need the heavy flow ones there more expensive I would love to have a pack of my own reusable pads.

I used reusable pads for a couple of years and loved them but I lost everything in a house fire this year and am really struggling to replace them while having to pay for disposable ones for myself and my two teen daughters. For the last two months I have had to have help from the chch City mission

I feel so wrong doing this and I don't even know why ๐Ÿ˜… I also say that with half a breath cause I kind of do know why. Because I work full time, have a roof over my head and food in my puku I feel I fit into societies norm of 'doing okay'. But reality is mama doesn't get the $ to spend $20+ on herself in our soul income household when my 2 babies need things over my want/need for a sustainable way to control my spotting an infrequent periods.

I got a mirena to help with the cost of heavy periods before I fully understood how I can use my menstrual cup. It may sound stupid. It may not. But for me this would be a treat (yes, treat.. because #mumlife makes you excited for things like this) and I'd love to be considered for this great kaupapa. Xxxx

I'm a single mom who's been experiencing heavy debilitating periods since I was 11. With all my bills every week I barely can afford petrol and nappies. I have a skin sensitivity and a minor latex allergy as well as a coconut allergy. This mixed with anxiety about blood means I can't wear disposable pads and I can't afford reusables or the period underwear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am at the early stages of menopause in my 30s and now find my periods to be incredibly variable and unpredictable. Because of this, I often need to have both pads and tampons on hand all the time as I never know which way it's going to go. Some months are incredibly heavy and painful, some are barely there. We are a single income family and gathering reusable supplies for me just isn't affordable at this time, it's hard.

I've been wanting to try period underwear for a few years now but way out of my price range. Would love the opportunity to try some as I've always struggled with cups and pads tho still prefer these methods over standard tampons.

The good fund could help me tremendously. I have a very heavy flow and can be spending a huge amount of money each month buying disposable pads and tampons. My partner works full time on minimum wage and our rent is very expensive. We have a daughter who we are also trying to provide for and some months we just cannot afford sanitary products so I use toilet paper. I have done this since I was 11 years old so I am very used to it. I really appreciate everything the good fund is doing and I thank you so much.

Kia Ora ,
My daughter has been very interested in periods since her sister got it relatively young and then she got hers at 11yrs old , I have four children two of them girls including the child I am applying for . We have often had to go without some basic needs as we have the three of us both going through cycles.

Having reusables would mean we won't have to fuss too much when it hits us all at the same time. I'm wanting to make the experience relatively enjoyable for her and not have to worry about monthly cost etc.

I always wanted to swap for a menstrual cup but never managed to spare the 40-50$ required for the first buy.

I'd really love to try some reusable products but being a student, all my money gets spent on rent food etc and I barely have enough for a pack of tampons, let alone the initial investment for reusable products. I also have PCOS which makes my periods very irregular making it even harder to budget for products. I'd love to be considered for any help please! Thank you

Since the age of 11 my periods have been heavy I've had to use tampons liners and pads to get me through. Even still changing the tampon every 40 mins to an hour I manage to leak through. Whenever I'm at work or was at school i would fear. There was 2 times at intermediate where my period leaked through and everyone in my class laughed at me. From then on I've always feared of leakage and try to stay home when I have it.

I have a daughter and don't want her to fear the same way I do. I want her to know that there are wonderful products out there we just have to find what's right for her. I want my confidence back so I can enjoy the good times with her too. I find myself with a rash every single time when I use pads and it's awful.

I'm 18 years old and I've never been able to use tampons. I get severe dermatitis that originally started when I started using pads and has only worsened over time. Sometimes the dermatitis is so bad that it bleeds, I have missed school due to the embarrassment of being itchy all the time.

I've tried all sorts of creams for it but it never seems to go away because I'm always using pads. The Good Fund can help me by giving me an alternative to disposable pads, I have looked into menstrual cups before but can't fork out the $50 for one yet, and re usable pads are also too expensive for my budget.

I am a single mama of two boys currently studying to provide a better future for them, I can't always afford tampons or pads on a student allowance. I would love the opportunity to use something reusable.

Sanitary items are expensive. Some months I have to choose whether I purchase sanitary items for myself or extra food for my kids. I usually ask friends if they have any spare sanitary items I could have.

As my daughter age 11 years has recently got her period and I had been using rolled up bits of toilet paper for myself while buying my daughter pads. I received a menstrual cup which i was so happy about and it works really well for me but now i have found myself in even more money troubles and am finding it hard to afford her pads. I was wondering if you could please help me with purchasing some period underwear for my daughter as it will help us out a lot. As my daughter has very long periods sometimes lasting 8 days. And we really need help as the price of pads is incredibly high

I am a current student finalising my degree this year, a mother of 3 with a 4th on the way and supported by my partners single income. Our daughter is 11 and has started her period a few months ago. It is extremely heavy and has been lasting up to 2 weeks each time. She is needing to change her super pads every 1-2 hours and we cannot stay on top of the costs without having to miss out elsewhere (food, petrol, other bills).

It is an extremely embarrassing time for her also as she leaks through multiple times at school during her period and because of this she is losing her confidence.

We have thought about buying menstrual undies and reusable pads to use together as it is so heavy and these products will help us financially in the long run but we can't fund the cost of them currently and as each month comes the financial strain and embarrassment she feels from a normal life event continues.

I am a mum of a one year old boy and have recently got my period again. I didn't realise the ongoing cost of menstrual products, as in the past I didn't even think about it. Now, I work part time and my husband's business is a lot of debt so I am the main income earner.. It's hard to make it through each week, and I think having reusable products would really help us in the long term financially (with one less cost) and also help the environment. I've never tried these products before.

I'm a single Mama with two beautiful girls, ever since having my second daughter my fufu has never been the same. I am unable to use tampons due to cervical damage, and pads make my bits dry and itchy.

Since having my third child I am getting my period every 2 weeks. I have one week of no bleeding, then around 7-10 days of heavy and painful bleeding, then one week of no bleeding and so on. The cost of tampons is getting ridiculous and we are a one income family with a menstruating 16year old as well. I know there are many many women out there who are in such worse circumstances than me, so thank you for reading this.

I have had my period return now that my daughter has turned two. Even though i still breastfeed. I purchased a cup when i could afford it last but I'm having a really hard time using it. I cant even but any pads or tampons until next pay day but period will probably be over then. I don't wanna use disposables ๐Ÿ˜ญ but my body is soo different since my waiwhero has returned and I cant really use a cup with ease like i should be able to.

Just been diagnosed with cervical cancer . Have had surgery and bleeding will last for around 6 weeks and using to many pads would like to try period underwear.

This year has seen me go from being an independent, financially stable woman to seeking assistance. My Mum passed away earlier this year after an unexpected battle with brain cancer at the age of 56.

I had recently moved to Taranaki to take up a new job, which meant I was traveling 8 hours every time to see her almost every weekend before she passed. Just a month after her passing, I was bullied in my job because of a lack of understanding around grief and mental health. This bullying resulted in me leaving my job in order to get my mental health back on track.

I have recently accepted a new job, but my income has halved and my savings have been depleted from the traveling to see Mum, her funeral and subsequent unemployment, so I'm now facing a new challenge of making ends meet. I have avoided buying menstrual products recently to try and cut costs which has stained clothing and I've avoided interacting with friends and family for fear of leaving a mark. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated

I'm 15 and on birth control I get a light period 4-5 times a month and the good fund sounds like a great product for me, my mum is a single mum who works but can not afford extra thing like the good fund.

I am a 19 year old single mum, I am on a young parents benefit so I don't get as much as normal single mums, it would be a amazing help! I would have to worry about if I will be able to afford tampons every month.

I'd love a menstrual cup as I have 7 kids and most days we can't even afford food let alone personal items ๐Ÿ™

I would love my daughter to have her first experience with womanhood to be sustainable and eco friendly as possible. I use a cup and have done so since the birth of my second child. I always had painful infections as a teen and a bad experience with my periods. Finally a midwife suggested I may have an allergy and it was quickly confirmed by a GP. I want to avoid this experience for my girl. It's a beautiful and strengthening part of life and should be related in that way too

I'm a mother of two working full time and not earning enough to even cover my bills in Auckland at this stage. I have missed work a few times as I bleed every two weeks very heavily. I have always wanted a menstral cup but have not being able to afford it and would love to use one instead of buying menstrual products or using toilet paper or tissues when times are rough.

I have 3 daughters. One suffers from endo and bleeds so heavily that she will miss course due to pain levels and needing to wear both tampons and pads. She tries to use them sparsely so the last her whole period. Using ripped up towels if she runs out.

I have 3 daughters. One misses days off work while on her period due to heavy bleeds her period lasts between 7 & 10 days. She tries to purchase enough products to cover her time but often runs out needing me to buy extras. Reusable products will improve her independence and finances.

I have 3 daughters. One has just started her period and we currently purchase disposable pads. I would like to start her on reusable products so she will not feel the fear of period poverty in her future. I am also concerned that like her older sisters she will be troubled by heavy bleeding or suffer from endo.

Quite frankly it was the post about using toilet paper most times since you can't afford products that motivated me to apply cause that's me and really has been for 10 years. My periods always have been erratic and irregular especially since getting the implants I've pretty much just been constantly bleeding and am even more broke after my third child and an unexpected single parent unemployed and really cant afford to buy enough pads/tampons to cover me basically ALL the time til my bleeding resolves!

I am a solo mum to two children and on a very limited budget as I am not currently working and struggling with some mental health issues. This would be a great help as I want to switch to better more sustainable products for my daughter so this would be amazing ๐Ÿ’œ thank you

I have recently had 2 kids in 1year . I have to often use one of the kids nappie inserts๐Ÿ˜” winz don't help my partner earns to much but he only earns enough for us to scrap by. Plus after having the kids leakage is a real issue ๐Ÿฅบ so I think my underwater and pant sometimes too

This would be an amazing help for me as a solo mum struggling financially and also other health issues I would be forever grateful for one of your packs so I don't have to worry about purchasing sanitary products every month as I also have a teenage daughter to support as well. Thank you

I'm a solo mum of two one of which fathers is in jail for domestic violence towards me. I struggle from extreme anxiety and depression also bankrupt.

I would like to try reusables. And see how much of a difference it will make as disposable tampons are painful and don't sit right since having my third child.

I spend way too much on pads because I always get super heavy periods, getting some help with getting a cup or underwear would so amazing I'd be so grateful.

I am struggling with unpredictable bleeding and the state of my underwear is embarrassing (cos of blood staining). I cannot afford more reusable menstrual products and my body dislikes disposable (so does the environment).

My daughter has had a lot of issues with allergies to pads, so we currently buy organic ones. She is keen to try reusable pads, plus, last week we found she has Dermatographia, so she is basically allergic to anything that touches/rubs/puts pressure on her skin. I am quite sure reusable pads will help with her allergy issues, and rashes that result from this.

Im a solo mum to 4 kids of my own and currently have my 2 teenage nieces in my care (14&16) that i do not get paid for currently my 10 year old daughter also gets her period so its getting quite expensive trying to supply pads for all 4 of us every month as we all get our monthlys at the same time any help that you could supply would be a huge help even if its just a pair of undies each for the girls as my 10 year old and 14 year old dont like going to school because they're scared that there pads are going 2 leak

I have just got my period back since giving birth to my third child. I have been at home with the kids and we are on one income. I don't want to buy sanitary products anymore but the period undies i would like to use instead all cost a heap to get started with.

Hey guys, I'm a recently solo mum on a benefit. I'm trying to keep my costs down as well as caring for our environment but unfortunately I have next to no money. My period has returned after 2 years and who knew having a period was so expensive?? Unfortunately, I have to cut our food bill to afford sanitary items which is a killer so I am reaching out for help.

I am a solo mother of four beautiful babies on the sole parent benefit. My period regular and quite often heavy. I can't afford tampons all the time and often have to use the odd cut up nappy ๐Ÿ™

We have had our beautiful wee one and I have got major troubles inserting tampons, I just can't physically and mentally find inserting things a bit wrong. I have been using pads but get rashes and hate the smell they give. They make me feel dirty. Money is tight on one income and I have to make a pad last way too long until they leak. I would love to try period underwear to help

I am a mother of a 10 month old baby girl. My husband works but only makes $18.50 an hour on a 30 hour week. We have one income and most weeks we are at nil in our bank account. Really wanting to try a menstrual cup but affording it is tough. Being a girl is expensive.

I am a single mother to a 4 year old daughter. I have mental health issues which I am currently struggling it and is effecting me from holding down a job. I'm currently on a solo parent benefit with winz and living in a hnz home. Due to the rising cost of everything and trying to keep on top of bills each month is a really struggle for me to afford pads. I currently have 2 reusable pads that my aunt brought for me and find them great but I can't afford to buy any more on my own and winz won't help me with buying some either

I have recently become a solo parent and no longer have the funds for disposable menstrual products. I cannot use tampons or a cup (it's too painful) so use rags/homemade cloth pads but they often shift and leak. I would like to try knickers but cannot afford them.

I am a mother to 5 children, currently pregnant with my 6th child and times get really tough. I have 3 girls 2 of which are teens. I had a menstrual cup but I also have a medical condition, uterine prolapse So I can't use the cups.(I donated the cup too). I also get a reaction off pads I would love to try the reusable underwear, and would also love for my teens to try these as well. I have looked at buying them but I couldn't afford to. Thank you for your consideration, it is appreciated.

I have bought 3 reusable pads so I don't have to worry if I don't have the money to buy pads. I have to wash and dry them constantly only having 3.

I'm a single mum of 4 and struggling financially.
- Donna (Northland)

Thank you for having this for young people and ones that can't afford it. My older girl has a bleeding disorder and she bleeds heavy for some times up to 60 days at a time and winz have said that they will not help her get pads and tampons so I am the one that covers the cost for her and covers for underwear bedding and I would like her to try the underwear and reusable pads as this might help me save some money. And my twin girls also have heavy bleeding too and I would like to be able to find something that help early then when I found out about my oldest daughter. It does take its toll on the girls sometime I don't get food as the girls need pads and tampons because they would go to a school other wise. When I saw a post on Facebook about this I thought I would apply and see if it will help my girl's and me to be able to give them control of there lives again. Please let me know if I haven't full anything out. Again thank you so much for doing this for all girls and ladys.

My Daughter has ADHD/Anxiety. And gets bullied at school for her wetting/bladder control. I think these would be the perfect answer for our nightmare situation. We have 6 kids and can't afford these for her right now.

I've just had a baby and being on the benefit it's hard to have enough money to buy nappies, formula and tampons and/or pads for myself. My periods get real heavy at times and I'm needing to purchase more than one pack of tampons/pads in that month. Sometimes I have to resort to using toilet paper when I've run out and don't have money to buy menstrual products.

I'm a solo mum, who finds it cheaper to skip periods through taking contraception pills rather than having to buy packets of pads and tampons. my only child is a daughter so things are about to get even more expensive as she turns 11 this year, I'm dreading the expense of trying to have supply's for us both

Hi there. I am a single mum struggling with weekly costs and also live with endometriosis and pcos. I have always been wanting to cut costs with my bleeding and try something reusable and sustainable. Thanks for your consideration xo. - Hannah (Waikato)

Stop using Pads and tampons and using the cup too, save money and the environment

I currently only have 2-3 days a month that I'm not bleeding and I'm struggling badly with pain etc associated to it and cant always afford hygienic products so have to stay at home and my daughter misses out on certain things like playgroup because I'm scared that I will bleed through

I would like to live a better waste free lifestyle but haven't had the money to outlay for a menstrual cup. All our money goes on food, childcare etc, there is always something more important to buy so I usually just get the cheapest pads out there.

My partner works so hard and I am currently a stay at home mum raising my two children. We are struggling financially. Menstrual products are last items on the conveyor belt at the supermarket. Food is a priority and $100 doesn't get you far to feed 4 mouths and 2 cats. Some weeks I use rags or toilet paper. But its not pleasant. I use the contraceptive Jadelle. My period is irregular and can last for over a week. I think reusable pads and a moon cup could be a game changer for me. Thank you for your consideration.

I am a full time university working three part time jobs to pay my rent and cover other expenses. I saved up and bought my first menstrual cup last year and was really proud of myself for doing my part to help the environment (and eventually my own financial situation would benefit too). However, it isn't right for me, I've tried using it through many periods and through my research, have decided that I just need to try another type or something else to avoid the pain and discomfort. I still have to use pads or liners with it too which is really unfortunate and causes a lot of irritation. Sometimes at night to try and reduce the irritation and discomfort I just chance wearing nothing but underwear and hope that by lying down my flow will slow down until morning so that I don't stain the bedsheets or clothing. I wish I didn't have to do this and had a better alternative. But the price has been holding me back, it was hard enough saving up the first time after paying all my expenses and studylink repayments and that was the cheapest but still good quality option I could find!

I am hoping to purchase some quality period underwear as I believe this will lessen the irritation and maybe a new menstrual cup that will be right for me. At this stage I am just waiting until I finish my degrees and get a full time job when I might be able to afford it. I'm very aware that that is a while away and I know the environment can't wait either! I need to help where I can as soon as I can, it just sucks that doing so currently causes discomfort, irritation and pain.

Single mum , 3 kids only able to work part time

My husband and I are about to start funded fertility treatment for our second baby. I have just had to come off all of my medication which helped to manage some of my Stage 4 Endometriosis symptoms including my significantly heavy bleeding and irregular periods. This means that I will soon start my period again and my period is very irregular. My bleeding can sometimes last weeks.

I can't use cups or tampons due to having vaginismus so rely heavily on pads but no longer want to damage the environment given the significant use I have due to heavy bleeding. I am hoping to use period underwear as they give a little bit of extra support and are less likely to move around.

I am assuming, that due to needing to change pads roughly every hour or two, I would need a decent supply of period underwear which is a cost that I can't afford at the moment. I would appreciate any help that I can get.

Thank you.

Periods for me have always been a painful experience, physically and financially. My periods are always heavy and crippling. I was put on the pill to help manage it but then discovered I have another medical condition which means I can't take the pill. I have allergies some period pads, I get rashes from using them and find them uncomfortable. Tampons are horrid to, they are uncomfortable to wear and they make me sore, its like my body is rejecting them if that makes sense. I have been so interested in trying a menstrual cup and especially period undies. I just feel like this would be much kinder to my body. However, I am currently studying full time, I do have a part time job but I'm only just making ends meet and buying these products is out of my reach at the moment. I really feel that this could make such a huge difference to my life.
Thank you for your consideration

I'm sure my daughter is so close to getting her period.,and id like her to try period underwear as I think it would be so much easier for her with her only being 10 next year

I must wear pads constantly due to inconsistent periods and I have severe allergic reactions to normal pads

I am a solo mum of x3 on a benefit. n be honest ,I havent haven't been able to afford tampons or pads in 2yrs, as my daughter now has her period and she comes first , sometimes we have to make do n use toilet paper or rags, it's humiliating but we gotta do what we gotta do. This will be a huge help for my daughter n I.

As a single mother to my toddler and studying full time, our money is tight meaning so is our weekly food budget. Sanitary items are not exactly cheap considering the amount that is gone through over a normal cycle and how often women have to purchase them. I would much rather be using something that I feel comfortable with knowing that it is natural, good for me and the environment, affordable and will save a lot of money and any potential health problems in the long run. I have always wanted to try one of the cups and don't think I will ever look back after I do try one.

I need help with getting a reusable. I'm a new mum to a 4month old.
The amount I had to spend before I was a mum on tampons was horrific but now with all the costs of a baby and a drop in my income and not allot of help from IRD and no help from winz we cannot afford products for myself. To the point I'm going to have to make my own pads ( trying to figure out how to do this.) I work part time as a security guard as well as a full time mum but if I cant afford products I cant go to work and embarks myself with leakages.
Even being a mum like this is hard. After we left the hospital they gave us products but when I ran out as embarrassing as it is I ended up cutting my own babies nappies and using them a pads as its either nappies or products for me. My little boy will always come first even if it means I free bleed.

I would like to trial products first before suggesting them to my 17 and 13 year old daughters and have a 2 year old daughter also.

I am a young mum with 2 kids under 3. Being a single income household I do not have the funds to invest in reusable period products and I hate that this is at the expense of our planet. I currently use disposable tampons with wadded toilet paper for extra protection, as we can usually just buy one box of tampons per period. Thank you for all the mahi you do.

Be more comfortable/ confident when I have my period .

Since my period has returned post birth of my twins my flow has become incredibly heavy. I currently use a menstrual cup, but it fills up and leaks after about an hour. I'd love to try the period underwear to use on their own and as a back up for my cup but cost is a barrier for us.

Since I was 12 I've been battling with heavy periods I've been paying over $50 a month for over 10 years I've been on the depoprovera, pill and other means to control the bleeding but all I can do is plug her up and wait some years in the past I've had to be admitted to Whangarei hospital because of serve bleeding from my lady parts I have no parents and family to rely on or ask for help and support I've been working full time since I was 17 and have worked in Australia in 2016-2018 to become debt free as my supermarket bill is killing me monthly I'm still buying 6.40 worth of pads every week

I have endometriosis and PCOS and in the last three months I've had two periods totalling 1.5 months. My brother has suddenly passed and it has put my body into a tailspin. I now have my second period this month due to the stress of the loss. I need help as I'm struggling using so many sanitary products when bleeding this often and heavily.

I'm a first time mum and recently had my first period since having my son last November. I was hoping not to get my period back just yet as we are already struggling to to meet the cost of living on top of being in a large amount of debt. My period was a lot heavier than it used to be and it was difficult to manage with just pads. I would love to try some period underwear or a cup but it's not something I can afford right now.

I'm applying for my mum who has been having constant periods every 2 weeks and has to have iron transfusions as they are so frequent, she is currently on the waitlist to have a hysterectomy but that could be 6 months or more away and she's constantly having to buy tampons and pads and is running out of money and I just want her comfortable

I am a single mum of 3 beautiful children and after having my third I got my tubes tied and since then my periods have been extremely heavy and I am having to use pads and tampons at the same time and am changing both every few hours! This is very expensive please help!

Pinching pennies has become the "norm", this would greatly help in the long run with funds that would normally go on sanitary products. I have been off work fnow, raising our young children and am due again in a months time. During my time off work, my partner has contracted serious health issues so to help with his recovery somewhat - has reduced his hours. I'd really like to purchase something that I can re-use, avoiding the ongoing cost of pads or tampons but cannot afford the initial outlay at this time.

Introduced through my antenatal class with kels whirihanga. Currently pregnant but preparing to go with reusables once baby comes. As well as converting to using reusable nappies for both my kids it's just a bit costly to start off with and fork out for when you have everything else to buy

Just struggling at the moment with bills and my period once a month is a bother! I know that sounds dumb, I am grateful for it (I've had three fabulous boys) but it's an added expense.

I'm nearly due with baby number four and I would love to switch (after the crazy bleeding!) to a better choice of menstraul product. But being on leave and having 4 children the outlay is huge even though I know long term it would be beneficial. Would love a discount to get started. I also have 2 (maybe 3!) girls so would love to set a good example for them.

I am a young mum to an 11 month old child. I am currently on the solo parent benefit and this would be a huge help so that all of my money can go on my child's necessities. I have had issues with menstrual blessing and have been bleeding for over a month which is now costing alot

I am a single mama to two precious girls. I have wanted to try reusable options for ages and when I wasn't on my own I managed to get a couple of cloth pads and a cup but I didn't realise that you need different cups depending on your cervix/vagina etc. so the one I have isn't comfortable at all, I think it's the wrong shape or size I'm not sure. But I would prefer to try the period undies as they seem more discreet for me than the pads and I'm still a little scared of the cup especially since I had an IUD put in at family planning. I have been buying the home brand pads for my periods but everything I use irritates my skin ๐Ÿ™ I get eczema and dermatitis and I just generally react to anything with chemicals. So I try to use the cloth pads I have but I only have 2 and then have to wash and dry etc. I keep looking online at options but even with laybuy and afterpay and all that it's just not a viable option for me.

Will save on costs that I can utilise elsewhere as I am a solo mum it gets hard to make ends meet.

I'm a single mother of a 3 year old who's father has chosen to not play a part in financially or emotionally supporting her. I am also a student nurse. Being a single parent who is studying dosnt leave much money for anything let alone period products. I would really like to try out a menstrual cup

I struggled with painful heavy periods for most of my life.

I have tried and failed in many different birth control method to try and minimise the cramping and the bleeding I get. I currently have the rods in my arm and since then I have had very heavy painful periods that can last weeks with a month in between if I am lucky.

I go through 16-32 tampons per period with about 2-3 a day. I have started to get pain from the constant tampon use so I started to use pads and now getting rashes and pain all over to the point of crying in the shower. I have tried the more natural cotton version but still no luck.

If I could get a hand to afford the start up cost as it is so daunting on such a small budget that I have chose sanitary products over food most weeks as it is. I have been thinking about changing to reusable for a while but I just haven't had the money to do so.

I am pretty much always bleeding. To keep costs down, on lighter days I just go to the toilet more often and wipe do the blood doesn't reach my underwear

I am a solo mum of 5 amazing people ranging from 16-7 I have two teenage daughters 16 and 13 and as can be imagined there is rarely a spare tampon or pad around let alone a dollar. I have three voracious sons so often we stockpile on the womens necessities when they go on sale. I am not one for maintaining an image and I'm definitely keen to save a dollar wherever I can but I know my 13 year old gets shy because her sanitary items are kept in a snap lock lunch bag in her backpack rather than the fancy packaging that other girls have as I cannot always afford to buy the trendy items though I wish I could to save her embarrassment. Some help with sanitary items would be a huge blessing freeing up a little extra cash each fortnight or so for other necessities. Even if the prices would lower that would be amazing. I'm certain there are 100s of 1000s of girls, women out there that could use a little assistance for these items. I'm just grteful even for the opportunity, shows me that there are still kind people out there, restoring a small bit of faith in humanity. So, thank

I have a very very heavy period, certain days i have to stay home because I've had accidents and blood has saturated my clothing. Its so expensive buying pads and tampons all the time, i can use a whole pack in under 24 hours and that's the maternal ones ๐Ÿ™

Hi, I'm a single mum to 4beautiful handfuls and funds can be a bit tight at the end of the week for my own "personal things"

Even though I work full-time, I look after my teenage daughter and my 10 month old mokopuna. Sometimes it gets tough on my wallet so I would use ripped up towels at home and what ever period products I have, when I go to work or doing errands. I would always make sure my daughter had pads before me. I usually don't go out when I have my period because its easier to control at home with towels than to use 2 pads at once sometimes 3 when using budget pads.

I'm a solo mum who struggles to afford items like tampons. An easy solution would be a menstrual cup totally cutting the cost of tampons outta my life.

Hi I'm a single mother of 4. I have 2 children at home and me and my teenager go through 3 packs of pads a month. sometimes more as I sometimes bleed for 2 weeks. Money is really tight and I cant always afford to get what I need. I'd really appreciate the chance to try your products.

I am in a situation where I am struggling to afford tampons. A lot is the fact that money is really really tight, but I also have an average of 12 days of bleeding, pretty heavily, so that adds up. I really want to try something else as I get quite a bit of pain from tampon insertion from about the 5th day. At the moment, just cant seem to come up with the 30 odd dollars to try a menstrual cup, I'm really scared I will get the wrong size and then its money that I could have used for my baby girl.

I am a single mum, I have a 6 year old boy. I work yet struggle, its hard surviving on 1 income, my period is very regular and quite often I find it hard juggling Bill's verses my needs. I have always wanted to try a menstrual cup but can never afford it.

I'm a single mum of a teenage daughter. I also raise my two grandaughters. Our food bill is high due to needs of our babies. We struggle to buy sanitary products. We were buying a cheap brand homebrand $2 a packet in pink and blue packets. First ones that don't react and make me sore. They now stopped making them. We use to try and buy a packet every 2 weeks but now price has tripled to get them. We both get our periods straight after the other which makes it more of a struggle. Most have scents as well which is a huge problem.

We struggle to buy these products week to week. Its just hard. There's 2 woman in our house.

Long story short. I'm anemic and seem to bleed a good 2 weeks a month due to complications with contractions. We are a one income family and after paying rent food bills we are left with hardly any funds. I usually put cloths or scrunched up toilet paper down there. And hate going out when am bleeding. Would love some help with sanitary items pretty please.

You would really help by eliminating the cost of expensive disposable pads and tampons I am currently using it would be great to be able to spend that money on other things I am in need of.

I can't afford to keep buying pads and tampons. I have 2 kids and really want to make better choices when it comes to the planet.

I'm a big fan of reusables. I already cloth diaper my baby and that took weeks and weeks of payments, they're so expensive, I ran out of time and money to sort myself. (Was going to cost $200 ish to set myself up).
I have a cup (large) and gifted the smaller one on. But unfortunately I have a slight prolapse and find it tricky to have it right. There's a large bulge to get past and I can have the seal perfect, can't tug it out, but after a little bit, it pops out if I cough or sneeze or laugh. Also no use atm having had a baby.

I'm too big for period panties (my butt is size 22-24 ๐Ÿ˜…) and was really hoping to do cloth pads. I would fill a large cup in an hour or two, that's why mine would be so expensive having to use "night" ones all though the day etc. Disposables are quite pricey for me because I have to use two and sometimes 3 at once to be fully covered. I'd really appreciate your help and am experienced in how to take care of cloth and how wash. Please consider my application. Thank you.

I really want to be apart of the movement to help stop polluting the environment.

I am wanting to try the cup as I am allergic to the glue in pads(I get really bad itchiness)I have pcos and find tampons so disgusting and uncomfortable.

I have just come of the jab and have just recently started my period again. I currently am not employed due to mental health issues. This would help a lot as I struggle to buy pads!

I have been struggling recently as I lost my job and am a single mother some times I can't even afford pads I have to wait a week till I can get a packet.

I am wanting a cup as I cannot afford one.

Solo mum of 2 boys, can not always afford sanitary products.

The good fund can help me by not having to worry about spare money for my heavy irregular period, that comes when ever it likes. Also having 4 kids to take care of (ages 2yrs, 5yrs, 6yrs and my 15yr/o sister I have taken in) while I'm out of work is a bit of a struggle. And with no support from my parents with my 15yr/o sister it would be such a big help if she could get a menstrual cup if possible ๐Ÿ™‚ many thanks for all the wonderful things your company is doing ๐Ÿ’“

My 14 year old just got her first period and I wish I could afford to provide her with reusable sanitary items. I would love for her to have a cool pack that reminds her not everything is bad.

I'm currently in university studying, I mostly live off the money I receive from studylink and get topped up by a part time job, money is a big stress factor in my life. I have just come off birth control due to complications and now have to experience my period each month which I avoided on birth control, I currently use tampons but find them quite painful at times - as the semester comes to an end my studylink is about to stop, I usually live off about $20 once I pay for my bills and do a food shop.

I'm unsure as to how I'm going to budget period products into my expenses as my last period I had I went through a packet of pads and a pack of tampons in the space of a couple of days as my period is extremely heavy, any help would be appreciated โ˜บ๏ธ Thankyou

I would love help with period products (pads tampons etc) I have twins, single mother on a really tight budget, I normally use toilet paper because I financially can not afford pads, I get a heavy cycle so sometimes toilet paper isn't enough.

I am currently a university student and often find I can go through at least three/ four packs of tampons/pads every month due to heavy bleeding. Have started the pill for this but has yet to change anything, this didn't really phase me when at home with parents as there were always supplies but living away from home it all adds up.

I'm really struggling lately and hardly been able to afford pads or tampons so I've been using alternatives like flannels etc, I'm currently seeking some help to hopefully turn this around and I would love to give back a donation when I'm on my feet if you could please help, thank you.

Hi there, I'm applying to try get access to a reusable menstrual pack, buying disposable items are costly and hard on a single parent income. As a teen we would have to scrunch up toilet paper to get by at school. Was awful.

There are multiple days where I will have to miss work or go home early as I don't have any menstrual products and cannot afford them on a part time salary. I have a lot of debt and personal care is always put onto the back burner.

My nana passed away on the 7th of December then 8 days later my dad commit suicide me and my mum have never had the best relationship and she kicked me out leaving me to fend for myself. I ended up in a toxic physically abusive relationship to which I lost my job and my car as he smashed all my windows in my car and set it alight. I'm on the benefit at the moment and living with a mate of mine. My allowance is $30 a week and that's barely enough after I've brought shampoo and conditioner and soap let alone tampons or pads.

I am struggling to be able to afford basic needs and tampons or pads just cant fit into the budget when feeding myself and my doggo. This would make a big difference to my confidence around having my period when I'm usually not able to afford products.

I've always had severe heavy periods, to the point I would miss school from the cramps and always being nervous about leakage and I go through disposables so quickly with how heavy it can get, it's really helped me want to change and go for reusables. As I can't always afford buy more.

I can't afford anything at the moment and have just lost my benefits; I have children and am struggling. Currently using a face cloth for a pad.

Hi there , I'm 33 with 3 children & have always wanted to be able to own a pair of period underwear or menstrual cup.. I suffer from extremely painful period cramps, that have me at home for most of my menstrual cycle .. I've heard great information about how the cup can help with reducing period pain!

- Teahituroa, Canterbury

I really want to try some reusable period supply's because I have really heavy long periods thanks to endometriosis which means I get thrush & uncomfortable rashes from having to use disposable pads for days on end and I can't use tampons because I have an allergy to them.

Money is really tight solo mum of three boys and most of the time when my period comes I'm finding myself using toilet paper as a pad.

I've always wanted to purchase a menstrual cup but being a working one income family of 6 obviously priority's are constantly what the kids need over ourselves. So I haven't had the extra money yet to be able to purchase one. I'd love a chance to be able to experience the menstrual cup ๐Ÿ™‚

I'm a single parent and some months it's hard, especially after having my daughter my periods are very heavy can last 7 days. I'm going through 2 packets of pads each month some times 3 packets.

I'm a single mum of three girls under 8, I've always struggled with my periods being so heavy I have to wear tampons and pads and overflow at least once a day I'm currently on a benefit and I struggle to buy enough tampons and pads that most months I end up using toilet paper and avoid leaving the house where ever possible.

I suffer from heavy periods. I also have kidney failure so when I dread getting my period as my energy levels drop even more. Have heard great things about reusable products and would like to try them

My daughter is younger than your age options, but has started physical changes, and as a very low income Dad, that is not entitled to any financial help, this sounded like a very good thing. I'm a support worker, whose hours range from 0 to 20 a week, as my clients are irregular. But as I have no mortgage or rent, I'm not able to receive help.

Her mum is only part time to, but due to hours, also not able to receive help. Her mum uses reusable products. But she was able to purchase them when we were able to work more. I realise there are likely to be horrendous stories that would take priority over us, but would like to say thank you for your consideration regardless. What an incredibly empathetic gesture you are doing. It still boggles my mind that like condoms, these aren't free anyway.

Since the age of 11 I have dealt with a horror story every month. My monthly lasts between 14 and 16 days out of the month. I have been to many doctors and nothing seems to make it shorter or lighter. I am on a very limited income, but sadly earn $4 over the cut off for work and income to help with costs.

I can hardly afford the things I need to maintain this horror story. I have just last month resorted to cutting up a towel and using that. This is so embarrassing for me to be saying all of this . But I really do need help ๐Ÿ™

Having all this stress as a adult over my monthly brings back so much childhood pain. I first got my monthly the week before my 10th birthday. For 4 years before this I was continuously sexually abused , when my monthly started it only got worse.. because I was a "woman" . As a punishment my father would not provide the things I needed to deal with my new found woman hood. Being in the position now in adult life not being able to provide myself with the products i need makes me feel as I did when I was a child.

I've just had brain surgery and have had to cut down work hours while in recovery. Before surgery I had bought myself a pair of period undies and planned on adding a cup and reusable pads, but with loosing my income I would so appreciate any help you guys can give. I have my wee 1 year old girl who I am also trying to get into full time cloth nappies, but also an expense that we are struggling to afford at the moment. So much aroha to the goodfund, such a cool thing you guys are doing.

Hi, I am unable to work because I suffer from chronic pain due to endometriosis. The good fund would help me invest in reusable products to make menstruating cheaper and more comfortable.

- Rachael, Waikato

I am a 27 year old stay at home mum with my two sons aged 2 and 3 years old. IveI always felt uncomfortable using disposable period products. Always found myself experiencing abdominal discomfort using tampons. On top of that, I hate the waste they produce.

It would be life-changing to have some period underwear. I have read up all about them and they have been on my wishlist for months now however after each week is done and I have paid rent, bills, groceries, insurance and gas on top of any other necessities for my son's, investing in some period underwear is unrealistic.

So I currently pull out about 60cms of toilet paper, and then keep halving it til it's about 10cms. Roll it up, then fold it in half to make a makeshift tampon. This method is the most attainable and suitable in my current situation.

I am struggling to find suitable products to use after the birth of my daughter and the damage that it caused. I cannot afford the cost of period underwear.

When it comes to my periods, they aren't heavy enough for a cup and I found it super anxiety causing to get it in and out, I buy the cheapest pads for when I bleed, and have a couple of reusable pads, but they don't stay in place and I end up bleeding onto my knickers, my periods are irregular and I can't predict them, and they are light. I have pain when trying tampons.

I'm struggling financially at the moment. I work part time, and recently got a pay rise, but due to being in income related rent, my rent went up the total amount of my pay rise, and I lost $9pw from my benefit for earning over $100 a week. So I am now $9 worse off a week AFTER the pay rise I worked so hard for.

My 13 year old daughter is using disposable pads pretty much 24/7 as she doesn't time the discharge between periods and doesn't like tampons or liners. I'm taking money from our food to buy disposable pads and it's not sustainable for me. She is starting high school next year and as a solo mother of 3 I'm petrified about the thought of costs involved with it, let alone what to do when swimming lessons start as she hates tampons. I don't want her to miss out.

To make matters more difficult, my employers are also often late to pay me, I'm on a monthly salary, but some months I have to wait upto 3 more weeks after payment is due.

I'm struggling to pay for food let alone pads. I use toilet paper most days I have my period.

Recently we my 2 children and I have relocated due to Domestic Violence, both my children and I have experienced financial, spiritual, emotional and physical abuse in the past 4 years. A friend of mine recommended I apply for this amazing pack that I'm sure so many people will benefit from. From experience I now what it's like feeling to embarrassed to ask for help. Thank you for doing this for our people!!

I have just started menstruating again after my second child was born 18 months ago. I have used tampons for most of my adult life but more so now (2 kids, 1 income) I am not able to chose the tampons I would prefer (no bleach, more natural packaging) as the cost is prohibitive. I would love to try a cup but again, the outlay for a decent one is tricky.

I bought the cheapest cup and pads I could find online because that's all I could afford and justify. The cup is really uncomfortable, sometimes painful, at first I thought it was just that it was uncomfortable, now I think its actually the design. The pads need to be replaced as I used these post-partum after baby number 3 recently born in July, and I have to use them sporadically throughout the month due to ongoing issues with vaginal infections.

I am a mum of 4 children under 4.5 years old. 3 of them are biologically mine, 1 is my niece who came into our care under adverse circumstances. I only work part-time and my partner has been on ACC for the past 2 years so his income has been low for a while now. We just make ends meet on top of trying to give our kids the best of things like Mฤori immersion Kรถpae (ECE), and extra activities such as swimming and karate, finding money to buy things for myself is a stretch and I often can't justify it even when it is something I need. I would really appreciate some help ๐Ÿ™‚

I am a student, so I struggle financially but I want to lessen my waste caused by period products.

I have heard about reusable menstrual products, but the initial cost has put me off. I want to make the change to reusable products but due to the high cost up front I have continued to buy tampons from the supermarket. I saw that there was a 50% off option advertised on Facebook for people wanting to start which would be a great option for me to get started in my reusable journey. Thank you so much for considering me.

Since having my daughter almost 10 months ago, I have gone from having no period pain and a period used to only last 3 days, to being double over in pain and periods are lasting 7 plus days 5 days of intense bleeding. I am
staying at home with my daughter when my period arrives as I need to save tampons and pads for when we have to leave the house.

I am a single stay at home mum of 3, after rent $550pw, and other automatic payments for power, daycare costs (so I can have a day to myself) etc, I'm left with about $197 for gas, food and any other expenses that pop up (like my car breaking down at the shops and having to leave it there for 2 weeks due to not being able to afford to get it moved). Buying myself any tampons or pads etc is always the last thing I get if we can afford it more often than not I go without and just make do with either dark undies, toilet paper, rags or nothing. I owe Winz to much to probably be granted if I got a quote as they just paid the bond for my new house.

Since having children I have an incredibly weak pelvic floor. Every cough/sneeze has me slightly peeing myself ๐Ÿ˜’
During my period I am lucky enough to use a menstrual cup as it was gifted to me by my beautiful best friend. BUT I still use disposable liners nearly every day to combat me getting wees on my undies. At my current stage in life I can't afford to get some reusables, so if you can provide any assistance it would be greatly appreciated

My baby has just turned 1yo. I resigned from my job as we moved for my husbands work when she was 9months. We moved away from all of our family and friends support and returning to work has been too difficult as yet with the cost of daycare and her never sleeping keeping me beyond exhausted.

He works long hours but we are left with not much at the end of each week for groceries. We use reusable nappies already which I stocked up on before I left work. At the moment I use face cloths or nappy inserts while I'm at home but this obviously isn't practical for going out. I had a traumatic birth and am not comfortable yet to be inserting my menstrual cup.

I have added the period pad packs to a cart online shopping so many times but each month I know it's too much and know that I should keep going as I am until we find some extra money. I just don't see an end in sight at this stage. I would really really appreciate some assistance.

We are just beyond the cut off for any government assistance so I feel even more so that we should be able to make it work but every time I crunch the numbers we come up short. My car has also just broken down and we can't afford to fix it. I know this isn't relevant but I guess Its just adding to the pressure for me.

I know there will be many people much more deserving than I am and I'm sure one day I will be in a better financial situation. I'm more than happy to volunteer my time in any way I can to help the good fund.

My daughter is only 11, she reacts to the disposable pads but that's all I can afford to buy her. I can not afford to buy her period underwear or reusable pads. Even buying pads each month can be difficult.

My daughter has a keen interest in sustainable products and we took on the care of our two teenage nieces after their Mums passing which means there is now 4 menstruating women in our home. We are a single income family and the costs leaves us short for groceries most weeks and constantly being caught short of having enough products. This leads to the extra cost of having to replace underwear.

I'm a full time parent to a toddler and my husband works full time. According to ridiculous out of date government guidelines my husband earns to much for us to receive any kind of benefit or additional support, so after rent in Auckland and our bills are paid there is very little left in the kitty for me or my needs.

I have always had problems wearing sanitary pads and since having a child tampons are also not that comfortable, so this sounds like an amazing opportunity for me not to have to worry about those extra monthly costs and try something that avoids all the chemicals in the throw away products.

Single mum trying to reduce my footprint. Its hard to save the world when your scrapping by each week.

I mostly can only afford to live pay check to pay check because of some stupid debt I accumulated in my uni years. I also have a very heavy flow so I have to change my tampons every hour or so which is a huge cost. I also have to wear maternity pads to bed and often have to double them up because the night is when its heaviest. I would love to be able to use a reusable cup and set of pads for both economic and environmental reasons but the start up cost is just too much.

I'd love to buy one of these packs and it's been on my radar for a while. It always ends up near the bottom of my list after the kids needs take priority. I'm a single mum with two teenagers and a toddler, they grow so fast and eat like horses which means I am paying off other bills like power and phone in little bits to accommodate the higher food cost. We always have enough so are very blessed, just have no money for 'wants' especially for myself, this being one of them lol.

I have always used tampons, but my cost of living is constantly rising and I feel the cost more and more each month. I support my partner who works part time due to mental illness, and I just completed a master's degree while working and managing anxiety, but there are no jobs going in my industry for young inexperienced people, so I'm stuck in a minimum wage retail job that doesn't give pay rises unless minimum wage goes up. I would be so grateful to have an option for my period that isn't another recurring cost.

After having a baby and my previous part time job I was not able to get maternity leave so we are down to one income with all the baby expenses. Now I am on birth control my periods are still heavy but not predictable, and it is proving expensive to stock pile sanitary products that irritate my skin anyway. I got reusable nappies for my son when I was still working but did not think of myself!

I'm 24 and currently on the job seeker benefit - Winz. I've been looking for a part or full time job within the Northland area - being in a small town called Kaikohe its quite hard to find jobs within the area. After my rent has gone out I am only left with $50 and that goes towards kai for myself every week. Sometimes it hard not being able to afford pads/tampons.

I'm a last year high school student who's trying to get straight Es in externals for scholarships while also working two jobs. I have to pay for rent so this would help me so much.

Solo mum of 1 would be great to get extra help being able to afford sanitary care.

I'm a solo mum, working full time and living in a high rental property to be near my sons ECE and soon, school. Father doesn't contribute anything for ECE costs, food, clothing, extra-curricular activities. It would be grateful if The Good Fund was able to support me.

I am on a low income and trying to reduce my eco footprint. I don't take the sugar pills in my contraception very often which avoids having my period as much. When I do have my period I have struggled with purchase at times or have limited how many I use to get by.

With two kids and loads of living expenses it makes it hard to buy menstrual products - having an option for reusable pads and cups could eliminate that problem long term.

I have a constant period. Am on the Depo purely to stop my periods as they are heavy and painful. Since giving birth the depo now only stops my period for 3-4wks, I then have a period lasting 7-9wks until my next depo and then until that kicks in. I am waiting for testing for Endo. I'm also a solo mum working part time trying to make ends meet.

I work full time, my partner works casually and studies full time. I pay for our expenses and food, he pays his own rent. Rent is so expensive in Wellington We can barely just afford basic stuff. I know people will need this more than me so I'd be so happy to even get a tiny bit of help. I have severe eczema so disposable pads give me a rash due to the lack of air so expensive tampons are all I can use. Cloth pads and cups are so expensive.

I would like to try a menstrual cup but the only ones I've seen are too expensive for my budget.

I purchased purchased cheap $4 menstrual cup on trademe because I though it would save me $ as well as doing my bit for the environment but its awful!!!! it's very hard and is painful to use. I've been trying to save for some time to purchase a pack from you guys (I follow Raising Ziggy on FB) but after months of trying there's just $15 in my savings and I really don't want to carry on using rolled up toilet paper so I've picked up the courage and decided to ask for help xxx

I find it hard to purchase myself pads every month so I do just use what ever I have usually toilet paper or tissues I've been doing this since my mum stopped buying me pads I would so love to try anything that is better than what I use currently.

I have debated applying for this for months now, as I suppose I don't feel I qualify enough (if that makes sense?), as I am fortunate enough that I can afford pads each month. I've been trying to save up enough for period undies for so long now, both for environmental reasons and because disposable pads make me itch, but as a mostly single income family with primary age kids who both some higher than usual health needs, the savings just always end up going to something else. But if your funds allow, I would really love the opportunity to try some period undies. Thanks!

I have been wanting to switch to a menstrual cup for a while now, but the start up cost is a challenge with outgoings (even though I know it is cheaper in the long run).

I bought a menstrual cup off a cheap website as I couldn't afford to splurge on a decent one. I read up on them and liked the idea of them being a more eco friendly substitute. I've been using it for a while now and I've noticed that it's starting to become quite gross. The material it's made from doesn't seem to be holding its shape properly anymore and it caused a lot of discomfort. Unfortunately I had to switch back to pads, they give me a rash due to the plastic constantly rubbing my skin, but they're all I can afford.

I have tried to save up to get better reusable sanitary products but I'm on the benefit and most of the money I get goes to my parents to help with our financial issues. Money is always the issue. We can never afford most things because we're constantly paying bill after bill. I had to ask people to lend me money just so I can buy sanitary products. If I had some nice reusable products it'd give me one less thing to be worried and embarrassed about.

Looking to make a change to reusable menstrual products but unsure where to start. I have endometriosis and suffer a lot of pain with my cycles and very heavy bleeding for 7 days during menstruation. I'm hoping to find a product/products that can help me, my wallet and the environment.

Financially my husband and I are struggling to make ends meet, I go to the supermarket to do the weekly shop and by the time I get to the women's products there isn't enough money left over, sometimes I use toilet paper or rags to help but my cycle is so heavy due to PMDD ( Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder).

I spend the 10-14 days from ovulation to period in a state of mental and physical extremes, to the point where some days I wish for release from life, when my extremely heavy period starts it's like all the bad just drains away. I have been trying every type of medication to try and stop this but they make my cycle worse and the doctors and medications cost so much. Short of getting a hysterectomy I don't know what to do.

I dread getting my period each month because I don't know how to deal with it and I'm too embarrassed to tell my husband ,who works so hard, that I can't afford products.

I am a single working mum and currently have 3 baby's left at home 18yr, 11yr, 7yr but with rent, food, petrol many other living cost for my children I can't afford to use these amazing reusable products and would love to be able use them for my part in taking care of myself and our environment.

I've been really wanting to try a cup or reusable pads, but start up cost has been a barrier - I really react to disposable pads with a terrible odour and have never felt secure using tampons

I am applying for my little sister. She is 15 and suffers from very heavy and painful periods, and having endo myself I suspect she may also have it too. Period undies would be amazing for helping to manage her period especially at school, and avoid the horrendous and embarrassing leaks she is suffering through every month.

I am a single mum, and a full time university student. The cost of sanitary items is such a burden. Also, due to time constraints it can be challenging going to the bathroom to change every 1-2 hours. Recently my periods have become much heavier and more painful. Using tampons is uncomfortable and would like to try something more suitable and less painful, as well as perhaps ease some of the pain.

I recently just gave birth 3 months ago to a gorgeous baby girl. I bled for well over a month after and was running dry on money and products to accommodate for this bleeding. Now 3 months on I have finally started my period back again. My periods are very very heavy and usually last over a week and it's hard. Living out in the middle of nowhere with the closest shops to me being 20 mins away I can't easily pop in to go and get me some disposable products and I also don't have the funds with raising a baby and everything to be able to do that.

When I was in school and before having my baby I was on the pill and chose to not have my period so I wouldn't have to worry about these things. But that pill is not safe for breastfeeding so am on the mini pill and would really appreciate the help of the good fund with this.

I suffer from Crohns Disease as well as other conditions, I do work part time but often I can't work due to my health. I don't get any sort of financial assistance because my partners income is over that mark but we often live week to week because I'm often needing medication or needing to go to doctors and specialists each. I struggle to get enough to pay the bills let alone but products for myself. Often using toilet paper as pads.

I would love the stress of worrying about getting my period to be taken away. Some months are not to bad financially but I've had a few times where the only way to get by is to go on the depo infection, just to stop my periods for a few months when money's tight(which messes with my hormones) As a solo mother of 3 son's - 2 of whom are teenagers, I often really struggle with the cost.

Money gets so tight sometimes I use rags.

Kia Ora, I am a mother of 2 young daughters who both go through a period cycle every month , that is three period cycles in our household once month if I include myself and it does become extremely costly. Having reusable products for myself and my two daughters would help out so much as I do find myself needing to spend an excessive amount of money on sanitary products, also we have become more aware of how certain products and disposable products affect our eco systems etc , we have recently switched out plastic straws for metal, and plastic wrap for honey bee wraps .Thank you so much , from a mฤmฤ of two beautiful taiohi mฤori x.

I don't know if I qualify for help. It's ok if I don't. I would love to be able to try using reusable and a more natural approach to dealing with my period. Unfortunately I am a solo mum, and while I earn a liveable salary, it literally covers food, rent and bills with not a lot leftover, and I find that I often use the leftovers for things my 3yr old needs.

Pads gross me out and I often get a rash from them - I am very sensitive to chemicals and things like that. I also have found that certain brands give me rash's and reactions and therefore the one brand that doesn't is UbyKotex which also happens to be one of the more expensive brands.

I know in the long run buying reusable would save me money, it's coming up with the lump sum in one week to buy it to start that I can't afford, and I can't afford to try something that potentially may not work for me - as I have heard a lot of positive and negative feedback.

I have quite heavy periods and go through a lot of tampons and pads and also bleed for around 6 days with horrific cramps.

I'm a 19 year old who's working full time but by the time I pay for the bus to and from work and pay for my rent, noodles for food and power I have NO money left. Not a single cent and I've had to ask plenty of people for help but nobody's willing to help me anymore. I have to use toilet paper scrunched up for my period.

I'm in a position that after regular weekly bills are paid, myself and my daughter are left with $80 per week for all groceries, petrol, plus anything else including prescriptions and Dr visits. Tomorrow I get paid and my daughters prescription is due and costs $52 per month. This comes out of the $80 we have and happens every 4 weeks. The cost of this prescription IS covered by WINZ, but is broken down into 52 incremental amounts and is included with that $80. My daughter lives with chronic kidney disease and additional, unexpected Dr visits are common which puts further stress on the already very small grocery budget.

I am a full time working mum of two and I'm studying part time. I am also supporting our family as my husband has been studying full time this year. Money is so tight and we are going in to overdraft every fortnight. I feel like I can barely afford food, petrol and bills and it's hard enough to buy menstrual products to last me through the week and there isn't enough for me to invest in reuseables.

I hate all the plastic I use each month and feel really guilty about it. I really hope I can get some help to stop using disposable products. Thank you

Single mother with 3 kids and the youngest is 1 lost my part time job struggling a lot so been free bleeding due lack of money for pads as my kids come first have heavy bleeding and it painful.

I got my period at the start of my first year of Intermediate. I remember having to stuff toilet paper in my underwear to get home, and being totally bewildered by it all (especially as I was the first of my friends to experience the joys of periods). A household of 3 girls (and mum) meant that money was quite tight when it came to period products, and we learnt to get by with the minimum. There was a fair bit of toilet paper stuffing going on there too.

As an adult I've made my own reusable pads (to save on toilet paper), and I would love at some point to try the underwear (for light flow) and the menstrual cups too. There's a freedom (environmentally and financially) in going reusable.

- Helen, Manawatu

My period has returned 14 months after having baby which it is now very irregular and heavy possibly due to enormous amounts of stress (baby has a very rare syndrome) and financial strain. I would love to try something that eases the strain and is readily available. It would be one less thing I would need to worry about.

I have just recently had our first child, and we have become so much more conscious of the environment, waste, and what we put on our bodies /against our skin. We are using cloth nappies for our we boy, and I'd love to try reusable products for myself that will continue to help us reduce waste, be better for me, and also hopefully save us some money. Prior to becoming pregnant I just used disposable products like tampons, and was scared to dive into reusable menstrual products, but I've heard great things about reusable products and would love to try this journey myself!

- Rebecca, Canterbury

I am struggling with what reusable products would suit be and being a mum of 4 actually affording it out right buy these products. Having endometriosis and cysts I feel like I need to get rid of the toxic tampons I am using!

My 12 year old, who has always struggled with sensory issues, recently started her period and this has brought new sensory issues to the fore. She currently uses reusable pads as they're the nearest she can tolerate, but it's still causing her enough distress that she's sobbing about having to attend school while she has her period as she's heading to the toilet every 10 limited on so.

I'd like to try her with some period underwear, I think (hope) they will help but I'm struggling with both knowing what ones to try for her, and the financial side of this. I am a sole parent on a part time income and I'm finding it stressful purchasing items only to find that she either cannot or will not use them - sorry for the novel, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at this stage.

I don't know if you can help with this. I feel uncomfortable asking as I know there are others who probably need help desperately, and more than us. I thank you for taking the time even if you're unable to help and just want to add that I love what you've been doing and the kaupapa around this. Thanks for all you do

I would love to not have to use disposable products. I often don't go to school as I'm embarrassed to use them at school or when my period begins we often don't have the money to get them at the start. My mum works hard to provide for us and I hate putting extra pressure on her.

I have a prolapse since giving birth three years ago and also PCOS. I'm very sensitive to the usual pads and had been using organic ones to help but they are too too expensive (solo mama and student), tried a cheap as cup but it just doesn't work due to the prolapse (just gets pushed out and leaks) but also because of my PCOS I get really heavy and long periods so I think I need reusable pads.

My daughter has very heavy bleeding which is taking a lot of bad changes. We have tried different things and would like to try the underwear

Help from the good fund would be amazing! I suffer from heavy periods and I have just had my 2nd baby. Breastfeeding wasnt successfull this time so now extra cost of formula, have gone down to one income as needed extra support at home after traumatic birth/pd. I use to use a merina which helped control my heavy bleeding but funding as been lost so now on the pill and I just know my periods are going to be horrible! I'm dreading the cost of the periods products as I could bleed from anywhere to a week to 3 weeks and I experience mild/itchy allergic reaction from cheaper products that are on the market. Help from The Good Fund means I can use reusable products that I dont otherwise have the funds straight up to use and I dont need to toss up how I'm going to fund a long/heavy period!

Pregnant mum with a 2 year old and a 1 year old. Trying to make a switch to all reusable products but it can be hard to get started with only 1 income

I would really like some help in making the switch to reusable menstrual products. I feel very conscience about the amount of products I'm using that are going in to land fills and the amount it has cost is adding up. As a stay at home parent I need to be more budget friendly and reusable period products would help so much.

Hello, I am a single mum to a 4 year old. I am in my first year of the bachelor of teaching degree with UoA (but based in Taitokerau). For about 3 years now I have had severe heavy bleeding and often in long bouts at a time, this has resulted in me needing 3 blood transfusions as well as iron pills as my iron was almost non existent. I used so many disposable products as it is just so heavy. I tried a mistrial cup and I didn't enjoy it at all. I would love to try out other reuseable products but it is financially hard for me to do this. So that's how I ended up here.

As a family we are on one income and I have recently converted to reusable products for myself at some cost. My daughter got her first period a week ago and is passionate about reducing waste. She is a competitive dancer and feels that period undies would be beneficial to her peace of mind on stage. She follows a few sustainable and period positive people online and is encouraged to try a menstrual cup when she feels able.

Current student who suffers from endometriosis so I go through ALOT of pads and tampons and would love to switch to reusable. However, on a tight budget and can't really afford to ๐Ÿ˜”

After rent, power and gas - I have a $40 a week leftover for food and spending. When I get my period, that $ halves. Sometimes my period lasts two weeks. It's so hard keeping my head above water with rent prices in Wellington while being a student.

I'm a university student which means I have limited funds to support my life. After important expenses including rent, petrol, groceries and other bills there isn't much left. I am highly interested in reusable menstrual products for the sake of the environment and the cost saving benefits in the long run. I would love to start using reusable menstrual products but the cost of investing in them is holding me back.

I'm a mum to six have a one Income household I tried a cup it didnt fit was very uncomfortable I tried multiple times I couldn't afford to buy another one in case the same thing happened so back to $3 packs of supermarket tampons s

I have never been able to use tampons so have been using store brought pads since I got my period at age 10. After my 3 kids, my periods have gone to new extremes. I now go through 4 packs of pads each period. This is huge, both on cost and landfill. I have always wanted to try reusable products, but the cost has meant they were not an option... Until I heard about you!

Recently I've been having a lot of trouble with periods after having a surgery on my uterus, this means I'm getting a period every week for two to five days, which has become so overwhelming with the cost of disposable products. There will be days I have to pick between food and period products and therefore am i left to hope I don't bleed through my pants during work.

My 13 yo has an allergic reaction to store bought products. I have managed to get her a couple some reusable pads which are great and would like some period panties and more reusable pads one-day for her but can not afford the price at the moment ๐Ÿ™

I have been wanting to switch to menstrual cups for awhile and love that I can help reduce waste and know that I won't have to use products that can potentially harm me, I would also love to be able to spread the amazing reviews I hear about menstrual cups myself. I am a single mother & I cannot justify spending $30 for one in the groceries on myself and cannot afford to buy one online at this stage. I would love the opportunity to switch to cups as I am saddened with the amount of waste that I am contributing to our whenua.

Hi I'm a mum of 2 boys under 2, I have endometriosis and PCOS, I struggle with the heavy painful periods every 3 weeks it's not only expensive with having to change a tampon every 1-2 hours it's very painful. I don't sleep well using pads or tampons and would love to be able to afford to try a cup or undies

I have so much trouble using disposable products. They irritate my skin to the point of rawness and a rash. I always had a heavy flow that lasted 6 days but since having a baby this year my flow is even heavier and lasts longer than 7 days. I have to use multiple pads at once and I'm still leaking down my thighs. I can't keep up with the cost of buying so many pads and tampons each month. It's embarrassing to admit but I have to stuff my underwear with toilet paper to prolong the length of time a pad lasts. Also I have extreme cramping and I heard cloth pads can reduce that. I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable telling people all of this and I feel terrible not being able to afford to fix this myself but I'm desperate enough now to admit that I'm struggling.

My daughter is having trouble with her period at night time and despite the absorbency of the pad she is often leaking through. Would really like her to be able to try period undies if possible.

My daughter has very heavy periods, and has missed school due to the heaviness of her period, and her fear of bleeding through her pad and getting blood on her uniform. She uses pads, and has permission to leave class when she needs to to change, but sometimes this isn't feasible (ie: she's in another class). If she was lucky enough to receive paid of period undies, she would be able to be at school confidently, and not spend all day worrying about her bleeding, and if it will end up on her uniform.

I've always had very painful and heavy periods, but due to having to have one of my ovaries removed recently, I'm not managing as well I use to. I can't seem to get my menstrual cup to fit right anymore either. I was hoping that some period underwear might help.

I would truly appreciate any help with reuseable menstrual products. It is financially straining some cycles when i am not prepared.

Help save me money as I am a student who does not get paid much. Sanitary items are very expensive to purchase every month

I am applying for help to purchase the period pants, i cannot always afford hygiene products, i try and stock up on my shopping but if we need other stuff instead i cant.I experience a very heavy flow..the first 3-4 days which means sometimes running out, or saving the products for wearing/using wile at work. I'm really excited about the reusable products as in the long run would save money and the environment.
Thank you

I'm a young mother of 2 toddlers and my partner is currently unable to work due to being legally blind. I've always been interested in reusable pads or absorbent underwear but struggle to come up with the initial funds

I am an extremely heavy bleeder and find it hard to afford the products I need being a single mum. I don't change my pads as often as I should because it's so expensive to buy them, and I don't have enough reusable pads. My friend bought me a cup to try and help me out but I can't use them as the cause me way too much pain.

I have extremely heavy periods, making it hard for my mum as I go through multiple packs every period.

I have always experienced severe periods, some months I can experience up to 2-3 heavy periods in one month (most of those days I am stuck in bed) I can not use tampons as I get a bad reaction to them and the pads I am having to change every hour. I have just recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis.

I have always wanted to try period underwear or a mooncup to keep the cost of tampons down but I cannot afford them.

Tampons are just so expensive. I can't afford them and would rather go without and cloth my children. I've thought about period underwear and cups. But again tooooo expensive and I can justify this one off purchase.

My neighbours granddaughters came knocking on my door to ask about periods. Their grandparents haven't given them much information about periods or anything to use. I took the girls to the supermarket to get them some supplies for now but I can't afford to keep supplying them and both girls have expressed interest in reusable options after seeing my postpartum pads on the washing line. One of the girls (10) is also reacting really badly to disposable pads and the other one (14) wants to try a cup for swimming.

Would like to reduce my pad use and think reusable pads would work well.

We have four females in our whare . Would love to switch to reusable options for bother health and environmental reasons but HECK! The upfront cost is overwhelming so we opt for the same old tampons/pads. Saw your post so thought I'd apply!

My daughter is waiting to get her first period, I would love her to use reusable products right from the start and be prepared for it wherever and whenever it may happen. I would love to get her some of the period undies so she always feels like she doesn't need to worry about leaks and also reusable pads. I'm also interested in both of those for myself. I currently use a cup but still use disposable pads for leaks.

So would love to change to reusable pads/reusable everything and would like to get some period undies for night times. I barely sleep on my period during the first days because I'm tossing and turning, I bleed heavily so these would definitely help alongside my cup at night. Thank you.

I am a mother of 5 who suffers from endometriosis therefore suffering from very heavy and painful periods. I don't leave my house in the first two days of my period as I risk leaking, it has become a very expensive part of the month having to change my tampons or pad every 20 minutes. Tampons seem to make my pain incredibly worse so when I have to use pads the majority of the time I have to where 2 and up to 3 during the night to not leak at time I have used towels or nappies as it's cheaper and like most mums everything else takes priority. Reusable would reduce costs immensely but starting out is very expensive.

I have Endo and PCOS and my periods are really irregular I can go months without one but when I do get one like I currently have at the moment they are super heavy and incredibly sore.

Since I have had my tubes tied my periods are extremely heavy and last about 7-10 days this gets expensive when buying tampons and pads as I need both for heavy periods. I am a single working mum of 3 beautiful children one which is 16 and also needing pads and tampons (bigger expense) and my 12 year old daughter will be needing pads soon so as you can imagine 3 of us on periods is extremely expensive. With my period I am having to change a tampon and a pad by the hour it's very frustrating having to buy pads and tampons when it's something ladies and girls needs all the time. Please help!

I have always had super heavy periods. I have tried everything from mirena to old wives tales to help them ease. However, I hate the side effects these other methods have on my body (mostly my mental health). So I decided to suck it up and deal with it.

Once I had my son, tampons just didn't work the same and I was spending almost $20 a month on tampons, pads, liners etc. I'm a single mum and I saved for 3 months to buy my first "mycup". LOVE IT. However, I still need to empty it every 3-4 hrs and have multiple leaks a day because it just gets to full. I've been wanting period undies as a pack up for a long time but cost has always been a barrier.

Last week, I was going to an event to be thanked for my volunteer work at my church. I got a babysitter. I got dressed up in my favourite top and pants. I put my coat on... and then I never took it off. I had bled through everything. My cup, my pad, my undies, my jeans and onto the lining of my coat. I sat through the entire event, in a hot hall, with my coat on.

I was trying to 'laugh it off' with a friend later that week - but she looked me straight in the eye and said "apply for 'The Good Fund'." My immediate response was "There are people who need it much more than me." Being an avid 'raisingziggy' follower, she reassured me that The Good Fund exists for people like me also.
So here I am. Waaaayyy out of my comfort zone, but asking for help to continue with my normal busy life no matter what time of the month.

I have 2 teenage daughters and would love to purchase some period panties for them. I believe that these are the best way forward for our teenage girls in the future but with 2 teenagers in our house the purchase of 2 sets of period underwear would be rather high. Many thanks.

I have wanted to make a change and help the environment by stopping using tampons but have found it hard to find the money. It may not seem like a lot but between full time study and the purchase of my first home not to mention my car breaking down in between it has been a bit of a struggle.

The small cost of a box of tampons seemed better at the time but didn't make sense long term. With being a horticulturist and working outside the environment is important to me and I want to do what I can to help where i can. I also want to do what is better for my body and be as healthy as I can.

I have months where I can not afford supplies to the extent where I need them. I tend to have long heavy periods and I want to try a cup to reduce costs. I have also had a baby and struggle with leakage from tampons.

I feel a reusable underwear is better for the environment and landfill issues.

It would be great to not have to worry about whether or not I have enough pads to last through my unpredictability long and heavy cycle. I would also appreciate not having such a negative impact on the environment.

I've always had really painful periods and used to often throw up from the pain.

Generally, for the first two days of my period I struggled to focus because of how much it hurt, and I would feel tired and very low on energy. My Mum took me through the hospital system to try and find out if it was endometriosis. I was told that I could get the surgery/operation to try and diagnose it or try options to minimize the pain and leave any surgery until I have intentions of getting pregnant.

I've been on the pill for several years no which has helped a lot with the pain, and I have a prescription for codeine and take other pills like ponstan which help me manage it a lot better but I still find it a very uncomfortable few days-week in my month. I would LOVE to own a set of period undies both to save on the price of menstrual products (I'm a student and I don't earn much, and my parents are also on a low income and no longer help me with buying such items.

Often if I can't afford pads on my weeks budget I'll just use folded up toilet paper to get by); and just to make my period that little bit more comfortable and easy to live and deal with

I currently have complications with how heavy I get it go through so many supplies.

The good fund would be a massive help to me if able to assist with Reusable Menstrual products. I am a busy mother of three with the youngest aged 9 months. As mothers do we put our babies needs before our own so we are the ones who miss out. So long as my kids needs are covered I will find ways around my own needs. However having a reusable menstrual product available would be a great help and one less expense to worry about.

Can help with menstrual products that are sometimes hard to buy when I'm struggling with money and can't really afford to buy tampons and pads every day. My period is so irregular that I can get it almost everyday with maybe a 2 day gap, so it hard to try and keep up with the products I need.

I suffer from really bad period pain. And some months struggle to afford to buy tampons or pads

Kia Ora, I am a social worker working with M and she has recently disclosed to me that her periods are extremely heavy, and long, and that it is a real drain financially (she is supporting herself and her 10 year old son on a benefit) and I wondered about supporting her with a moon cup to help offset this.

I'm passionate about being conscious about how I'm affecting the environment but also confident about ensuring the safety of our bodies and spreading the word.

ECO friendly is the way to go!

I would love to apply for a menstrual cup. Having one will help me out in so many ways financially. I have recently been made redundant, I have a newborn who was 6 weeks prem, I have a crippled partner who was in a fatal work related truck accident where he broke his leg in 5 places, his back in 2, and witnessed his bosses death. We have also been trying to save for our wedding and failing. I would love to be considered for any menstrual related help possible. Arohanui

I'm solo mum struggling financially with 2 babies and no job due to being kept safe in womens refuge from their dad, almost 3 quarters of our inu go towards the refuge as it is not free then the rest on bills and debts. I would love to pay it forward if I had the funds to do so.

Funds are getting really tight with increase of everything, periods can extend to 10/14 days at a time, haven't been able to afford tampons at times so called in sick. This would really help me immensely to save some coin and the environment instead of using harsh sanitary products. Hope I make the cut! Much love xx

This will help me in so many ways, I struggle with heavy bleeding, I am anaemia and some days I cant afford to buy pads.

While I'm applying for myself, mainly due to tight finances & issues with periods- especially tampons, due to a growth on my cervix I'm waiting on an op. to have removed... which frequently bleeds :/

I also provide what I can each week for homeless locals... through gathering donations etc... but would really like to source help for the women - by way of providing better lasting sanitary items.

I have been wanting to try out and use alternative reusable products but the one off payments aren't quite affordable.

I am a single working mum & I have 3 kids, the youngest is nearly 15, in the last year or so my periods have been getting extremely heavy & I was wearing a tampon with a pad & still soaking both, having to change them every 3-4 hours. I work on a farm so it's been a nightmare. Not really ideal trying to squat behind a bush & fishing around for a tampon with dirty hands... I would love to try using a menstral cup as I now no longer use tampons as I have lost 1 up inside me before for almost a week. I'm lucky it didn't kill me really...
But now I'm left using only cheap $2 pads as they are all I can afford. I love the idea of saving the planet by not adding more rubbish every month to landfill, (the pad, plastic backing & packaging) as well as not having iritating bulky pads against my skin all day. I would love to buy one but my budget just doesnt stretch that far... unless you guys do afterpay & I could pay it off over 8 weeks...
I seriously need some intervention here & would be greatly appreciative if I could please be considered as a recipient of this amazing scheme.
Thanks for your time.
& keep up the amazing work you do. ๐Ÿ™‚ Natasha, Taranaki

By helping with the cost of menstrual products am on a SLP benefit

I care about the environment And reg use paper towels or face clothes to reduce the cost of sanitary products. Would love cup or reusable underwear to use

After having my daughter earlier this year my periods are now very heavy and last longer (10 days). Being a 1 income family I struggle to afford sanitary products. I'm currently using some of the inserts from my daughters cloth nappies to get by.

I am a solo Mum of three. Due to this my bladder leaks daily and I am constantly wondering if I smell. My periods are irregular and I often find myself without the funds to buy pads when I do get my period. I resort to using toilet paper until I can afford pads. I also react to pads and end up with thrush or a rash after using them.

I suffer from Adenomyosis and I have purchased 3 different menstrual cups - one normal and two low cervix cups. I thought the low cervix cups were working well but I appear to have some form of prolapse and along with extremely heavy bleeding the cups no longer stay where they need too. Using disposable pads is difficult with heavy bleeding as I am having to change so often. I look after pre schoolers in my home so that is of benefit as when bleeding is so heavy clothing changes are regularly necessary. Any ideas to assist are much appreciated. Thank you.

I am wanting to switch to reusable products but the start up cost is too high for us. We are currently on one wage as we have 3 young children and I am trying to do everything I can to stay home with them for their first 1000 days. Thank you.

Was told I could apply for myself and my daughter for period underwear. Though her age is not listed she is only 10 coming up 11. She started her period last year and suffers with heavy periods

Hi there, First of all I would like to say that I find this very difficult to ask for help (my husband can confirm this, he finds this part of my personality quite annoying lol). I'm one of those people that don't like to inconvenience anyone haha.
So my story, we are a family of 5, my lovely husband and three beautiful kids, Izzy (5), Will (3) and Louie (1). We are currently living off one income, waiting for every pay day to roll around like so many other families in New Zealand. It's no fun but we do have enough to pay the bills and put food of the table, with nothing left to save by the end of the week it makes it impossible to get the 'luxury' items like reusable undies.
When I was in my 20's I meet a girl in my local pub, we got talking and she put me on to the Diva Cup, which was amazing (mind blown) and it was the only thing I used! I'm now in my 30's and since having kids for some reason tampons hurt, so I've been super hesitant to use a cup again and have just been using pads which has been working for me.
I would love the opportunity to use reusable underwear and would greatly appreciate your help.
Yours kindly.

Since having children I have found my body reacts to disposal pads, cannot use tampons so have been looking at period underwear. Been trying to save for some good quality ones but things always pop up!

Morena, I'm applying for my daughter, she got her period when she was 10, her periods are very heavy and she gets terrible menstral cramps. She leaks through her pants often and that's very embarrassing for her at school, so she wears two pads, one in the normal place and one to carry on along her bottom. Being teased by her pairs when her period first started has really affected her, she is super paranoid about leaks and anxious . After coming across raising Ziggy and learning about my cup/ good fund I think that a teen cup with period undies? would be wonderfully for Charlee to try and hopefully will take away her worries and leave her more relaxed about her period.

I don't really have a story, I'm a single mum and living in Auckland and renting a home, I have been looking at period undies for a long time and doing a bit of research as single use are full of chemicals and bad for the environment, but depending on the week my period comes sometimes I just use toilet paper for the week if there are unexpected bills. But we do what we have to do ๐Ÿ˜Š I would love for some help it would mean the world to me โค
Thank you x

My girl was only 9 when she 1st got her period and it can be a 12 to 14 day ordeal for her very uncomfy and we burn though the sanitary pads. she is now just turned 11 and I would appreciate any help to go towards purchasing some period undies or reusable pads as I don't think she would be keen on a cup. Also I have just been given word I possibly will be out of full time work at Christmas so we won't have much $ for extras like pads.
I have purchased 1 pair of period proof undies to try and they are great but had to layby and have yet been able to purchase more.
Any help would be greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

I am a stay at home mum of four young children I have a loving, supportive and hardworking husband who would never want me to go without the supplies I need when my monthly comes along. However with the cost of life and our four babies always coming before my needs it can be a struggle some months. It has become significantly worst since having our daughter 7 months ago, my periods are so heavy along with painful and the amount of tampons, pads, clothing and showers I go through in the first 5 days is just so awful. It has become so bad of late that I go to the toilet before leaving the house to pick my son up from school and return 15 minutes later to a flooded mess. I have been wanting to give a menstrual cup ago as I have heard from friends that it could be a life changing option for me and my heavy periods however it is a wee bit on the high side to purchase as I would still like to have pads and tampons for security while I give it a try. I understand there will be so many woman in my situation, life can be tough!! Any help I would appreciate so much. Thanks xx

have suffered with extremely heavy periods since I first got it at the age of 9. I stay at home 3-5 Days of my period because it's so heavy and sore. I shouldn't use tampons and pads because I got really bad rashes from them but I have no choice so go change every half an hour to an hour to avoid the rash and I go through 5+ packs per period. I'm a stay at home mum to 2 boys hubby has just been told they can longer employ him full time so we are on the tightest budget. I've just got my period back after my second baby and it's the worst it's ever been. The bleeding and the rashes I would be so great full to have period undies or reusable pads but we can't afford them

I have a 17 year old with autism - periods are long heavy and messy, she doesn't have the skills to keep herself clean or be aware of leaks or the need to change pads - she does stay home because of these reasons, her mental ability is not a 17 year old (more like 7 - 8 years) and doesn't have fine motor skills (never mastered shoe laces, yet) nofiltermum did a fabulous review on instagram and has really sparked my interest that period pants could help my girl!

I'm a solo mum with a disability that means I can only work part-time. My two boys are nearing their teens and eat me out of house and home. WINZ helps but any extra costs blow the budget out and I struggle to afford tampons etc.

I'm a single mum with one daughter. I first got my period when I was 12 years old. I was the first child in my primary school to get mine, at the same time that my Mum left my Dad. It was a shameful phase of my childhood that I hope my daughter doesnt have to go through what I did. Then i focused on sports and my period phased out, early adulthood it was next to non existant. Then after my daughter was born, she was about age 5 when my period started to come back. And it came back super heavy! 4-5 days of full heavy flow. Its getting expensive to have to keep buying products. I am hoping to one day switch to something reusable that will also help me to not feel ashamed of when it arrives. I would love to be able to try out the mestural cup, and since I started back playing netball this year, all the Silver Ferns are raving about how amazing the period proof undies are. But unfortnunatley they are quite pricey (for single parents under winz) I am hoping to be able to try out some reuable products so that when my daughter hits puberty I will be able to help her out with these changes in a way that my mum was not able to do for me.

I am applying for a bit of help regarding periods! I have heard using cups or period underwear really lower the pain experienced during those heavy days. I lay awake at night with terrible cramps (this only started after pregnancy/birth) and can't focus throughout the day because of the pain. This lasts all day long until about 2 days post period. I'm hoping that by using period underwear that my body won't struggle as much during this time (currently using tampons). We are a one income family with a child so period underwear just aren't high enough on the list of priorities.thank you so much

I am a solo dad with 3 kids, 2 of which are girls who have just started puberty and their periods. Reusable products will save so much money for my family

I'm a University student so I'm often short on money and have reactions to cheaper sanitary products, when i can afford them I tend to buy more natural brands which are far more expensive but less irritating. I often just go without and change my underwear multiple times a day. I also worry about the impacts that disposable sanitary items have on our planet.

I am a solo dad of 3 kids. 2 girls are going through puberty at the moment. Money is very tight as it is.

I'm a nursing student at the moment and would love to try the period underwear as they look amazing and environmentally friendly! Unfortunately they are are costly which I can't quite afford at the moment, but would love to try!

I would like a cup and period undies I just can't afford with being a mum to two children

Solo mum of 3 children just had my third 2 weeks ago would help me out a lot thank you

I have been getting my period twice a month for the last 6 months and am really struggling to afford sanitary pads. I also react to some disposables and can't wear tampons because they hurt๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Would love your help please ๐Ÿ˜Š

Honestly, I'm so grateful for this amazing initiative. I've been on a self-healing journey these past 4 months while studying nursing + mฤori medicine & caring for my Nanny full-time. I've been getting my period for 14 years, it's been irregular most of my life until I ditched contraceptives, pads and tampons. When I get my period now (during the full-moon) I free-bleed. Unfortunately that won't be an option for me soon as I'll be doing evening/night shifts for placement. I'm hoping The Good Fund will help me with reusable pads. When I am in a more financially secure space I will pay it forward.

My mother is living with serious financial troubles and has endiometreosis so periods get pretty bad and can often last for weeks. She would never put her hand up for help herself both out of embarrassment but also she always puts everyone before herself - she never wants to put herself first or take from what someone else could benefit from. I wish I could afford to help her with this but because I'm unable to, I'd love to apply on behalf of her to help her out in her time of need. Thanks so much for your help.

I would like to apply for my girl, she has heavy periods and we currently use the cheapest brand we can find. She often will miss school if it's before pay day and I can't always afford to stick up in these for her. Having these on hand would make such a difference for her and her inderpendice that I would love to give to her.

I've recently started getting super heavy periods and I've been stressing about how to deal with them. I heard about the Good Fund through a registered nurse and I think it's an amazing thing you're doing. I just need some help to manage my situation and I heard you could help.

Hey I would really like to make the change to reusable sanitary supply's I've just had baby number and have made the move to cloth nappies but I am a newbie at the sustainably movement so any guidance or advice would product's would be appreciated and thanks for giving me the opportunity very kind

This would be amazing as I can't use tampons since having kids I end up with pain and currently I use pads but I also end up reacting to the pads but didn't think I had any other choice until recently learning about reusable pads.

Ever since I was younger I have experienced very long and very heavy clot periods I go through more than 3 packets of pads every period this is costing me a lot of money as I have allergies and can only use the eco dearer pads

I'm due in 8 weeks with a new baby, and wanting to cut down the costs of having to buy disposable lady products as it's a necessity and sometimes out of my budget

After having 6 children I'm finding it extremely different trying to look after myself when it comes to my period, I struggle to afford the basic essentials and would appreciate any help you can spare me please.

I am currenty having issues with my periods and can often bleed for months at a time. Its been costing me lots to buy products meaning i have to miss out on buying other items. It would be great to have reusuable pads as i just cant afford to buy them at the moment as am a student and on a benefit.

Just like to try as I'm over using pads tampons

It can help me to have reusable and washable products to use over and over

I would like to apply for a pack for my 12 year old daughter. She is the eldest of 6 children. She started her period 2 years ago now and has struggled with starting so young. She was supposed to get a reusable pack from school but never received it. With 6 children often affording these products can be expensive (though she never goes without) and i would love her to try more enviromentally friendly options and cheer her up a bit to be honest with something i am sure will help her

I have had a baby 4 months ago and funds are tight. I would love to try a more sustainable approach but it is currently out of our budget

Being a single mother of two, its hard to keep up with my needs. With my boys needs being my top priority. Their needs of nappies, wipes etc. leaves me with nothing most of the time for my personal needs like pads for what I've been using since my high school days.

Being a single mother of two, its hard t o keep up with my needs. With my boys needs being my top priority. Their needs of nappies, wipes etc. leaves me with nothing most of the time for my personal needs like pads for what I've been using since my high school days.
After having my two boys my period has changed so much, it used to be just once a month and would usually last less than a week. But now they just go on for weeks, with some times only 4 days break. They are heavier and i get 5x more period pains. With my period cycle now I usually go through a normal 15 pack of pads in a week.
Seeing a post of your great cause on Instagram, has given me confidence in asking and seeing if I will be elegible for this. This will help me so much in so many ways and give me a chance to try out other choices out there thats is more cheaper and ec

I am applying for daughter who is 11 years old and has started getting her period. My daughter also suffers from ODD(Oppositional defiance disorder) which makes it hard to have a sit down chat about what she is going through. I have tried explaining about being extra careful with hygiene during this time and how her body is changing but its hard for her to sit still and listen. She is highly embarrassed about her situation as she is the only girl in her primary school who has her period and often has a lot of cramping and has had to take time off school for it. I am a solo mum on a low income but would really appreciate getting her some period knickers to help with cleaning side and any brochures that she could read through on her own as they have not had health education yet.

I'm a newly single mother who wants to make a change to lower our waste so would love to be able to get some reusable menstrual products but I just can't afford it. Some months I struggle just to buy pads.

I am 30 years old, have had 2 children. I am very squeamish, it is getting worse as I get older! To the point where seeing my own blood makes me queasy.

I get terrible menstrual cramps, have found that tampons makes it worse, only after my second child was born, prior to that I used tampons - I've tried different brands and sizes, to no luck.
We moved to NZ from South Africa 2 months ago, my South African pads are finished.
Pads are quite expensive, and I have quite a sensitive skin. Currently, post period and post pad trials, I have such bad "nappy rash" which is horrible.

I've been doing some research on menstrual cups, as I think it might help not seeing the blood. But they too are quite expensive considering it may not work for me.

I am the sole provider of my household for my partner and I. My partner suffers from mental illnesses and we often have to spend our funds on medication and petrol costs for traveling to appointments. It would mean a great deal to be able to have a product that I do not have to scrap together to get funds for a normal bodily function.

I have always had irregular periods and I get constant UTIs using Pads but since childbirth back in 2015 I cant use tampons which were always my go to. I feel more comfortable using pads but they smell funky, they're annoying,.They irritate! I've tried a couple of different cups and I cant get them to work for me. I heard of reusables on fb through the "Raising Ziggy" page and thought they would be awesome until I seen the prices! Realistically I cant afford an upfront cost like that to get started!

I'm a part time uni student recovering from anorexia. After struggling with this eating disorder for years, and my period stopping, it has since returned because at the beginning of this year I finally found the courage to seek help. But my period is not so regular. My doctor says this is normal for people like me who are recovering from anorexia. I believe that I could benefit from your help as my period returning is a huge challenge from me and my recovery as it is a reminder of my weight gain and that I am not that sick skinny person I used to be anymore. With your help I could purchase some period undies and wear them everyday so I am prepared and never have to worry about mishaps and embarrassment. I can instead focus on myself and my recovery.

Im a single mother and have mental health issues that stop me from being able to work. So i struggle on a daily being able to put a roof over our heads an pay bills e.g. find it so hard to find that extra money for sanitary products ๐Ÿ™ and now my 11year old daughter has just gotten her first period on the 26th of august which has now become more of a struggle as i will most likely have to buy her pads and i wont be able to aford any tampons for myself and i always put my daughter first as it is very important that she doesnt worry about stuff like that with her schooling e.g she needs to concentrate on school and not if she is going to have pads for her next period e.g. please help me. I found u guys on a post on facebook and think you are doing an amazing job helping women out. I really hope you could find it in your heart to help my daughter and i as well.

I've been using moon cup for 15 years now and it's been great but since my second baby I find it a little uncomfortable and not very effective. I have a couple of reusable pads a friend gave me but I need more as I've been using up every pad and tampon in the house ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Kia ora, I Have never had issues with my period in the past. I've always had a 5 day max period and cramps were quite minimal. Then I had a baby and my periods never been the same since. It's very irregular but when I do get my period it's very very heavy, bad cramps and goes for much longer. I currently use a cup and love it much better than tampons but I'm having to change it often and am quite self conscious now. I'm hoping to please get some help with the undies and am hoping to maybe get a reimbursement code for 50%. I don't want to use up all the funding but as a single mother and on a tight budget I can't afford the undies full price at the moment.

I am finding it hard to keep up with such irregular periods and spending money i really dont have on so many pads that itch anyway as i don't use tampons. I have recently taken in my brother which has really made our tight budget really tight too so some days i have to get creative if i run out before pay day.

Hi there, I applied for help many months ago but between forgetting and as you do just putting your kids needs before yours I havnt done anything. I am applying as I use cloth on my girl and it is great and id love to be able to stop sending my pads to the landfill too, plus every period I get sore down there not sure if it's normal or pad related as I can't remember getting it when I was using tampons, it would be great to be able to try some products as I don't have the funds to pay out for a whole heap of products that I may not like/work for me

I am married 33 years old. Currently have shared care of my step son which requires myself and my husband to live 1 week in Auckland and 1 week in Hamilton ( that's where my husband works) we commute every week. I do not work as I support my husband in looking after his son m commuting backwards n forwards. Our life is very busy we are always on the go. I have recently found out after my 2nd miscarriage that I am a carrier for Hep B. Am currently being tested if I have celiacs disease and I recently found a lump in my breast so I'm scheduled in for a mammogram next month at the North Shore Hospital. My periods have Always been since I can remember as a kid being heavy and lots of clots always cramps and sore. Since finding out Im positive for Hep B ive been taking iron and vit c tabs and they haven't been as bad. I currently use a moon cup but I sometimes leak with it as my periods are a bit heavy. Would love to try something else. Living on one income having spare money is tight. Bills always pop up at the last minute and life continues.

After the birth of my first child I found I was allergic to pads. Had never used them before and had a horrible time on top of recovery from birth. Am due with my second end of the year and have been looking for an alternative to pads, however many of the reusable ones and period underwear I can find are out of my budget.

I am at a stage in my life where I am consciously thinking about my own impact on Papatuanuku and therefore have been considering alternative options to pads and tampons. I also want to be able to celebrate this sacred time as opposed to dread it and so would really appreciate the no hassle way to try something new.

My daughter currently has lupus and is very conscious of her skin conditions and how that impacts her at school. I would like relieve some of the pressure for her around the time she has her ikura and period underwear would be an amazing help in the right direction for her. We would also like to have minimal impact on Papatuanuku.

Hi there. I am applying to get some help getting cloth pads for my mum to use if thats at all possible. She has terrible health problems including chrones disease since she was 18yrs old. She also had to have many surgeries which have left most of her body very sensitive and damaged. She is allergic to almost all pads you can buy. She has one brand she can wear and they have just stopped making them. She told me yesterday she would have to use cut up sheets. I think cloth pads could really help her. We are both on the supported living benefits and dont have a great deal of money otherwise i would just straight out buy them for her. She also has no idea im applying for some help with this but would be sooo so greatful. I have answered the questions that relate to mums needs etc. Thank you so much.

Making the switch to reusable menstrual products sounds like an awesome adventure. I want to minimize my carbon footprint and really give it a go. This would massively help as I am on a tight budget and more than once I've had to sacrifice buying menstrual products from the supermarket for buying food or formula for my baby. I shouldn't have to do that and so switching to reusable menstrual products with help me financially and spiritually in knowing I'm doing my part in saving the environment

My daughter has very heavy, irregular periods. She started menstruating heavily for prolonged at a young age and as a single mum it's been really hard to afford enough products.

I have recently returned to full time study and income is stretched. I have a 'mycup'and love will never switch back to tampons however, I now have a prolapsed uterus that makes inserting painful. I also experience thrush and ongoing pain each month :(. My doctor did swab and treated but thrush keeps coming back. I would like to try the underwear period pants but am in no position to afford yet.

I would love some help trying reusable products as we have been told we can't get winz help because we earn too much but yet it's only enough to cover food and bills and no more which leaves me at the place where what do I do now. And I get rashes when using tampons and sometimes pads so that becomes quite sore. Would really love it if you can help me out

Currently financially struggling right now, this would help out a lot. Thank you.

I'm 7 months postpartum and before being pregnant I had regular textbook periods but now I'm irregular and they come and go for weeks at a time can go for a day then come back. I never had problems before but now if I use disposable pads i get major irritation and uti's even a kidney infection. I'm a stay at home and my partner a shift worker so we have money but there's always something else needing it more and I think I need to try period underwear as even reusable pads irritate me and I'm still having issues due to a difficult birth so I'm not ready to try a cup. I'm hoping for 50% reimbursement to help me actually get some. Thank you

Am applying for assistance to get period underwear and pads an any other I can get help with I do have heavy periods and am in need of help financially as having to use toilet paper or rags if not being able to afford pads as financially struggling being a solo mum of three

I am applying for my little sister whom attends Hamilton Girls High School. Instead of mum buying toiletries she ask for her to pay sports fees & she will cover what she needs with her money eg bus fare,toiletries etc. The Good Fund would help her significantly by cutting down costs and supplying her with a menstrual cup which will help her to attend sports & school with no worries cloth pads will be a bonus to help with overflow or leakage. May we be blessed with your gift & we shall receive with full gratitude thank you so much with LOVE&LIGHT

I am really needing some help when it comes to my period. Finding it very hard to choose between buying pads and tampons every month or feeding my son and obviously I will always choose him having a full tummy over buying these things- but this means I have to use toilet paper and go the risk of it leaking through which it almost always does. When I am in a better financial position I would love to give back by donating to those in need.

Being a solo, working mum of 3 young school age kids, sometimes my grocery budget doesn't always allow room for sanitary items. Even if my groceries are less one week, that little bit of extra money gets absorbed elsewhere on other bills. To have one less thing to worry about like trying to afford pads or tampons would greatly reduce my stress each month.

I get extremely heavy and painful periods and hate wearing pads and find tampons so uncomfortable and scary!

I would like to transition to reusable period products but have trouble finding affordable things.

Not only can I not afford my own anything period related at the moment but my beautiful daughter turns 10 soon and she is anything like me it's almost time and I'm so afraid of being caught short for her and potentially creating a horrible situation for her. I want to be prepared and have stuff ready for her that not going to embarrass her.

Due to an accident 3 years ago where I can't walk on my left leg and have CRPS. Having my period is so much more difficult and has a mind of its own and can come anytime anywhere. I also suffer from an over reactive bladder so I don't go out much because I can't get to the bathroom in time so very hard when I have my period. Any help would be appreciated.

My friend told me about you wonderful women after realising I had been using toilet paper. I'm a single mum, struggling financially and can't afford the outlay for reusable products at this stage. I would prefer this for myself due to health issues and also the environment!

I usually bleed for a long time and have to buy the super tampons that are very uncomfortable and always costs a lot. I often use a pad and a tampon at night time as my tampon leaks unless I change it every couple of hours. I sometime don't go to work not because a lack of products but because I'm worried I will leak and be embarrassed.

I would like some help for products for my daughter please. Especially the Period underwear as she gets very heavy periods and often leaks thru and she feels too embarrassed to go to school because of this.

I'm a solo mum of 2 school aged kids. Have recently started experiencing heavy bleeding and more frequent periods. It's expensive raising kids and I struggle with the extra costs that my period is giving my. The heavy bleeding has caused really low iron levels & now low hemoglobin. Would love to have natural options with my period please.

I am a mum of 4 and grandmother of 2. My period isn't always regular each month so using a cup helps a lot when my period comes and I don't have money to buy products. I also often have heavy flow. I use my cup and a cloth pad which hold better than disposable products. The months my flow is heavy I am so scared of leaking I stress even going to the supermarket. I wish to try period undies as I feel with the undies and my cup I will feel more comfortable than with a cloth pad and more discreet.

Hi I'm a mum of 5. 4 being girls. I myself made the switch to period underwear due to having heavy periods & cost of products each month. I love the period underwear & the confidence it gives me to go out don't feel like I will leak with them & tampons. Was also going to switch to a cup as well but funds are tight.

I had planned to get my daughter period underwear so she felt more confident with not having leaks but things have been tight & now with miss 11 just getting her priors to I feel at a loss to afford them. I want to make the switch it underwear & reusable product better for our body but it's the cost that I cant afford with a big family.

If you can help would be much appreciated but understand if there are others more in need thank you

I have always suffered from very heavy sore periods, having to use pads that i can not buy from the supermarket but I go to the hospice opshop and they sell incontinence pads that are left over from the elderly and they are the only ones that hold what i need to hold so I don't get leakage

This would be amazing to be considered for the fully funded box. I have a child with multiple needs and getting pads is often not doable. Cheap pads give me a reaction and will often use rags.

My Friend - has suffered so much sexual trauma in her life. Periods are now traumatic as blood is a trigger to the PTSD symptoms. Tampons and cups are a no go - that area is just too much at the moment. Sometimes she cannot afford to get enough pads to survive a period - and the frequency she wants to change them as she cannot cope with the sight of the blood.

She is studying to become a nurse, and is undergoing intensive counselling to try and better herself. Finances are tight as a student - alongside paying for therapy. I brought her a pair of period undies - and these have been really helping. I would love to get her more but I just cannot afford to do it from my whanau budget.

For the past 3 years I've either been pregnant or breastfeeding and have fortunately not experienced periods. I have 3 beautiful girls and work in sustainability and menstrual products have always been on my to buy list for reusable but they have always been out of reach and I haven't educated myself enough on what product is best unfortunately I've now had to make an advancement on it ASAP as my daughter is 8 weeks and I have just got my period again ๐Ÿ˜ญ my last 2 children I didn't have a period for over 12 months. My almost 10 year old is pre-menstrual doctors are currently saying within 6 months she's already started having discharge and breast buds have been around for about a year and a half. She has monthly pains and will likely have endometriosis if myself and her grandmother are anything to go by. I myself have had surgery to remove endo after I lost my son in 2011. Unfortunately I believe its back. Felt the pains throughout both pregnancies and post birth on average if I have to use pads which I hate because of the fact they go to landfill say 6 in a 24 hour period for 10 days that's far too many and believe me I've tried every pad there is nothing is better than the budget brands. Haha. Although U by kotex seem to be on the rise as well but for the longevity of the periods I have I get rashes from wearing pads probably the same would happen with cloth pads as well but worth a try using cotton might help it could be the chemicals and not the material so would like to try a cup but the idea terrifies me. I hate tampons I couldn't imagine a cup. My daughters also learnt so much from me she refuses to use disposable pads. I'm so proud of her.

I would love my daughter to be able to use period undies. I can afford the $5 -$10 a month for her supplies but I can't afford the outlay for her to use reusables. I'd love for her to not have to worry about leaks at school and just get on with being a kid for a little while longer. She also stays with her day some nights and feels uneasy having to approach him about supplies. This would make it so much easier for her.

I've been following this page for sometime now and I think it's just wonderful what you are doing! Ka Pai!

I've been using a cup for a couple of years now, but it was a cheap one (wouldn't even know the brand!). It's gotta be the most uncomfortable thing and since having my 2nd baby it's just gotten worse. The end of the stem irritates/rubs the opening to my vagina, so I tried to trim it but just made it jagged and even more irritating. I end up with a sore hooha every period ๐Ÿ™ It constantly leaks no matter how many different ways I try to position it.

Money is tight, it always is these days with the increased cost of living and a growing family. Tampons seem to make my period pains worse and pads are well, not the best for the environment that's for sure! But even then are just not something that I can afford in my budget, let alone reusables! So I've just been using this awful cup cause I've got no other choice (except good old loo paper!).

Anyway, I'm sure you read lots of these stories and I know there are lots of others who are in a way less fortunate situation but I could really do with your help please, this mama is sick of suffering and missing out while on my period ๐Ÿ™

I had my first baby last December. It was a unexpected pregnancy, but I chose to go ahead. I had a traumatic delivery which caused a lot of physical and emotional pain. I still have pain and discomfort from the episiotomy. I developed postpartum anxiety and depression and have been unable to return to work. My daughter is amazing and healthy, so that keeps me going. It's very hard for me not to be financially independent and rely on government help. But I know it won't last forever โค๏ธ

I am a young Maori woman who is continually trying to find cheaper options that doesn't hurt the environment so badly , I think the idea of reusables is the BEST option hands down !!! Liliena, Otago

I am a self employed single mum, currently studying/ volunteering, I have created a playgroup for mums, 90 percent like me motivated, low income beautiful humans who's children often come before themselves.

Well I have endometriosis and trying different ways to control my bleeding as tampons haven't worked out so sticking to pads but they give me feeling of like wearing a nappy which isn't at all pleasing so may try this!

I suffer from horrible heavy periods and normally bleed through tampons. I've looked in to menstrual cups but can't afford one

I have ongoing medical issues. I am working with the doctors to find the problem. We think it's endometriosis. I am constantly in a lot of pain and experience a lot of bleeding. I have been bleeding constantly for the last two months with only a few days break every couple of weeks. These medical issues have been ongoing for the last 20 months at least. It gets really expensive having to buy bulk lots of tampons every week and affects my every day life.

After doing IVF for 5 years, I finally got my beautiful baby boy in January of this year. The cost to get my beautiful boy has been high (but worth every single penny!!) not working and being on a single Income has made the budget rather tight. I've been using cloth nappies and loving them, so started looking into reuseable products for myself but I'm struggling to find the room In the budget for the initial outlay. I've just started getting my periods back and they are rough, very heavy, painful and I'm going through a lot of pads, which also is adding up. I have to buy the more expensive pad and tampons with minimal plastic and unbleached cotton etc as otherwise I get allergic reactions, which makes my whole cycle feel exhausting. I would love help in getting some reusable products to help the budget, my vagina and the environment!

Since my miscarriage last year my periods have been so heavy and painful, When I leak I miss a lot of work as cant afford enough pads to get me through it.

I have a 10 yr old girl in my class who has started her periods and she desperately needs reusable products as her family is very poor and quite dysfunctional. She often bleeds through her school uniform as she is using toilet paper as pads. Mum is mentally unwell and the family is on the borderline with care and protection issues. I am hoping that providing her with reusable products and showing her how to care for them will help ease some of her anxiety and embarrassment.

I am 2 years post-pregnancy. Six weeks after I gave birth, I got the contraceptive injection (x4). I stopped it 1 year ago because I didn't like the way it was impacting my body. My body has never gone back to a regular cycle. Cycles can come anywhere between 2 weeks apart to 3 months. The last 3 cycles have been semi regular coming every 30 ish days but how long they last varies.

Now I hate asking for help but my partner is currently off work with an injury, I work 35 hours a week making barley enough to cover bills food and toddler essentials, the last thing I need to worry about it my period.

To add to my stress I am susceptible to thrush, and have just finished treatment for bacterial vaginosis. When I'm on my period my body odor is strong. It can stay that way days either side. Last month I received two complaints at work (retail) about my odour around the time of my period.
If I receive one more complaint I will have a formal warning. I'm doing what I can to minismise the odour. Going to the gym every morning to shower because we only have a bath at home and daily baths aren't practical.

Part of the issue I feel during my period is I am reacting to pads, and tampons make me uncomfortable.

I'm usually the one trying to help others but given my job could be on the line - and income for my family - it's time I ask for a little help

As a solo mummy and with all our bill's and living costs I struggle most months badly to afford pads and tampons especially when most months its very heavy and can last up to 2 weeks. I have tried to go with the cheaper products but they don't really do the job. I would really appreciate the help.

I am tired of filling up my bins with pads that have been reused. I am working but don't earn a lot and when interviewing someone recently to come on my course I bled all over their white chair because I didn't have the correct menstrual pad, I had to use whatever my daughter had left over. Food has had to come first in this house and making sure my daughter has her pads so she doesn't get embarrassed at school

With normal pads they cause itching which makes the period week uncomfortable and makes me dread the time when I have to use them sometimes I'm almost in tears from the reaction they cause me. Lauren, Auckland.

I have been wanting to use something less feminine and hate the feelings of pads and tampons. My body reacts to pads and because of how uncomfortable tampons and pads make me feel I often take work off or stay home simply because they make me feel uncomfortable and gross. I also hate knowing how much unnecessary waste I am creating because I can't afford reusable products. As a full-time student my income is quite poor at the moment.

As a newly single mum of two kids I have just done my budgeting and I can hardly afford decent groceries let alone period products. The insane amount of pads and tampons I go through is ridiculous as I have severe endometriosis and after two kids my period has completely changed and now my bleeding is so severe I have to change pads and tampons every half an hour on the first two days and it's nuts. I couldn't even move from my toilet on the first day of my last period and had to offload my kids to my sister as I was in so much pain and had all the bowel symptoms that come with endometriosis I couldn't leave the toilet.

Help with getting a cup as finding it to dear having to buy Tampons every week as have bleeding off and on all month

Recently I have had a traumatic experience in my life, the insurance to get myself back up and running has spent my entire savings and more. I can't afford much. My baby is also weaning from breastfeeding so I assume Aunt Flo will come any day now. I'm already stressed enough without having to think about how I'll deal with my period on top of this all, having a copper IUD placed recently I was told to expect a very heavy flow. Please help!

I got really sick when pregnant and as a result the Drs have advised me not to go back to work. Living on one income is a challenge. I often have lengthy periods. Since getting pregnant and having severe hyperemesis for so long, I also now struggle with incontinence. As a result am needing to daily use disposable pads at great cost. This isn't always possible which leads to embarrassment.

I feel terrible applying, feeling like I'm taking funding from someone else who really needs it and I don't even think I qualify for the help; I'm allergic to disposable pads, I find they make me itchy and uncomfortable and give me rashes, and tampons only work for some days of my period. I've switched to cotton/organic pads but they're expensive and I go through them quickly on some periods. I've always wanted to switch to reusables as I hate the fact that I'm polluting the earth but my issue is, that whilst I can probably just about afford to buy a menstrual cup, I can't afford to get the sizing wrong as I won't be able to buy another.

My son is transgender and i would love to get him some reusable pads, it's not something we talk about because he just gets on with it but I know it can be an upsetting time. I saw your post of FB and was blown away with the support you offer 'all' people.

Hello Ladies, So I have been following along with your beautiful mahi, and I've realized I may actually need a bit of a hand. I'm a solo mum of a preteen and I'm sure she may soon be hitting puberty. I got my period quite young so I'd not be surprised if she got hers around the same age. I've become a convert to a cup, its the best bloody thing on earth (pun intended). my daughter and I are always discussing her options for when her period comes.

Ideally the end goal for her is to use a cup but I know it's a little scary at the start, so I wonder if reusable pads or period underwear are the best way to go for her in the beginning. These can be quite a large up front cost and a little out of my regular budget, it'd take quite a few months of saving to get a decent stash. could I please have some help in getting these for her?

I've just got my first period, 18 months postpartum, and it's back with a vengeance! I have Endometriosis and have never found tampons comfortable. About 6 months ago I bought some reusable pads from your site to use as liners for incontinence and all that good stuff, because I happened to have some extra funds at that time. Now I'm bleeding again, I need some more, and thought maybe I could give the underwear a try, but really can't afford it at this time. I would love some help! Thanks so much. Love your work.

I'm almost 32, have 3 kids I have an 8 year old, 2 year old and our baby is about to turn one. We live on a farm and lead a busy hectic lifestyle. With having 2 littlies who require a lot; nappies formula etc money is extremely tight. Being a mother I always make sure my children have what they need and i will always go without to make sure they are provided for. It would be amazing not to have to budget for sanitary products every month, would take a bit of pressure off.

I would really like to use one of these cup but being a family of 6 on one minimum wage income there is no way I can afford the cost to buy one. I also have a teenage daughter who has incredibly heavy periods, which just makes trying to buy sanitary products for out of our budget.

I have been using a cup for a few years, but since my 3rd baby, it just doesn't fit. I think I have a prolapse but haven't been able to afford to see a doctor. I'm currently using old cut up flannel sheets as pads, as the disposable ones are too expensive and irritate my vulva.

I have recently had to drop my hours at work to be there for my son and be more present as he transitions into primary school. With the mortgage and every day bills it can be a struggle. This would help so much as it would mean no judging when I might get my period and do I ha e enough supplies or will these last until pay day. Crossing fingers for a light flow so they last a little longer. Having polycystic doesn't help and being infrequent is hard work.

Hi there I would really like to be able to purchase reusable sanitary items but with a family of 2 adults and 4 children I struggle to come up with the money to do this. I have purchased 2 regular reusable pads which I use but this is not enough. My daughter who is 13 would also benefit from this. Now that there are two people in our family the monthly cost is high. As a family we are also being more mindful of what we are putting back into the environment and I feel having reusable sanitary items would certainly help.

Since having my 1st child I've always suffered from chronic period pain and cramps. Then my flow is so heavy I use a tampon and a pad at the same time and am changing every 30min for the first 2 days. It's horrible and I take at least 2 days off work each month. I've now just had my 4th child and not excited about my heavy painful period.

Just before I got pregnant with my second baby I invested in a cup. Now 9 months postpartum I find myself a single mum of a 3 year old and 9 month old and my period returned. My cup leaks every time I use it and I think it's not right for me- I didn't actually realise there were so many options I thought it was just before kids and after. I am now having to budget and every dollar counts so i really need to try figure it out because the ongoing cost of disposable products is too much.

I am a mum of one gorgeous 5 year old daughter. Since her birth my periods are heavy! I've had ultrasounds, gyno appts, xrays, blood tests and nothing comes up. All is normal. I go through 2 boxes of super tampons and one box of regular tampons per period, which is 7 days!

My partner and I own and operate our own lawnmowing business. For at least 5 days of my period every month I'm not near a toilet to change a tampon every couple hours. SometimesI'im squatting behind the truck or ride on mower to do this, or going the whole day without changing a tampon but leaking instead.

The money at $8 a box of tampons times that by 3 boxes per month is a lot of money we can't really afford. Having a growing 5 year old, a business, a house they all come first!

I got my period when I was 11 I am now 32 and I get my period anywhere from 3 weeks (minimum) to 4 months (my longest) . After having a period for that long I am so sore I can't get a tampon in and I chaff from pads . My periods have got much worse since I had my daughter. Some times I end up using old towels at nights or if I am at home to save some costs .

I have found after having my baby 8m ago that I am very sensitive to standard menstrual products and end up awfully uncomfortable and itchy with either tampons or pads but can't afford the transition to reusables ๐Ÿ™ on a low income with 3 kids it's not something we have spare money for and also living rural with no rubbish collection this would be amazing there too.

I am a 3rd year uni student and have for the last few years found myself struggling to find the money to keep buying pads and tampons. I was lucky growing up that my mum would always pay for my pads but now although i work part time the hours are limited and so is my income I cannot always afford every month to buy packs of pads. It's very embarrassing when this happens and I am often left asking friends or using what I find at home to make do.

I currently own 3 cloth pads which I try and rinse/dry multiple times during my period to help relieve the financial pressure. I would love to be able to use reusable period products as I try to cut down on any single use plastic in my life but this is an area where I am stuck. I often wish I didn't have a period because dealing with it has become so stressful every month.

I have had problems with my monthly since they began. At 14 I started bleeding non stop (and I mean non stop) and my doc tried every contraceptive pill known to man to ease it. Finally at 16 I had an operation which removed a herniated ovarian cyst and I thought things would improve.

We were wrong. Painful monthly's where I was bedridden for up to 10 days became the norm. I thankfully was able to have 2 children. 1 when i was 21 - 2007 and one at 25 - 2011. I thought things would sort themselves out and they did in-between having both my boys but after my youngest was born things began to go back to how they used to be. Then in 2017 - November - my monthly vanished and I thought "oh dear" but it turns out it was partly stress related, partly endometriosis. |

In January 2018 my monthly came back with full force. Constant bleeding, not a days break. My doctor tried pills to stop the bleeding and after 4 months and it wasn't working so the doc doubled the dose - accidentally putting my body into medicated menopause, overdosing me. I became really sick and had to stop the meds.

Finally in October 2018 I had an operation where they cleaned everything out, polyps and all and put in an IUD. They also explained that there was a slim chance the IUD wouldn't help me. It helped for about 5 months but the last 6 months I'm back to complete agony and bleeding irregularly. I get thrush from most products sold and I have resorted to just buying cheap knickers and free bleeding. My doctor is going to remove the IUD and I'm Terrified that I'm going to go back to how things were. Taking so much pain relief I was a zombie (high dose ibruphen and tramadol).

My doctor thinks my body needs time to heal as since 2011 I have been through severe trauma. My grandfather passed may 2011, my mum 12 months later, may 2012, she was 53. My dad passed in november 2016, he was 65 and my grandmother passed Christmas day 2017. Also in February this year my relationship of 7 years fell apart and we separated. I have had to give up my job to be at home with 2 boys that need their mum. I am hoping for some sort of advice or help or anything that could make me feel better about things. I'm tempted to ask for a hysterectomy because of how bad monthlys get.

I would like to try a re usable menstrual cup, I have always used pads and depending on how long my periods are I always end up with a rash. I also think it would be less going to the rubbish and worry about buying pads each month, for myself and 2 Daughters. One of whom is a virgin and suffers with 17 day periods actually going through doctors visit for this atm, and they have taken into consideration she is on life long hormone tabs so that could also be a reason for long, heavy periods.

I am single mum of 2 kids currently not working. I have problems with my period which leaves me bleeding more often then not. Usually twice a month for a week at a time. Constantly buying pads and tampons to keep up with the flow really takes a toll financially.

I am a mother of 3 and have had constant trouble with my menstrual cycle. Since I was 13 I've had painful periods, and since I was 16 I've had periods lasting up to 5 weeks at a time.

Medication to try balance my hormones have made me unwell so the only option is to tough it out, however I'm spending roughly $15 a week on the cheapest pads (tampons make me quite unwell as well). I want to say goodbye to pads and tampons because other than making me feel sick or having to make sure I have a supply wherever I go, they make me feel low. I've heard so many positive opinions of menstrual cups over the years but genuinely can't afford the purchase.

There have been so many cases of me having to ask family for money to buy pads or tampons, or I would make sure to detour to the Wellington library after school when they had free boxes in the bathrooms. I've asked about getting a prescription for pads but they aren't classed as a necessity. I'm tired of my period putting me under financial pressure, making me physically uncomfortable and making everyday activities anxious.

I am a stay at home/playcentre mum of one busy 2yr old boy. We live off of my husbands income. I have been hesitant to apply because I feel we are not as in need as others but a post with a quote from someone else's application validated me. I would love to be able to purchase products at half price. As well as that though, I am embarrassed! I'm embarrassed that as a responsible adult I can't afford sanitary products.

Part of this is that I am conscious of the environment as well as my health so will only buy organic low packaging products. This means that more months than not I go without. Instead I free bleed, changing my underwear a few times a day. This can be uncomfortable, smelly and adds to my already huge laundry pile. I also have PCOS so while I have managed to get my period regular, it is heavy! I'd really like to try a cup - ever since I heard of them! I am a bit scared of them though so would also like to try reusable pads and period panties. Thank you for considering me!

Unfortunately I am not proud to say I've had to use flannels or rags because I've put my childrens needs before my own. It has come down to do I buy my children dairy products or myself the cheapest sanitary products and I choose to put my childrens needs first as a solo mum of four its tough out there!

I struggle to provide myself tampons as I'm in a low income situation, I would love to begin using reusable cup to reduce the waste produced, but just can't afford it on top of caring for my kids.

I've always struggled with heavy periods that generally last for around 12 days. There are times when I haven't been able to afford sanitary items and had to use alternatives like toilet paper, ripped up towels and even nappies on those heavy days.

I'm forever getting what I call nappy rash from disposable pads, irritation from my "alternatives" and constant infections like thrush and bv. For the record I'm pedantic about personal hygiene, my vagina is just a temperamental b*tch.

There have been times that I haven't left my house because well who wants to wear a nappy or old towel on the bus. My son has even at times missed school because of my lack of proper items.ย  I'm 30 years old and had my first period when I was 9

Hi I would love some help for my 12 year old daughter who has not long got her period. I have 5 kids at home with 4 of them being girls. I'm a full time nursing student and my husband has just recently been laid of work, so these would be an amazing help to us. Thank you.

In early March 2018, I started getting heavy periods. This was approx 6 months postpartum. My normal periods went from a regular 3/4 days of bleeding to almost 3 weeks of constant, heavy bleeding, with massive fist sized clots.

Maternity pads couldn't help me during my cycle. I was forced to stay home. I lost pay from work because of this, and when I did go to work I was carrying a bag with 3 or 4 pairs of tights to change throughout the day.

Obviously this is not normal, I became severely anemic and with my huge amount of blood lose, I was sent to the hospital every month for iron transfusions. More time off work. Finally, in December 2018 I had a mirena inserted to help with the blood lose.

At the time I was going through a packet of heavy/maternity sized pads A DAY. Again my bleeding pattern changed after the mirena, and I bleed for 3 months straight, but lighter Yay! Now, I'm still bleeding lightly, for almost 2 weeks out of the month and I just want to see if reusable products are something that I can use and to help bring my costs down even more. I cloth nappy my youngest baby, so washing is not something that will scare me!

Hi, I am a sole parent of a young baby trying to make ends meet. I try to work part when I have a sitter to help with my bills but cant always afford much. I'm looking to try something more cost effective and reusable so I don't have to worry about how I'm going to pay for a pack of tampons each week.

When I get my womenly I make sure I have a box of 16 tampons on hand. I can only afford a pack of 16 tampons but it's never enough. My periods can last up to 8 days and the first 4 days I can't go anywhere. Every 2 hours within that 4 days I have to change cause my tampons start leaking cause I'm bleeding heavily I can't use tampons cause I'm always leaking so I back up with a tail I fold it like a tampon and basically walking my home like with a duck tail so I use rags also old tails and even toilet paper. I run out of toilet paper pretty fast when I do. I'm in desperate need of help

I'm a solo mum of a young daughter and I have a bleeding disorder (von willibrands disease) which means I don't clot, its a type of hemophilia. So every time I bleed I have to spend over $20 on pads (cant use tampons) because of this disorder I try to keep my bathroom stocked but sometimes i forget & it comes so irregularly I cant keep up! Being a solo mum who can barely feed us I can't keep paying out this money in pads sometimes 2-3 times a month. I think the good fund can help me because l always have something there, clean and ready to go when I need it!

I wont have to worry about trying to decide whether to get milk or pads. I've asked WINZ & family for help with food & power & pads therefore my WINZ debt is so high, I don't think they will help me.. my family don't always want to help as I'm an adult & should be able to look after myself, so here I am asking..please someone help!

I'm 23 years old and have an 18 month old son. I have always had very heavy and painful periods due to endometriosis. Ever since my son was born, they have been even more heavy and painful. We're a 1 income family, I work full time while my husband is doing his tattooing apprenticeship which is unpaid, so on top of daycare costs, the cost of menstrual products is expensive and hard to meet some months. I have needed to take time off work because it wasn't pay day, and I couldn't afford to buy tampons. I've always wanted to try a menstrual cup but I just can't justify the starting costs involved.

I'm a solo working mumma, I work 8-4 mon-Friday , I'm on $18 an hour and I pay $500 a week rent on my own plus laying $90 a week daycare- most weeks I just manage to buy groceries. Some weeks I'm paying $100-$130 towards my fuel costs, so buying extra sanitary products is a push- I do have a menstrual cup which I love and use but in my heavy period days (sometimes 3-4 days) I'm having to change tampons or cups every half hour to an hour... this is awkward because we work on building sites and we use porta loos- there are taps usually close but which we use for cleaning our equipment but there are usually builders or bricklayers etc around and I do not feel comfortable washing my cup so I feel I've forced to use tampons which I can't afford nor want to use to environmental reasons. I feel period underwear and or pads would be a better option for me but I can't afford to invest in a pair.

I recently got out of a abusive relationship. Because of said relationship my son was taken by CYFS and is currently in my Mums care. I get $29.20 a week.. For food, Bill's, fuel, etc. I'm trying to get work but for the meantime I need all the help I can get, and period weeks are way too expensive.. I'm trying so hard to rebuild my life and get my son back, I hide away when I have my period because I can't often afford pads.

I have a very heavy period. I am from a one income family (both my partner and I are woman) and affording tampons and pads for two weeks of each month is hard... we have both missed work multiple times as we can not afford the items we need. My daughter sometimes misses kindy too as I can't afford products and have to free bleed. I am in fear of people seeing.

I'm a solo mother aged 20. I use to be really sorted but when I had my baby I struggled a lot with money and I'm only every have enough to get my baby's needs. Sometimes I'm lucky to have 5 dollars to get me some tampons. Normally I use toilet paper in my undies or use my baby's nappies. If yous can help it will mean a lot.

6 years old, 5 kids, youngest is 18 months old. After having my last baby via c section, I had my tubes removed. My periods have been ridiculous since then. Very heavy for the first 3-4 days then regular for up to 5 days after that. I having spotting in between periods lasting anywhere between 1-4 days. I go through 2 bulk packs of tampons, 2 packs of extra long night pads and a pack of super pads...that's just during my periods. I get up at least twice during the night to change my pad and tampon and it's almost a sprint to the toilet because once I stand up, I start leaking and occasionally blood runs down my legs. I have bad cramping during the first few days but am currently taking magnesium which does help a little. Tampons and pads are very expensive for me with how much I need each month

I have endometriosis so my periods are very painful and heavy. Buying menstrual products can be costly so being a single parent my financial priority is my children.

I have very heavy 21 day periods and when I say heavy I mean heavy I can use 32 tampons a day.

I would so muchly appreciate reusable pads and underwear as financially and physically I'm struggling through time of menstruation, I'm unable to use tampons or a cup due to prolapse and pelvic inflammatory, I also have a blood disorder , I go through a maternity pad every hour most days and I'm on a disability benefit with 3 children 2 of them of period age also.

We have 3 daughter's ages 20, 8 and 18 months. I have always had period problems (heavy, irregular, getting it twice in 1 month, clots of blood etc) it has now calmed down except for it still being heavy mid cycle where I need to wear tampons and overnight pads so I don't leak through it gets bad sometimes that I'm showering about 4 times a day. I would love to buy a menstrual cup but can't afford it 90% of my income is taken with rent and other bills and I don't want to ask my husband to buy it for me because that's just shame.

I grew up not knowing what to expect from a period and when it happened I used whatever I could find - toilet paper from public loos, flannels etc. Disposables irritated me. I eventually managed to get cloth pads, which are amazing, but after my last baby, the topping of them isn't agreeing with my body and keeps causing irritation and pain (they're all mink) and I can't replace them.

The thought of a cup or anything like that causes a lot of anxiety, so I think the best option will be period undies - the best of cloth pads without the topping. I just can't afford the change, and can't afford to buy disposables in the mean time. I got my tubes tied and my periods have gotten super long and heavy and painful since too.

I feel bad asking for help because there are so many others worse off than I. I gave birth nearly one year ago and since then my periods are extremely heavy, I go through a tampon every hour and bleed through to the bed sheets on days 1-3(or 4) of my period which is causing a financial strain as well as a huge washing pile. I would love to switch to reusables to not only help my family out financially but also lessen my negative environmental impact. If I could be considered for financial help I would be extremely grateful.

As I write this, I am currently sitting on the loo (solo mum, it's the only 2 mins of peace I get haha) and I'm looking down at the pile of disposable pads that sit in my undies for 4 days every month. I try extremely hard to be environmentally friendly and I've made huge changes to become this way! Yay for the compost bin, bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax wraps and shampoo soap bars. I have always wanted to try reusable pads or period undies but the start up cost makes me cringe. For me to be able to afford one pair. I would have to save for 8 weeks and at the moment, I honestly can't justify putting aside that money. I would love to be considered by the good fund to help me reach my milestone of no longer being a reusable pad virgin. Thank you

Today I was standing in the supermarket needing the basics and it was what can we "live without" because my period is due, this is hard to admit, and I feel guilty I'm not doing more to get out of this situation.

I would be what is considered the "working poor" I have a job, working part time and having to increase to full time because as a house hold we are not coping. My partner works full time, we are first time parents and that comes added expenses such as daycare on the days I have work.

I have to work to cover the mortgage yet most my wage goes on daycare and simple things like tampons are at the bottom of the list.

It breaks my heart sitting here writing this, I've had to go into another room so I don't have to face any questions.

Now I'm going to be working full time, miss that precious time with my daughter I really can't afford to have missed days due to my period and the idea it's possible gives me some anxiety.

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice on where to go for help or what products is best to save up for.

Thanks xxx

I've just started my waste-free journey, however I've come to a massive hurdle when it comes to managing my period.

I've spent the last 8 years of my life dealing with heavy, painful periods, and only this year built up the courage to ask for a diagnosis. I'm not looking for a cure, just answers to why once a month consistently for years I have to miss school because I can't move.

I would like to try some other options, because pads are so expensive, and as a student I can't afford to be going through a pack a month, or more. I'm not the worst off, but I hope that I'm eligible for some help.

I am a busy mum of three who bleeds heavily during periods and has to chance tampons lots, sometimes bleeding through in an hour! Returning back to work soon from maternity leave and I need some help to not bleed through my clothes all the time.

I use a cup and love it however my daughter has just got her period and is struggling with products. She does not want to use a cup yet and finds pads tricky some period underwear would benefit her greatly and remove her awkwardness around her period. I am solo mum to 3 and just cant afford the full initial cost.

It will make a huge difference, as a new mum of 3 I just don't have to time or money anymore to go out and buy sanitary products. It will help boost my confidence and allow me to carry on with the things I'm required to do as a mother and not have to have to deal with financial stress.

As a mum, I'm tired of leaving myself last and thought it would be nice to get something for me. I know its costly up front but the money I will save every month will make it worth it.

I feel like the Good fund will help myself and my daughter immensely. We have to use Organic sanitary products as normal ones irritate my Daughter. We can't always afford organic products and those months we have to switch to the products that irritate. We are super interested in period underwear but they're so expensive at the initial outlay.

I have been wanting to apply for such a long time. I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and would really want to give period under and cloth pads a go postpartum. This is baby number 3, so we know what those horrible boat pads against sensitive and freshly stretched vulva feels like. But like many families, funds are already tight with 2 kids and parental leave coming up, and reusable products do get put on the back burner. I would really be SO grateful for assistance. I think you are a kick ass woman for what you put into your work.

I've suffered very heavy periods from the age of 9. Have literally tried everything under the sun and nothing helps make the lighter shorter or less painful. Last year I was diagnosed with endometriosis and pcos. I have month long period and may get 2 or 3 days off if I'm lucky some months. I'm on a low income so it has become a real struggle. I've had to call in sick to work because I have no sanitary products. And also beg co workers if they have anything i could use.

I've borrowed money off multiple people to get me through the month. Even gone to the extreme of tearing up rags and using them in my underwear. You really don't understand how expensive it gets till your going through 2 or 3 packs of pads or tampons a day for 3-4 weeks at a time

I'm on a strict budget as a single mama, I use pads cause I can't use anything else due to prolapse and endo etc, but I react to them, so tend to use reusable nappies - I've been wanting to switch to period underwear but I can't afford the larger amount to do the switch, so I keep with the pads and nappies cause the budget is a little tighter.

I want to know if I could get a little help, I can afford to buy 1 pair if I save for a bit longer, and wondered if I could be a half help case ๐Ÿ˜‚ or I can donate a bit of money regularly in the place of purchasing pads each month. There will be far more needy options than me, I work, I don't have period poverty, I can afford $8 for pads each month, I just can't afford to make the change, which I want to for environmental and health reasons, and to show my daughter other ways to handle her period when she gets it. For now she just thinks all mummys wear nappies like she used to.

I feel bad for even asking for help as I know so many are worse off. I have a cup, which I've had for years, but since I gave birth it leaks. I'm trying my best to look after the environment and what I put near my bits so it just leaks on my undies as I don't have pads. We are on one income and struggling a bit with the power bills to keep bubba warm, we can't seem to get ahead. Any help would be appreciated, if I'm not entitled that's ok ๐Ÿ™‚

I've been wanting to buy reusable menstrual products for a long time, but haven't been able to save enough. Something always comes up just when I get enough. I always feel like I'm a burden to my family when I get my period and that the money could go towards other things we need like clothes for our children.

I tried a cup for 6 months but it was uncomfortable. So reverted back to disposable products and I'm aware of the impact they have on our planet too.ย  I have long irregular periods after having my second child too. It's really hard

I have been suffering from heavy periods which are very painful, as a result of pcos, and this has got worse since the birth of my 3rd child. These also take days longer, sometimes lasting up to 2 weeks, which leaves me with rash and irrigation, no fun when you have to use your babies bum cream. A pack of pads does not last and lately I use up to 3 packs per cycle, which adds too much to the food bill and with young children it's not always possible to get to the shops for more packets.

I have tried making my own pads but these do not hold the heavy flow and this means more washing due to leaks. I often end up house bound during the first 3 days if my cycle. We are a one income household. I have been trying to save up to use the 50% code, we receive wages monthly, so often bad timing if AF shows up just before pay day, and as the only female menstruating in the house, it is not high on the priority list.

I'd love the cup, as it means many years of use, but I don't think it would hold up on the early days and I often have pain over my episotomy scar so fear a cup would make this worse. Tampons are awful painful.

My partners (sole income) been in and out of work for the past 5 months after not working for 8 months after the birth of our son and me suffering bad PND. So we're living pretty much week to week, day to day some weeks. periods haven't always been the easiest experience, i usually borrow money from my mum to pay for products or ask around friends. I did have a couple of reusable pads but they got very over used after I had my son. My partners in stable work now (hopefully) but we're still really behind on everything.

I need help with getting sanity items. Winz can't help me due to me being on board not rent. So it's a choice of sometimes food or sanity items as I have quite heavy flow and can use a lot of products.

I'm a 33 year old single mother to 4 beautiful children, ever since I started my period I haven't been able to use tampons as I have a reaction to them, even some pads gives me the same reaction, so I'm limited to one brand, being a single mother sometimes I cant afford pads, as I always put the children's needs before mine, having something I could reuse would change my life completely, and not wearing big bulking pads would be amazing.

Hello, I'm very interested in using reusable menstrual products such as the cup and menstrual underwear although both my husband and I work full time, by the time we pay for rent, daycare, supermarket shopping etc there isn't always a lot of $ left over for me to try to purchase these products. I have a history of PCOS and since the birth of my second baby possible endo and with every period I experience pain, heavy bleeding and fullness noticeable just before and during my entire period. I am also finding that I get a reaction every time I use tampons.

I am a 35 mother of one who lives in Auckland with her husband. We both work full time and send our 2.5 year old to daycare. We have had to apply for extreme financial hardship with kiwi saver to try and get our heads above water. Menstrual products come last in our shopping if at all. $3 tampons from countdown are what I usually end up with and no matter how often I change them they ALWAYS leak so I end up wading up toilet paper to stop this happening. I hate to think of the chemicals I am putting inside my body, and the environmental impact of this as I go through 6 tampons a day. Night time is usually toilet paper folded many times over.

I think this initiative if yours is amazing and I know my need is not as dire as some woman go through, I would really appreciate some help to get some period underwear. I have a weak pelvic floor after giving birth to my 9 pound 6 baby 2 years ago so I'm not sure how I would go with a cup, although I would really like to try one. I just cant afford to buy one and have it not be the right thing for me.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Melissa - Auckland

I am a stay at home mum to 2 kids, and while we earn an average amount on one income we are really struggling at the moment, I'm often stressing about being able to afford food for the kids and have been doing everything I can to save money, and we just keep getting hit with big bill after bill, and we are currently struggling, it's not always like this, but I just can't afford anything at the moment and I am really struggling during my period. I have extremely heavy bleeding so I flood pads and go through a super tampon in an hour or 2. I know it's a temporary situation (hopefully) and hope to donate once we get back on our feet, but for now I need a bit of help.

We are a family with 3 young children aged 4, 2 and 1 living on 1 income. My periods have always been heavy, and since having children they have got worse. I can't use tampons, and cups don't seem to work too well now, so I have to use disposable pads, which I hate because they are bad for the environment and I go through 2-3 packs every period so it's expensive. Someone told me about period pants and how good they were and I'd love to try some, but they are also too expensive for us to just buy. Sadly, they almost feel like a 'treat'.

This is the fourth time I've come back here, each time I go to apply, I talk myself out of it and insist that I can 'save' the money myself, but after my last period, I think I need to apply. Like so many other women here, I'm a stay-at-home mum of two and we were surviving on my partners income - until he lost his job last week, so saving might not be the way to go now!

When it comes to my periods, I'm allergic to disposable products. On top of the itch that so many others experience (I thought it was just me!), I get welts and blisters both on my labia and inside my vagina, obviously depending on whether I'm using a tampon or a pad. What usually happens when my period arrives is I toughen up for one day and use pads on my heaviest flow day. After my one day in the pad, the blisters and welts become too painful so I can't wear pads anymore (since they only get worse).

I free bleed into underwear that I only use when I have my period - needless to say, they're pretty gross now. But I can't leave the house during the free bleeding days, which means my girl misses out on preschool, I miss out on exercise and the whole house suffers from cabin fever, resulting in a grumpy mum, grumpy kids and a horrible living environment. Once my period passes, the welts and blisters still take days to fully heal. My period for July ended two days ago and as I sit here I'm trying to angle myself on my chair as to not put any pressure on them. Peeing is torture! I haven't slept properly in over a week because of the pain.

And I can't afford to go to a doctor (though the last time I did, when I was 21 and able to attend the university doctor's for free, they gave me nappy rash cream which did sweet fuck all). Honestly, any help would be amazing because the thought of going through another period like this one has me in tears. Thank you so much, as well, for everything you do and the hope that this has given so many menstruating persons around New Zealand! Even though I've been hesitant to use your amazing service, just knowing it's been there has been a wonderful comfort.

I am a solo parent of 3 young children struggling to get basic bills paid and keep cupboards stocked and really can't afford to purchase period undies which I need because I am allergic to regular pads.

Hi there, so I'm not actually applying for myself- its for my 12 yr old daughter who gets really, really heavy periods. Its so bad she has to use 2 heavy pads every 3 hours to manage and sometimes even that isn't enough. She hates tampons and the feeling of them which I don't blame her for but she needs something that will help as she has missed out on a lot of school due to her period. I'd love to see if these would be any better for her as we do spend a lot on pads just for her that sometimes don't even suffice. Thank you for hearing me out.

The Good Fund could help me because i currently free bleed into whatever clothing I am wearing or I make tampons out of toilet paper. I have had to throw out so many of my clothing which i cant afford to buy new ones. I have been doing this for over a year now and something has to change, I don't know what to do.

I suffer from PCOS (among other medical issues) and terribly long and heavy periods. I'm on the job seekers benefit with medical deferral, and all my money goes on my board, doctors appointments and medication. I so often have to use toilet paper as I've run out of money to buy my sanitary items.

My daughter is 13 and started her period when she was 11 since then we have been on a roller coaster ride off heavy periods going through 2 packs of maternity pads plus tampons we are on the waiting list for the hospital.

I would love to be considered for a cup as It would be a huge help I'm a single mum and each week the cost of formula and nappies really add up so the cost of pads and tampons on top of that is real hard!

Steph - Wellington

Would like to try the menstrual cup. Have heard about Emz coming in to talk to staff at Waikato Women's Refuge Te Whakaruruhau and would like to give it a try please.

I would love to apply for a 50% reimbursement, I have endometriosis and after having my little girl my periods are worse than before! They are not so heavy but LONG, tampons are hurting and but pads aren't my thing so I'm hoping a cup will help ease at least one aspect of my discomfort, I've tried using my daughters nappy liners didn't quite work. I know there are other women and girls out there who probably have bigger needs than me so I totally understand if I do not qualify for the reimbursement. What you guys are doing is amazing!!!

I am a single mum working my butt off every week to pay all of the basics. Well my beautiful daughter has started her period and all of a sudden there's this extra cost every month for something that she cannot avoid it and really shouldn't be so expensive. I'm trying to make this planet better as well and not wanting to use all of these disposable products that just go in the landfill. I would love my daughter to have some products like the period pants to make her life easier and more comfortable and help save the planet. Please help me get my daughter a great start in this new journey of hers and help us both save our environment.

Lisa - Bay of Plenty

I have 2 autistic daughters. 10 and 8. I am trying to prepare O (and myself) as best we can. Hormones are already happening and O has great difficultly understanding most things. I need to try products that are easy ie. looks like knickers, act like knickers, just need to be 'special' knickers when we get our period. These look perfect.

Applying for help with menstrual products as I do not have the funds to afford reusable items (barely supermarket items!). I am a solo mother of three kids 6,4 and 6 months and since my last baby my periods have been chaotic, currently starting week three of my second period since last birth.

I have always had a few issues with tampons not feeling like the fit properly. Because of this post baby I thought I would try a period cup. I purchased one and instantly tried it. I was gutted when I found that like tampons I found it didn't work with my body. I have since discovered that I have a low uterus. Due to being on one income I have not been able to afford to buy the meluna shorty to fit my body and have had to resort back to pads. It's a really struggle adding pads etc. To the grocery bill when things already become so tight trying to provide for the little one

Hi, I'm a single mum to two toddlers and would love the opportunity to try and use a MyCup. I'm currently unable to afford one and have really heavy periods so it would help heaps financially.

I have been struggling with heavy flow for over twenty years. Therefore I am constantly doubling up on pads because tampons don't hold much for me. I have four children as well so also buying sanitary products for them. I am currently looking at reusable sanitary products as I'm not happy with pads going to the landfill. Also, if there was a catastrophe. me and the girls would be stuffed because there would be no way of using sanitary pads. I'm happy to start learning about how woman used reusable rags/pads in the past. Please help.

Hera - Wellington

I am unable to wear sanitary pads and tampons as most woman can. I have endometriosis and also am very sensitive too the products I can typically buy from a supermarket or pharmacy. I have cramps that do not allow me to get out of bed without absolutely feeling sick, faint and very weak. I also have a damaged uterus lining which makes the chemicals from sanitary products a problem

I have struggled with anything period related for most of my adult life. But since my daughter started becoming older I have done my best to put my fears aside and talk openly with her about them. I am committed to reducing waste to landfill & also participating fully in life with my daughter while I can. Not having a menstrual cup inhibits this as I can't go to the pools or swimming with her at certain times. I can't afford a menstrual cup and am currently getting budgeting help, but it will take at least a year before I can afford one. Also my daughter is 11yrs old and talking about using a cup when her time comes, but I can't afford one for her either.

I am the mum to 2 gorgeous girls. Unfortunately we are all in various stages and I am finding it VERY hard to provide for their period needs. I am 33 and had a hysterectomy over 10 years ago so I no longer need to worry about period supplies for myself however my eldest daughter is another story. She too suffers from the same condition I did as a teen/young woman and keeping up with her needs is putting financial strain on me. My daughter will have her period go anywhere between 18-25 days. Then only have 4-7 days off before it returns again. (Mine was 365 days a year with no break. I have no idea how my mum supported me through it). She is only 13 and is in her 4th year of suffering through this. On top of this she also has highly sensitive skin and can get rashes or hives from different products. She could even find one that doesn't cause a rash and then after 2 or 3 months of use it suddenly causes an allergic reaction.

Recently our family went down to only 1 income (not our choice) and being in such a tiny town it doesn't look to be changing any time soon. Our youngest daughter is 10 and is showing signs of soon starting her period too. I'm at a point where I don't know how I will be able to not only afford the required pads for my girls but emotionally support them through it also whilst being so stressed about the financial situation of our family. The more sustainable, affordable and reusable we can become for what looks to be a very very very long journey ahead, the better. thank you

You were recommended to me by someone who saw my story on TVNZ and also a article in the newspaper. I had a treatment injury in October 2013 to remove cervical cancer and the surgical instrument punctured and artery resulting in an emergency laparotomy. Since my first surgery that went wrong I've had incontinence issues both faecal and urinary, I have also been fighting ACC for nearly 6 years for cover.

I have had physio with an incontinence specialist that I had to pay for it has helped somewhat but still have problems with the faecal having accidents every couple of days I have learnt to manage my incontinence as best as I can but am paying for my pads spending up to $30 some weeks, ACC will not cover this cost. I did win my case last November and got funded a dozen pads but that was a one off.

A month ago ACC decided to revoke my entire claim putting me back at square one, I was devastated as they were meant to be supplying me with pads, mattress protectors etc. I was hoping you may be able to help me if possible I am a mother of 3 and it's an added expense I'm expecting to have for the rest of my life which doesn't seen fair for something that was caused by a surgical instrument malfunctioning.

Both my partner and I are on the benefit with job referral based on medical conditions. It is very expensive constantly having to pay for menstrual products. It is not within our budget and i am having to make do with called up toilet paper at the moment.

I'm a mum with 4 girls. Currently I use a cup and cloth pads.. miss 13 has a cup but can't use it and I struggle to have enough cloth pads for her. And struggle to be able to buy more cloth pads or period undies for her.

Renee - Taranaki

5 months ago I had my 1st baby, so all my money goes to things for baby, and struggle to use tampons now, they have become very painful and I always leak thru pads even if I change then every hour. Which ends up being very costly, I also want to make the change to reusable as it is better for the environment.

I had my first baby almost 9 months ago and have since then been to a waste free parenting course which really highlighted for me the impact my period is having on the environment. We are now a single income family and the initial cost of buying reuseable products is putting them out of reach for me. I had always used tampons but after the birth of my little boy it was a scary prospect so I have started using pads more than tampons.

Belinda - Canterbury

I've just moved and $ is ridiculously tight. Like $50 for food for me and my 3yr old tight. I tried asking WINZ for a forward so I could get a pack of light and heavy undies and a cup but they denied it. The did give me a food grant though for this week so that's something!

I've just got my period and have a Pack of panty liner and about 4 tampons left then it will be toilet paper. My period is irregular ever since baby, the last 2 times has been 3 weeks before that was 9 weeks, even tracked on an app I can't really plan for it.ย I know I'd be able to save so much having this pack if you could please help. You're doing such amazing work across the country Thank you.

(In regards to prolapse, I went to doc shortly after bub and was brushed off so don't know if it's an actual prolapse or just the vaginal walls or something have been too embarrassed to go back to another doc and get checked but Plan on doing it soon)

I was able to pay for mirena out of pocket some years ago during a different employment situation in my life, which awesomely basically stopped my periods entirely, but it was due out last year and I have been unable to afford to replace it. I've experienced severe bleeding and pain in the past and was very apprehensive about menstruating again, and while it hasn't been as bad as it was pre-mirena (and my doctor kindly prescribed some serious pain relief ahead of removing it), the associated costs are an issue and tampons and pads are both tricky as the former are uncomfortable and the latter tend to move and leak.

I'm trying to be more conscious of the impact I have on the environment. I am making small slow steps to help make a difference. Making the change to reusable nappies and wipes was my most recent step and reusable sanitary items will be my next step! So the good fund would be a huge help to my next step in being more eco-friendly. I also react to disposable tampons and pads and so buying 100% cotton ones do cost more. So being a stay at home Mum this would also be very helpful with costs.

I have a 14 year old daughter who suffers from heavy periods and I am awaiting surgery for my endometriosis and have lost my job because of being sick. I need some help please I also have 3 younger girls who are 9,9 and 8 any help would be so helpful.

I have extremely heavy periods and use large amounts of pads every month. Would like to try something different. I also have agoraphobia so purchasing pads means leaving the house which I struggle to do. Currently I'm using old sheets ripped up as easier than getting out of house and online shopping costs more than I can budget for.

We are a one wage family with a one and two year old and recently moved to Christchurch. Our rent and other bills are costing a lot more and my periods are so long and heavy now after getting the IUD in. I always seem to run out and end up using toilet paper or even a cloth. I would really love to purchase a cup or undies but bills and other things we have to pay always come first so I never end up having the money to buy them. If it is possible to get help that would be much appreciated x

I had a baby 10 months ago he was 11 weeks early due to me getting very sick. And I've meet woman who have tried the reusable cups and love them. Being a new mum and only on one wadge can be hard to by tampons every month and this would be the biggest help not having to worry if I have any left over.

I have epilepsy and since having our second baby my periods last more than 2-3 weeks, its becoming extremely expensive to afford tampons. I work as much as i can but have a daughter (5) with epilepsy and our youngest has coeliac disease so i am always having to have time off work with their medical issues that we are only just able to afford the basics.

I'd love to be able to try the pads, I tried a cup and well that ended badly, I couldn't get it out no matter how many videos I watched or read the instructions! Lucky I had someone to help me get it out or it would have been a ED visit! Pads normally make me itch a lot and rub, tampons I don't like wearing as it hurts. I'm not a student now but missed work or school due to this years ago only having $10 a week to live off.

Steph - Tasman

Would love a little extra push to purchase some period underwear or reusable pads. I have sensitivities to pads and tampons. I cannot wear tampons at all anymore as they become so painful and give me a UTI sensation. And pads I can only wear for a few days before I start to get itchy and broken skin (this is worse post baby). So once my period becomes light I just wear normal underwear and change them throughout the day as needed. I have tried cups but again get the same UTI sensation. I have been looking at reusable pads and underwear for a while but there are so many options and prices can be quite high.

I saw your campaign on a Porirua group page. I struggle to afford to pay monthly for my period products I'm a single mother to a baby on the benefit. I love the idea of reducing waste by using reusable menstrual products. Thank you!

I've been on depo (stopping periods and babies) right from 15 to 24 years old. Right up to 21 it was free for the depo so I never had to pay anything including pads. I soon realised that spending $48 to go the the doctors every 3 months to get another jab was adding up and I just didn't have that kind in money so I tried to go naturally (which is what I through using pads and condoms was). Move 3 years ahead and I'm blessed today to have two babies that full my heart with love and joy but now that I have stopped breast feeding my periods have returned and I have now decided that something again needs to be done. N

ow that I have my two babies I especially can't afford to go to the doctors every 3 months paying $48!! At the moment If I added it up I'm probably spending well over $48 on condoms, pads etc...but let's be honest, when you have two kids to take to the doctors and wait every time and then try get a jab while holding onto your baby just doesn't sound all that enjoyable to me. I'd love to try reusable for this sake and for the sake of the planet. Every little bit counts and I now understand that going natural with reusable products is the only way!

I've recently had a baby girl (12 months old) and I suffer from chronic PCOS. Since having her it's become worse, periods are extremely heavy and it leaves me house bound for 3 days. Tampons don't sit properly since having her. I'd love to try a cup too see if this does change my life during this horrible time of the month.

Hello , I've been finding it hard trying to afford basic living cost. I currently use tampons but I go long overdue the changing timeframe I know its unhealthy to go over the recommended time to keep one in but somedays I have no choice but to try use it to its maximum , I would love to try reusable products so I can keep my body healthy as best I can and stop damaging myself further if possible please , thank you.

Hi. I have 2 beautiful daughters born on the same day a year apart. My husband works full time and we rent a house in the high end of the rental scale in our town, because like most places housing is sparse in town. Both of our girls are still under 2. I breastfeed to cut costs. My youngest lives in hand me downs to cut costs. We get very little extra assistance and all of our money goes on our girls to give them the lives my husband and I didn't have whilst growing up. I have endometriosis and suffer very heavy and very long periods. Constantly buying tampons and pads is actually a big killer on our weekly food budget so often I am using waded up toilet paper and newspaper. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jamie - Whanganui

I gave birth to my baby daughter 5 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a vaginal prolapse, I have constant discharge. It's hard to talk about because it's something no one talks about. I don't know what will happen. I know that my pelvic organs need physio or maybe surgery in the future. I have to wait for the hospital to contact me and that can take up to 6 months, I can't afford liners and pads use everyday. I don't know how my period is going to be, after having a baby, I feel so helpless and lost. I thought my body will worked it out how to get back to normal but It needs a bit of work. If I could get the reusable pads, the period underwear and I'd love to try the cup too would be a great help. I appreciate to be able to tell my story and your help. Thank you so much.

Marcella - Wellingotn

I am finding the monthly cost of these required products is becoming unaffordable. I am not working and I have a 6 year old daughter. I think if I show her now that using reusable products is normal then she can use them straight away when its her turn to use them.

Hello, wow, is this for real Good Fund? Sounds too good to be true! If at all possible, I would dearly love to try some re-usable menstrual products. I've wanted to buy a cup, reusable pads and period undies ever since I saw them... however everything else always has to come first out of my (pathetically low, I'm a Teacher Aide) fortnightly pay. When rent, bills, food, petrol etc suck up every last cent of my pay, I haven't been able to put any money towards myself, so instead buy the cheapest tampons and pads when I can.

For a large part of my life, to 'save my tampons' for when I really need them, I have used folded toilet paper wads for 'pads' and fold toilet paper up tightly to use as a 'tampon' for the lighter days at the beginning and again end of my period. I've always had to 'save' my actual tampons or pads for the heaviest days only - on days that I have to be at work or in public. In order to save my period products for when really needed, I just 'free bleed' when at home - using toilet paper wads. Yes it's a bit messy, smelly and uncomfortable... but hey, I always think of all the millions of girls and women around the world in similar situations for a bit of perspective when I feel like complaining.

My pelvic floor is wrecked after three kids, sadly I pee myself when laughing, coughing, sneezing, jumping etc. My undies are always wet and stinky. I change them twice a day and shower daily, even then I am always paranoid about people and kids that I work with being able to smell me... always being wet and stinky down there pretty much kills any spontaneity regarding sex with my hubby. I always have to say "no sorry, can't do, need a shower first' or otherwise just feel the shame and embarrassment of smelling urine when having sex. Hubby (bless him!) doesn't care I always smell, but it sure as heck kills the mood for me! TMI??!! Sorry! I would love to try some reusable products - especially the cup and the period undies. What a kind thing you are doing - thank you! Time to finally put this mama first I reckon!

As I have retired at the young age of 26 and have now chosen to live sustainably off the land and making lifestyle changes, this is the best option for the future as a woman,mum and sister having 4 children 2 being girls, although they have not come of age of their menstrual cycles, we would help keep thousands of disposable products out of landfill, and help with keeping our hygiene costs down monthly for our whฤnau.

Shamrock - Northland

I am a mother to 5 beautiful children, the youngest being born 1 month early in June. When I first started getting periods, my mother never taught us about it or how to clean ourselves, nor was she able to show us what to use ( she too couldn't afford them for herself) when we were able to move out was when we taught ourselves, being i have been a single stay at home mother for most my adult-teen life i have never really been able to afford to buy them, nor had any extra money to put towards them every other week, to stack up for those just in case moments.

Hi. I have bought multiple menstrual cups of varying size and firmness, 3, and not one them put properly. I get shooting pains inside. Things are really tight financially at the moment, and as I only have a relatively light flow (except when I pass clots) I am currently using fabric cut into rectangle then folded I thirds then run to the toilet when I feel a cloth coming. Or 'borrow' some pads from co-workers at work coz I 'forgot'.

I suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome. I can go months without bleeding but I can also bleed constantly for months with no break in between, often with heavy bleeding and clotting. It's painful, stressful and not to mention very costly. I am a studying mum and have had many occasions I've had to leave course or miss course due to not being able to afford tampons or because I've run out, or flooded my underwear. It is horrible as I never know when my period may come so I'm often not prepared or don't have the funds to purchase anything.

I would love to try the period undies but can't afford the outlay for both myself and my daughter. It would be amazing to get a 50% discount please.

Michelle - Auckland

In my mid thirties while trying to get pregnant I (finally) got diagnosed with PCOS. Managed to have an amazing boy. But I have ALWAYS has irregular periods. Mine are not like your standard pcos periods mine can be most months every 2 weeks. I am on a waiting list to see a gynecologist but it's at least another 6-12 months. We are on one income and struggle to make ends meet some weeks.

Hiya, sorry really embarrassing but here goes. Would there be any chance I can get help? I'm bleeding constantly currently on my 4th month bleeding I'm struggling to afford pads, & tampons I spend almost 30pw to buy them

Hi! I am stay at home mum of 5, I've always had irregular periods but since having my 5th baby I've had a reasonably heavy period every 9 days for 7-9 days at a time! I can no longer use tampons as they cause me a lot of pain! My 11 year old daughter has also just started her period. So I'm spending a large amount on products for us both! The one off cost to get these reusable products isn't viable for us! I would really please love some help!

I would be very grateful for any help! I'm a 30 year old mother of 3. We live on a extremely tight budget as my partner can not work due to numerous medical reasons. I usually go with out any menstrual products as it's a tight budget and if it comes down to buying extra milk or fruit etc for that week .. I can't justify spending the money, then always plan on budgeting for the following month but usually end up in the same spot.

We are a one income family. We have 2 daughters age 14 months and 9 years. We had to move from our rental due to the landlord needing the house back in May and cannot afford to rent in Tauranga so we are all living in a caravan. I finished up working the kiwifruit season and have been finding it difficult to find another job. Things are so tight and my periods last a long time plus disposable pads give me a sore rash after about 3 days. Anything that can help save us money would be really helpful right now.

Since having our 2nd baby the after effects of labour has left me with a prolapse, that isn't strong enough to hold in a tampon. I end up in loads of pain. Doesn't help I have heavy periods for 7 days. I'm still going to Physio for the prolapse and she suggested contacting yourselves for a cup. Any help would be super helpful

I live in the country and have irregular periods so sometimes get caught out with no products. Would love something reusable so I know I'll always have something for my period and to be more eco-friendly.

My daughter has high functioning Autisum very reluctant to use any menstrual products ,would love to be able to try one of your packs to see if she is more accepting of different products.

I'm a solo mum on benefit when it comes to periods I always have choice between my daughters nappies or pads of course nappies are important but when I run low on pads I use toilet paper or I use a newborn nappy that I had put away.

Firstly I am so inspired by the amazing work you do, so thank you.

I am a stay at home mum of two beautiful kids, 3 and 8 months. I would love some support, I have had fertility issues, one if them being extremely low progesterone, which causes savagely heavy periods for 5 + days and then a lighter flow for a few more days. I leak from super tampons within 30 minutes to an hour for the first two days so I need to double up with pads, trouble is the last time I used pads I ended up at the doctors with a reaction to the pads and a very raw and bumpy vulva thankfully this was the last cycle before my last pregnancy. Night times are the worst though as I end up messing the bed even with a pad and tampon on so I use a nappy insert to keep me safe.

I have a cheap china cup that a friend gave to however I have a low cervix during menstruation and the cup causes discomfort as it's too long for me. I am expecting for my cycle to return any day now, and I would like to be prepared properly and not have to deal with tampons and pads for my first period post having baby. Probably should note that I have a stage 1 prolapse too, nothing too serious but it's there. Financially things are a bit stretched, we are a one income family so things like this tend to go on the back burner especially because mum puts herself last, however if you have a payment plan or after pay it would make getting the right period goodies a lot more achievable for me and some knowledge on the right products for me would help.

I have endometriosis, I have a 10-12 day period which involves heavy menstrual bleeding and a good load of sanitary products!

Over the last year or two I have become more aware of the potential harm that is possible from using single use menstruate products. I hope to become more familiar with the options available and which ones are better/best in time for my daughter to begin her journey. She is currently not looking forward to 'growing up', hopefully better products will give her more confidence and less mess.

Alexia - Canterbury

I would love to have a reusable cup so I don't have to use toilet paper or old socks as pads after going through 3 packs of tampons per period I struggle hugely financially with 5 kids so don't have the money and I have extremely heavy heavy periods.

I'm a solo mum to 4 children 2 of whom have recently hit puberty as well as myself, I really struggle supplying us with feminine products.

I get discomfort when using tampons and rashes from pads so would like to try something that may be more comfortable.

The on going costs of menstrual products is so expensive and also bad for the planet. As a teenager I remember cutting up a nightie to use when I had no pads and no money. Every month I feel guilty for using disposable products that end up in landfill when there is a better alternative.

Natalia - Taranaki

I unfortunately cannot use a cup or tampons because they hurt. (I will use small tampons if I have to swim.with my girls but they gurt the whole time). I have a prolapse that occurred during my first's birth. I would love to get this fixed but it's going to cost thousands which I don't have. Plus I am a stay at home mum to my two girls and hubby cannot take time off work. I would a chance to use cloth pads and period underwear. Cloth pads are costly as so bad for the environment (I know) but I have no other choice

I have PCOS and Endo. My periods are so heavy and last 2 to 3 weeks sometimes. They are sporadic,sore and I spend a lot of money on products always doubling up on pads and tampons and sometimes that's not enough. Each period is costing me around 30 to 50 dollars on sanitary products because of the heaviness of my flow and the frequency of having to change. I feel these products would benefit me greatly.

Ash - Waikato

I'm 20 years old with 2 kids, and just after having my son I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (ulcers through my bowel) I'm on medication all the time and will be for the rest of my life as it's incurable. One side effect of my disease is incontinence. I lose control of my bowels. And incontinence underwear (hot) are so expensive, I can't afford to buy them. ย know this is a period fund, but if you have anything come up for this- I would be extremely grateful

I struggle to buy the basics let alone personal products.

Rebecca - Otago

I am a single mother with two kids and can't always afford to get pads. I have recently got an IUD put in and I have been bleeding for the past month so it gets very expensive. I'm to scared to try the cup as tampons never worked for me and I don't want it pulling my mirena out.

Judith - Waikato

I am applying for myself as I can barely afford pads or tampons as a solo mum.

Jordan - Auckland

Every time my period arrives I find myself searching for the cheapest tampons, the cheapest pads. I can't use budget brands so have to buy Libra or U. At $4 a pack it shouldn't be debilitating to buy, but since my baby was born my periods are all over the place. I sometimes get 3 a month, lasting from 3 to 10 days, heavy too. So I have to buy multiple boxes of pads and tampons. I saw the post about the woman who chose tampons over bread and I thought that's me. I get so much pain when I have my period too, the cramps can cause me to vomit. I really want to try a cup to see if that helps.

Being a single mother with a energetic 2 year old boy, I tend to forget I have periods (crazy I know). Working full time and trying to keep up with the usual bills as well as kindy charges eats up my wages so I tend to not save a bit of money thinking oh I have some type of menstrual product at home but that's not always the case.

I've rung work to say my son is sick so he can't go to kindy and won't be a work for a few days just because I'm using toilet paper or free bleeding. The good find would help me immensely in not having to worry if I have any disposable menstrual products. I got given 2 cloth pads and think they're amazing but would also love to be able to give the underwear a go too.

Gemma - Otago

I really want to get some good reusable products as my periods have gotten heavier since having kids and I've developed a sensitivity to disposables that leaves me super uncomfortable each time I get my period but good reusable products have always been out of reach financially. Managed to buy a cheap cup but it's been no good, so I'm back at square 1.

We definitely wouldn't be classed as being in poverty and I almost feel uncomfortable even applying because I know there are more people out there in worse positions than me, but we are almost a single income household with me dropping to part time when my older girl started school so my part time wages pretty much cover daycare for my other girl with a bit left over to put into the household fund.

I have been wanting to try reusable products for awhile because I have been reacting to normal pads about 2 days into each period I get a sore uncomfortable rash like a burn and my period is just too heavy at the start to even bother using tampons and since having my second child I don't find tampons all that comfortable, I have put it off and put it off because of the initial start up cost of the cup and undies for using at night and there's always something popping up week to week where I feel the money is more needed and put myself at the back of the line again. I would be super grateful for help getting started in this journey but totally understand if I don't meet the criteria

I would love some help to get some reusable pads. We are a young family same sex family with one 30 hr minimum wage income and no assistance from WINZ. With 2 7 plus day periods a month the cost is crippling. We struggle to afford the basics and have been using budget disposable pads, despite the discomfort from reactions and rashes. I recently attempted to make my own reusable pads ... this was not successful. We both ration pads at 2 for 24 hrs which results in a lot of leaks and to be honest probably isn't overly hygienic. So really I am applying for us both.

I absolutely dread my period each month. The pain, itching etc that comes with wearing the pads from the supermarket is horrible and my period is so all over the place that some weeks I can be caught out with little to no money left for pads and have had to improvise or ask others for help. Both the period underwear and reusable pads would be such an incredible opportunity, I may start not dreading my period so much

Hi I'm a single mum of 3 kids under 4 every time my monthly comes I can never afford to buy tampons and pads because I obviously have other priorities I would really love to try a menstrual cup but there so expensive online and if i cant afford tampons I certainly can't afford $50 for a cup. I think what you guys are doing is amazing and if you could help me id be so so grateful.

I had a pretty well behaved menstrual cycle for the first 10 years since getting it, pretty regular lasting the "normal" 3-7 days and always light flow. Fast forward to Novemeber 2014 when my period was due and didn't show up. After a couple of weeks of no period I did a home pregnancy test and bloods both were negative and the doctors couldn't figure out why. 6 or so months later my period reared its ugly head and was back with a vengeance. Ever since then I have experienced severely heavy bleeding and usually bleed for 3-12 weeks at a time.

As you can imagine, I go through quite a lot of sanitary products and it gets quite expensive. I have those big protective sheets that hospitals place under you after having a baby, that sometimes I have to sit on and free bleed as I've used up all my sanitary products or it's just too heavy and I don't have the right sanitary products for the amount of bleeding. I suffer quite bad anxiety with my bleeding and it often stops me from going out as I panic that I will bleed through my clothes.

I am a single mother & I can't afford tampons ,cups and period panties.periods days r very hard for me (heavy flow). I have to change pads every half an hour and my periods last 6/7 days. I am very thankful if I'm to get some period products.

Raman - Bay of Plenty

I've written this three times because I never thought I would be in a position to be asking for help but my husband unexpectedly lost his job a few weeks ago (we were only on one income) and I am dreading my next period because I know I won't be able to afford pads as well as food for our family. I also wear panty liners daily because of bladder leakage and discharge. Thank you for the work that you do.

Mikaela - Wellington

I had happily been using a cup prior to my baby arriving after having issues with disposable products. I just had my period return and my cup no longer fits. It is too small and so I keep getting massive leaks. We are now on a single income so buying a new cup isn't really in the budget.

We are a one income family bringing in under 800 a week with 2 little ones. I had previously been managing my period with a cup successful but since the birth of my 2 year old my vaginal wall has weakened and my bladder has dropped, creating a visible prolapse and urinary incontinence. Its miserable. My cup just pushes itself out now. I am under the care of a hospital physio but exercises don't seem to be making any difference after months and months of working at it. I'm finding it difficult to afford period products in the shopping. I think period underwear would be really helpful. Due to my bleeding pattern I find pads a bit hit and miss so would love to try some underwear.

Briar - Hawkes Bay

I have been wanting a menstrual cup for so long as tampons are very uncomfortable for me. I also get very light bleeds in between periods where it's not enough to use a tampon and I can't use pads or liners as I have sensitive skin and it reacts to whatever the pads/liners are made of. I'm a working single mum that just can not afford a menstrual cup as this time, I would be hugely grateful.

Melissa - Auckland

Hi there, my husband and my business went under and he is back in wages so things are a bit tight, plus being rural the local shop only sells one type of tampon and they are $7 plus ever since the birth of my third baby girl tampons are really uncomfortable.

Liv - Canterbury.

I suffer from pcos and since having my son 2 years ago my periods are extremely heavy and often lasting 10-14 days at a time. I generally tend to double up on sanitary products to help control things but am often home bound during my period as I tend to leak through after about 45 minutes even with using multiple sanitary products and layers of clothing.

We are a single income family who are budgeting every dollar we can and my periods place a huge strain on our budget. I've managed to buy a couple of reusable pads which are amazing but it's not enough so any help I could get from you guys would be actually life changing for me.

I currently use a cup, after 3 tries of different ones, it turns out I have a very high cervix that lowers over the course of my period. My first cup attempt was a nightmare in which panic ensued and my incredible hubby had to "lend a hand".

My problem is that I have endometriosis and my periods have always been incredibly heavy and painful for the first couple of days, and unpredictable with heavy clotting over the next couple of darts toward the end. So much so that I live in constant fear that I've leaked on furniture or have an embarrassing spot on my pants, despite wearing a cup and a pad.

I think that period undies would help with this butane mean that I could confidently just do normal things without the anxiety, but we recently moved and are living on a single wage so buying even one pair at this stage is off the cards. I had hoped to be able to help contribute to this awesome cause, but it seems I'll need to pay it forward at a later date.

Hi. I'm a solo mum of 3 kids (oldest 13 youngest 2). I'm working my butt off to provide for my kids and keep a roof over their heads. Periods suck but they are part of life. Every month I always struggle to get pads etc and can ever only afford the 'cheapys' and now with my daughter hitting that age I'm actually scared about how I'm going to make sure I've got supplies here for when she needs them as well. I'm constantly juggling finances week to week and dread the thought of making sure I've got the money to buy 'supplies'.

The good fund would be able to help me ensuring that I've got something here when needed and just take that little bit of stress of me each month. I never want my daughter to have to struggle to get sanitary items like I do.

I have brought 2 cups now and have wanted to buy another but haven't the means with one income and 4 children. My 16yo sister has moved in with me and today we both got our periods and I wished I had of done this earlier so we didn't have to buy the cheap disposables today. After talking with my sister we want to buy a pack where I can try a high cervix cup and she is keen to try the period undies as she's not comfortable with anything "up there"

Thank you so much for this platform! I have been following you(Em) and Good Fund on insta for a while and converted to cloth nappies now it's time to look after our womenly sacreds tooย Thank you

We are a single income family who have recently relocated to take care of my ill mum while on chemo. We are helping her and dad financially all whilst trying to keep our heads above water and kids happy and fed its at times a disheartening balancing act! I have the rods in my arm and this can seriously mess with my cycle, some times its just a spot or two other times its bed ridden crippling pain with murder scene pants, tampons hurt, I always seem to fall short on supplies and its so embarrassing always wish I could try alternative products but can't fit them in budget whilst funding 2 households on 1 income.

I started using a my cup after having my 2nd baby as I found tampons were uncomfortable. I've had some heavy periods (body adjusting after baby I think as never used to be like this) and I've has some leaks so I would love to try period undies as a back up to the cup. Also think the undies would be great for when I'm away from home for the day and feel like my period is due. I am a stay at home mum and we have been on 1 income for several years now so don't have a lot of extra cash.

I previously used a cup and cloth pads but since having my 5th child I'm finding they aren't coping with how heavy my period is and it makes life difficult having to change so often so in desperation I have changed back to using disposable products which I hate. They smell, are so uncomfortable and cause issues such as reoccurring thrush, not to mention the cost and how much rubbish they are creating!. I'd love to try some period underwear to see if they would work for me either by themselves or as a back up with my cup.

I am a step mama to a gorgeous 3 yr old girl. When she was born my partner had pnd and basically left me to care for her for a good 6 months. It left me paying the Bill's and caring for a newborn. Shes now working but we are still behind in debt and rent is high and I would absolutely love a cup so I'm not forking out lots for tampons. I have endometriosis and bleed heavily and go through supers hourly.

I really wanted to try a cup and saved up as much as I can it took ages being a SAHM but then got pregnant again and ended up with 2 under 2 and an insane prolapse with my second my hormones are now all over the show and I end up bleeding for 10 days a month and i cant use the hello cup I got due to my prolapse and cant even get a tampon in.

Disposables give me a swollen angry itchy vag for some reason and most times I end up using rolled up toilet paper as its just so freaking painful. I really been putting off asking for help as I always feel someone else needs it more than me but I really don't even wanna ask hubby to put any more financial stress on him and if I talk to him about my prolapse I just cry as I feel broken so I just pretend it's all ok but honestly I'm struggling I just gotta put the kids first that's what us mommas always do

I am currently a 17-year-old student that is living in the halls and winz cover only part of my rent while I am needing to work to pay for the rest of my rent. When my period is due once a month and sometimes twice, I fare that I won't be able to afford the necessities. I've had to grab so many from friends already this year and being able to get this would make life so much easier even if its for 3 days of each month.

I've been contemplating making the switch to a cup for about a year now, after having my second baby who is 2 now, my periods became a lot heavier and would last almost 2 weeks, my private's would start to feel so itchy because it felt like I was just constantly wearing a pad, I would have the worst cramps, I would always have to get up a few times in the middle of the night to change both pad & tampon at a time.

I would constantly leak and would be too scared to leave the house during the first 3-4 days. I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and am definitely not looking forward to my first couple of periods after having baby.

I am a single mum raising two kids and every penny counts. After the birth of my second baby my period has been so heavy and lasts for at least 10 days. This is very costly and I can't justify paying for menstrual products when my kids miss out on food. I also want to give reusables a go so I am well in the know for when my girls get to that point and I will know how things work. Thank you for considering me.

Michelle - Taranaki

My girl is 19, she gets a very heavy period, just like I did, she's missed school and work due to bleeding, and showing on her clothes, so she wouldn't go school or work. She's now left home and I'm on a very very tight budget, don't have much money for anything, she's studying hairdressing and is doing very well now, I'm only on job seekers benefit so I don't have much money either. Thank you for your help

Leane - Tasman

I'm a single mum, working as a teacher aide currently on 2 weeks holiday without pay and my 9 year old daughter has just got her first period which as you can imagine isn't much fun. Would love to be able to get her some period underwear as it's hard enough getting your period young without the added stress of trying to hide pads etc at school but they're a bit out of my price range.

Danielle - Otago

I'm a stay at home mum of two young girls and we live on one income. My youngest daughter is 14 months old and iv had about 4 periods since giving birth and they are every heavy. Having to Use tampons and pads and going threw at least a packet of each each time would be a game changer. You guys do such an amazing job with all the support you give. Thank you so much for considering me.

I have terribly heavy periods due to my pcos and endo. Have wanted to try a cup for a long long time. But due to myself being on ACC due to back injury's and having 3 back surgery's in the last two years we just can not afford it

My partner and I are currently going through changes in our finances since I took up work at my children's kohanga. I was previously working in a well paying job at ANZ but didn't return to work there after my parental leave end from our 3rd child. Finances are on a squeeze now, I'm basically back to minimum wage, not what I expected at 30+ years old! Buying tampons are seeming more like a luxury item but I'd rather invest in something good for the environment as well as my pocket.

I have had 8 miscarriages, my last one being in April this year. I have 3 alive children thank the heavens for them.
After every miscarriage my periods become worse, i have to change my pad and tampon every 30 mins to an hour.
I soak through my undies and pjs mostly every night when I am on my period. I am buying some many pads and tampons and they are not cheap.

Taylor - Wellington

Been tossing up whether to apply for this for awhile now - I work full-time so you would think I wouldn't be in a position to need help but I do. Every dollar is accounted for. I am a single mum to two kids, paying premium rent because housing is scarce. We manage and there are definitely people who need it more than me but to not have to take some veges off that shopping list once a month would mean so much to me.

To always have something available would be amazing so that if my cycle comes early or its heavier than normal and I go through more than anticipated I don't have to panic.

I am a single momma to 3 beautiful children. My youngest is 5 months so I'm dreading the return of my period. Every time I got it back it's gotten worse. Heavier, crampy, and just plan crap. Years ago when we were strapped for money I used toilet paper, and horribly enough I would try and reuse pads if possible. I don't want to go down that rd again. But l just cant afford to pay full price at this point.

I'm a stay at home mum, suffer from heavy periods since birth of my 2nd child, and it'd be amazing to try the period undies so I can sleep longer at night without stressing if I'm leaking.

I've suffered from endometriosis for about 26 years, and it's getting worse to the point where I will be crippled with pain for at least 5 days. I've been using a menstrual cup for a little while, but am finding it increasingly more difficult as inserting, removing, and even having it pop open inside me has me in tears.

Sometimes I will just sit in the toilet for 15 minutes and free bleed because it's so heavy. I have to change my cup every hour on my worst days.

Any money I do have is earmarked for bills, the kids and food. I'm currently a stay at home mum. My husband spends "his" money on whatever he wants (such as guitars and Star Wars figures), but is twitchy about giving me extra. I feel ashamed at having to ask for help. I know there are so many people out there who need it more than me.

We are a beneficiary family on sole parent support. Most months I have to go without tampons or buy home brand pads and tampons as I leak through everything. I've read that cups are really awesome for heavy bleeders and can also help with menstrual pain. I'd love to not have to worry every time I get my period.

We have 3 kids (6, 3, 2) I study full time and work part time (which all goes on daycare fees but hoping the experience will get me a job when I graduate at the end of the year). We.are just like.most young families living week to week with not a lot of wiggle room in the budget.

I am a 47 years of age women and have three very robust boys who are constantly needing every day life things, which takes up all of my income. I am on a very tight budget and I am finding that I can't afford personal items for myself especially when it comes to my monthly period. I now use ripped up rags which is not very reliable and unsanitary not to mention the smell is not pleasant. I'm really sorry for you to read this but is there any way you could help me please.

Patricia - Auckland

I suffered a birth injury while having my son. Unfortunately it has made using tampons uncomfortable. I do have some reuseable pads which are lovely and soft but too bulky for day time. The disposable pads seem to give me allergic reaction. It's embarrassing and I don't really know what else to do as I feel like I should be able to sort myself out- for a while I took the mini pill to stop my periods but now I get them anyway! I'm a SAHM and unfortunately funds are tight which is awkward for me to accept but when I have spare cash I spend it on my son.

I have been using a menstrual cup for 12 years. When I first bought one in Boots in the UK I bought extras for my friends. The first cup lasted 10 years, then I boiled it dry and melted it when sterilising it one day. The second one met the same fate a few months ago. I haven't been able to afford to replace it.

At the moment I am using reusable cloth liners and some folded up bamboo cloth nappy inserts. I work two days a week in an education setting and I dread my period falling on those days as the work is quite physical and I don't want to leak. One time when I did, one of my students kindly gave me her jacket to wrap around my waist.

Thank you for the help!. My mum is a single mum to me and has been since I was 6, I got my period at 9 which was a lot to take in. I went on the injection a couple of years ago which was recommended from my doctor because I had such heavy periods and such bad cramps that I would have to stay in bed the first 2 days and that meant missing school.

I am now 16 and have gone off the injection as I gained a lot more weight and i didn't think it was worth it if there were other options. My mum suffered a brain injury after the Edgecumbe flood that we went through in 2017 and is only just starting to work again, so money is still tight. Since I am off the injection my periods have come back with the same heaviness and the same cramps and last between 7-10 days. I find it really hard to have me and my mum to go without something to buy pads each month.

Any help will be much appreciated! Also I am doing athletics at school and the period undies would be better than having to worry about an uncomfortable pad when running or throwing.

I have been suffering with myalgic encephalomyelitis for the past 7 years and struggling on social welfare to support & feed myself.

I am slowly on the mend, from being so debilitated I couldn't lift my arm to brush my hair to doing a 16 km Cycle!!... My goal is to help rehabilitate others that have my illness & similar afflictions, through gentle gradual exercise, (when I am able to), as I know first hand just how demoralising it feels, but how doing just a little something each day can make such a difference, also it is a very isolating illness & I want to bring people together to support each other!

But for right now I find trying to buy things like shampoo & conditioner, soap, deodorant, socks, etc etc.. so hard to do when your on such a limited budget. I literally get $25 in the hand, if I am lucky to buy any extras..and it is damn near impossible if you have to buy pads on top of this for a quarter of what you have left... in total!

I recently wrote on a womens forum asking for help with my terrible period pains and someone referred me over to you. What a blessing you are! Thank you so much.

Helen - Canterbury.

Would really love your help as I suffer with bleeding a lot and am wanting to try your products as I do have a hard time trying to afford pads and tampons.

Being on a single income, prioritizing trying the menstrual cups & the period underwear keeps getting pushed aside. I would love to try them though as I have 2 daughters. Trying all the options now available to us will be a great help when my girls are in need of them.

I don't feel like this is something I would usually apply for, but I've just got my first period since my son was born (16 months old) and with it being winter my tradie husband is earning less money than normal at a time where our power bill has literally doubled and our freezer of home kill meat is almost gone. I'd been thinking of using reusable products when I got my period back, it's just chosen the worst time to make its appearance!

I'm hoping the good fund can help me. I have 7 children and work, but have little money left after bills and cant always afford products that are suitable. I bleed so heavily that i go through a lot and have to get expensive night pads so the cost is huge. I haven't been able to use tampons since about baby #5 but would love to try period underwear and cloth pads to reduce the cost and as an added bonus the impact on the environment from all the disposable pads. My daughter (12y) has just started her period also so would love her to start with period underwear and cloth pads so it becomes normal for her.

I am currently a mother of 2 with another baby due in 5 weeks, I'm very keen to make the change to using reusable products and would really appreciate help in being able to do so. I am currently trying to prepare everything for when the baby comes but also to purchase a new vehicle as our car was totaled in a car accident when I was 25 weeks pregnant.

Since having my 2 boys I also have a very week pelvic floor the slightest, cough, laugh or sneeze and I wet myself. It sucks especially since I'm only 25. As I've only just gotten us a place to call home after being on the waiting list 8 months with hnz I've already used $5500 of entitlements for household item essentials such as beds, fridge, washing machine and clothes and school stuff for my kids, so I'm unsure but hopeful this will be approved.

Sinnead - Wellington

I have a very heavy period for the first 3 days of my period, I leak every single period using pads without fail, tampons give me bad cramps. The cup may be able to help me.

I only work part time and it can be hard to find the cash for something new, especially if I'm not sure it will suit/work. It's just easier to spend money on something we know works, but I'd love to try a full pack. I'm sure they'll be O for Awesome.

I'm a mum of two and I'm trying my best to be environmentally conscious, and to teach my kids that as well. The good fund can help me by teaching me alternative ways to manage my period which I can then pass on to my kids and know I'm not harming the planet.

Melysa - Waikato

I'm a solo mama of one beautiful little boy, the cost of buying one of products out right is a little out of my reach.

I cannot always afford menstrual products.

After birth of my 2nd son I have had issues with prolapse. Big babies and vaginal births, busy mum who didn't do enough kegal's cos there's another thing you "should" be doing that never gets done. Tried a cup but it exasperated the prolapse and was really tricky to remove.

I work a few hrs a week doing therapeutic art classes for teens with mental health diagnosis. Its a great job but doesn't bring in much. We are really lucky to have our own home but the mortgage is equivalent to rent in nelson and my partners wage doesn't stretch to "luxuries" like reusable menstrual products.

I have a couple of cloth pads which are great, but get really bunched and I can still leak out. I have PCOS and I'm never sure when my cycle will start and when it does it can be cripplingly heavy. I'm interested in trying out the period pants, but wonder if they come in plus size?ย  I'm a size 18 or 20 and I'm worried they wont fit my booty.

Each cycle I get thrush and have had vaginosis or vaginaitis or some kind of issue with the flora and fauna of my vagina since babies- this is always made worse by plastic pads, some cheap ones even have a scent!!. Tampons are painful for me and cause lots of unnecessary rubbish in the environment.

I'd be stoked to receive some support with some undies, and in turn give someone else the opportunity to have some once I'm working a bit more and able to afford things off the necessity list. I'm also a keen sewer so could look at some DIY efforts too!? Thanks for considering my application

I would love to switch to period undies, since having kids I'm not liking my cup or tampons and all my funds get spent on the kids.

Laura - Auckland

I'm pregnant with my 3rd child, due soon and struggling to afford a cup but would love to try one to be more friendly to the environment

My husband and I have been put on a benefit due to my health being poor and I need support to look after the children. I've really noticed the added cost of the necessities during this time. I've wanted to try period underwear since hearing about it due to irritation from standard liners and tampons. I have suffered most of my life with endometriosis and polycystic ovaries which have both meant I've been hospitalised several times. I have had surgery for endo but since having children it has come back.

I have been suffering with terrible periods pain and an extremely heavy flow after my pregnancies and it has really cost a lot every month, especially because my period can sometimes carry on for 2 weeks! And I have to still use the huge maternity pads throughout. I've always been intrigued about the 'my cup' craze and I've been really trying to save up to try and use more reusable products because I think they would definitely save money and the planet! Unfortunately, I just haven't quite gotten there on a solo income.

And as hard as this is for me to ask, I thought it was time to reach out for myself ...I was wondering if I was able to seek your help?

I have very heavy periods. So have to use maternity or the night time pads all the time. Can't use the cheap one unfortunately. For the last couple of years while I have my period I get the most insane burning and itching feeling. My skin that touches the pads is inflamed and sometimes weepy. I am allergic to latex so I wonder if this is why. I can't afford to buy reusable pads but I think this is the only way to go. The last few periods I have resorted to using a flannel as it's been too painful.

I am currently have the merina due to medical conditions and have had to use panty liners every day for the last 12 months due to spotting, I don't have the outright cost for menstrual underwear but would love to give them a try

Hi there I'm a single parent working part time. I often struggle to afford groceries let alone tampons and pads etc with heavy periods I go through a lot of tampons. Some tampons the cheap kind give me awful thrush and itchiness but I just put up with it. I would really love it if you could help me.

Since having my second baby I have developed a prolapse and menstruation has become an even more uncomfortable experience. I would love to try the period underwear and menstrual cup but find it hard to justify the dollars. Any help or discount toward this would be so much appreciated.

I have endometriosis and prior to falling pregnant had great success with a cup. I'm now 12 months PP and post 3rd degree tear and at this point am unable to use my cup yet. I'm a solo mum on a benefit and cannot afford to take the 50% reimbursement route to purchase a pack of menstrual underwear or pads.

Since having my baby I experience really heavy periods, often having to change my tampon every 30-40 minutes and constantly leaking and having to change clothes. I'm allergic to most pads I have used and Would love to try menstrual underwear to see if they can help make my day easier, it's so hard looking after a toddler and dealing with excessive bleeding. I am not currently working and it just isn't possible for me to spend so much on a product right now.

I would like to switch to reusable options, but they are not affordable for me right now.

Currently we are facing the possibility of losing our home.

My partner has had to change trades (and take a huge pay drop) and my job was made redundant. We're working with budget advice and applying to get our KiwiSaver released early so that we can keep our home. My period has just returned 14 months after having my first baby and the extra cost of menstrual products is just something we can't afford at the moment.

I've never had to ask for financial help before and would be sooo appreciative to have some discount. We already do cloth nappies and wipes and I breastfeed so some period knickers would be one more way that we can save money. I'm in the process of applying for a community services card too.

I am interested in trying period underwear. I am suffering badly with endometriosis and heavy periods that are coming every 2 weeks and lasting for up to 10 days therefore I am going through a lot of disposable pads and I only have a few reusable pads to use.

My eldest girl is 12 and has just started to get her period, except it has no rhythm yet, it's coming weekly will stay for a few days, then bleeding will stop and randomly she will have some spotting again only days later. (dr says this can be normal for her age) but it's frustrating for her & she's finding it hard to keep on top of, all of her underwear are now stained and I've found her hiding her soiled undies because she is embarrassed (poor girl I've tried hard to normalise periods but she's still whakamฤ about it & I get it). Period undies sound like the perfect solution for her & I'd love to be able to get her some but I do find them so pricey!!

I myself am also pregnant with baby number 5 and am hoping to get some maternity period undies also, I've used a cup for over a year but know it won't be suitable after birth.

Would so appreciate help with funding if we were eligible. Arohanuitia

Kylie - Waikato

I'm a student who after paying all my bills is left with a spare $6 a week. I am really interested in reuseable menstrual products and would really appreciate some help with purchasing them. I not only want to make a difference to the environment but also feel that these products are better for my body and over all health also.

I would love period undies as I have a different shaped body after this 3rd rough recovery c section and having 3 infections postpartum.

After a long 12 years of period issues I'm ready for something more sustainable. I happen to bleed almost every day for months on end until I go on pills to stop it which you're not allowed for more than 3 weeks! Spending so much on pads is beyond ridiculous and I worry about not having any sanitary items left as Often I can't afford them.

I would love reusable underwear, it would make my life with every day bleeding so much more manageable and not only reduce waste of sanitary products but also I'll never have to stress about not having any money for items.

I would love to be considered for some help. I've wanted a cup for a long time but haven't as yet been able to afford to buy one. Long story short my husband has a brain tumour and that means we're struggling financially for many reasons all beyond our control and I'm currently using my baby's nappy liners as pads which are not leak proof, discrete or fit for purpose. I was wondering if I could please be considered for some assistance?

Hi! I am hoping to start my daughter in period undies as shes started her flow! I would love this to be a lifetime habit for her to be able to use reusable products!

I follow Raising Ziggy on Instagram and have admired how she parents and lives her life for a while now...and my period has just returned after having a baby and it's heavy and I have stomach pain and I do not have time for that nonsense in my day. I am raising my son and my partner is a student so money is tight and am hoping you can help me help myself.

Veronica - Auckland

My partner is unable to work at the moment due to medical reasons (awaiting surgery then further diagnosis) so we are down to one income, and it would be a huge financial release to have some reuseable products to use for that time of month instead of having to buy them every month. Every small bit of money counts for us, and it would nice to do something else that helps the environment.

I would love some help to purchase the menstrual cup. I can't use tampons and pads are so expensive.

By purchasing a menstrual pack or a cup would be so helpful and one less cost I'd have to worry about.

I'm currently waiting for my first pp period after having my 2nd baby 6 months ago. I was having a conversation at my local crossfit gym with the other mums I train with. Only 2 of us had never tried a cup!

I would like to start using a menstrual cup but find the outright price a bit steep.

I would love to be able to try reuseables. I have 3 daughters too,eldest 10 so a better option would be awesome.

I would love to try a cup that works. I would also love to introduce my daughter to cups.

I'm a solo mum to two girls. 18 and 12. I tried a cup a couple of years ago but was so disappointed - It cost a bomb, ($60 for me is a huge amount) it moved, it leaked, I could feel it - I was so bummed. It's one of those purchases where initially you feel so upbeat about saving money and the planet, then when it doesn't work out it's beyond disappointing, because definitely not in a position financially to keep trying until I find the right fit for me.

My daughter has one polycystic ovary - I know right, who knew it could be limited to one and not both?! She is 18 and gets her period every other month. When it does come though - it comes with gusto - or should that be "gush-to"? See that....period pun.

All jokes aside - I heard of your work through Millie Elder Holmes and would appreciate any help to start my whanau on a more sustainable period journey.

I am a single mum and work on a pretty strict budget so I have been too worried to purchase a cup incase it's the wrong one and a waste of money.

Due to being on one income for the past year and looking after my young daughter and providing for 4 of us I often get to my time of the month and have no money left over to buy products to use, I hate getting into situations like this and would love to try a menstrual cup or an alternative where I don't have to worry about the cost or the harm to my body.

I don't wish to use tampons or pads after the birth of my daughter, however yes I can afford a box of tampons I can't afford any other options. I am working full time and it makes me feel incredibly sad that I am still restricted to only tampons. I would love if I could get some assistance.

I'd love to use period underwear as I get uncomfortable in pads and extreme pain from tampons, I know it'll be cause its not natural products but after buying babies formula I'm left with cheapest option available for pads.

I'd like your help to purchase some period underwear. I have an ultra heavy period that lasts for 2 weeks.
Sometimes I have to resort to using toilet paper because there's not enough left in our budget for more pads.

Money is incredibly tight and often buying period products is hard to justify as I have 2 kids to feed and its hard.

Would love some help in getting some reusable pads or period undies being a one income family of six at the end of every month it's a struggle to put any money aside for pads. especially since having my twins my bleeding has increased which means double costs ๐Ÿ™ however it still works out a bit cheaper than purchasing the reusable ones that retail.

I would love some help with purchasing a menstrual cup as i would like to have a reusable product! I don't always have a spare $50 + to buy this, with day to day bills and a under 3 year old- Paying for full time care! Thanks so much

I have been using a menstrual cup, but have had a prolapse since my last birth and can no longer use it. I would love to be able to try period underwear.

I have very off and irregular periods varying in length and heaviness and struggle to be able to afford menstrual products to keep up. I have as many reusable as I can but definitely need some more. I invested in a moon cup myself but isn't the right fit and hurts to use but cant afford to purchase another!

I would love to try period underwear as the older I get the less I enjoy managing my periods internally but being a single mum on a benefit this financially isn't an option for me.

With 3 children and a husband with a chronic illness we are on a tight budget so I don't have the extra money right now to buy a cup. After hearing all the benefits I would love to try a cup.

My 11 year old daughter recently started her period! Products for us both is proving to be rather expensive.

I am a working mother of 4. 2 boys & 2 girls. Oldest girl is 17 and is extremely conscious about our environment. Unfortunately even with a decent salary, once Bill's are paid there is not much left. I was lucky enough to have been gifted a menstrual cup at Hapu Wananga but I gifted on to a mama that I believe was in more need than myself at the time. I would love to support my 17 yr old daughter with her desire to use reusable menstrual products however there just is never enough spare money to go around each week with my children's day to day needs.

With a huge debt on our accounts I need to turn every cent.. recently I have been lucky to purchase a big set of cloth nappies for my baby girl, now I need to look at doing that for me. A lot of people encouraged me for the menstrual pads & cups and I would like to start it but can't afford it apart from making my own pads

Linda - Canterbury

I find it so expensive as a solo mum to buy organic tampons and would like to get reusable sanitary products instead. The upfront costs can be expensive and I need to also build a puberty pack for my daughter whom is not far away from getting her first period.

I have been wanting to switch to a menstrual cup/fabric pads for several months now but due to being on one income/young family it hasn't been a priority. Would love the opportunity to try this and switch over to this healthier alternative. Thanks for your consideration!

I've tried reusable pads with not much success, but I still want an environmentally sustainable option. I'd like to try a cup and period undies, but I'm quite apprehensive about fitting/knowing how to choose appropriate fitting cup. I've just had my second baby, if that makes a difference?

Lara - Otago

I would like some assistance purchasing a menstrual cup. I'm a solo mum of four, and I had one but my dog got hold of it and ate it.

I would like help to purchase menstrual pack please. I make sure my 3 daughters have the best but I use what I can afford most times I feel so insecure and literally get scared to go out while I'm menstruating.

I would love to use a menstrual cup but just do not have the money to fork out.

I'm still a stay at home mum with my 2 children, for over 2 years I have thought 'I must buy a cup this month', but have found it to be just too much of an upfront chunk of money another months rolls around...and another. I messaged Em from Raising Ziggy on Instagram a while back as I felt like I wasn't really 'hard up' enough to qualify, I wasn't complaining about that fact at all-but just musing about how there must be a lot of stay at home mum's like me where it's just not a priority expense when you're not earning, as much as we would love a cup! Yet we wouldn't like to complain about genuinely being in an impoverished situation. Basically Em said to go for it, and that that is why the Good Fund exists.

I have a family of 8 and I would really love to be introduce to reusable menstrual products as I'm currently using the products from the supermarket which I hate using because it's not environmentally friendly. I'm too busy with my family that I have not had time to research or find alternatives better suited to myself or my girls(I have a 11 yr old daughter who just got her period) so this pack would be great for us.

I would love to be able to make the change to reusable products for periods. I am a Mum of 5 under 7 yrs and hubby is off work on ACC with a injury so the costs of initially changing are prohibitive at this point. Would love the help

I feel embarrassed applying for this as we aren't necessarily in as dire position as so many but I am a stay at home mum and i cant find the spare money to seem to put aside for period underwear which I would love to try as tampons give me thrush, pads are grouse and i just cant seem to work my cup (which i would be happy to donate) I just don't know if that's hygienically ok??

I would love to be able to move to reusable menstrual cups as products are so expensive for a non luxury item and I often run out between pay days with three kids to look after.

I'm in need of reusable items for my period, for starters to reduce waste, and because I'm having to use "organic" sanitary items due to being ultra sensitive which I'm struggling to afford now I've recently become a single mother of 4.

I'd really like to try these products. I currently use tampons or pads at night-time but to be perfectly honest more often than not I just bleed into my underwear (I have a few pairs that I reserve for my period) because providing for the kids comes first. I also find underwear is just more comfortable but can only do that at night time because otherwise it leaks through into my that gross?

Kate - Waikato

We are a one wage family and menstrual products are at the very bottom of the list. I'd just really love to go a period without a rash from disposables.

With 4 children I find it hard to afford feminine products, as sometimes it's a choice between them or food. I'd love to get help to be able to have reusable products

I would like to get a menstrual cup but with 3 children and one income, I can't justify the cost of buying one sadly.

I would love to trial period underwear for my daughter. She's only 9 but it seems like it may not be far away but cant be completely sure.

Anah - Southland

Hi there, I have always wondered about period underwear/reusable pads. But I definitely do not have the funds to fund any specially with having a little one now.

I'd really love to be able to afford some menstrual knickers! The idea of not buy products every month sounds stressfree! And good for the environment!

I have been wanting to switch to reusable products for about a year. I would love my daughter to also use reusable products right from her first period. Every time I have thought about purchasing something, specifically undies or pads for us both, something has come up, bills, school trips, car issues etc.

I am a solo mum to four children. My eldest is nearly 13. I would love to get her some period undies. But with three under three I just don't have the funds for it.

Help to buy the period undies for either my 14 year old daughter and I or just my daughter, I'm a single mother of two on the sickness benefit due to c-ptsd

Elizabeth - Waikato

I have a very heavy flow, and I go through a lot of pads to the point some days and nights I have to use toilet paper, or a towel to reduce costs . I can spend a good $20+ on pads (Budget brand) every time I get my period . I can have my period for 2 weeks straight. I really can't afford that. I will really appreciate it to be funded a cup and reusable pad to help with costs, and to be myself again. And to actually have a social life, without worrying what to use next, or if I've bleed through . A lot of girls with heavy non stop flows are raving about cups & reusable pads.

I have been wondering about making the switch for a while and having an 11 week old baby and a period that decided to return already despite breastfeeding, I think it would make dealing with it simpler to have a cup and maybe some undies. Funds are tight and I very likely won't be returning to my part time work because our baby is a heart girl, meaning we will also have to be dealing with surgery at some point on top of currently getting meds and extra calories into her 5 times a day.

So if I could access some help with this I would be so very grateful. Thank you either way! I have been following Raising Ziggy and see all the great village work happening, it has spread to Whangarei with talk of a clothes drive here to support the fund and I think it's awesome!

I would love to try different options of sanitary products, I currently only use pads.

I am looking for help to purchase some items for my daughter who has just started getting her period. I am a single mum on invalids benefit and I'm finding it hard to find different products for her

I've just started back training at the gym and well skipping and any thumping exercise is off limits because of my weak pelvic floor after my second bubs. I want to buy some of the modibodi undies to help me so I'm not restricted or limited to what I can do in the gym class. My sister has put me onto you as she mentioned you may be able to help with the postage cost with your new initiative

I'd like help to get period undies packs for my foster daughters but our budget is limited right now.

Help with funding for period underwear. So it is easier for my daughter and to educate her.

I have two teens 14 and 11. Both suffer from heavy periods. I think using the period undies in conjunction with a reusable pad would stop a lot of the anxiety away from the girls constantly worrying they will bleed through there uniforms at school. With two teens and my self periods become really expensive. This would help. Cut down on cost too as well as being better for out environment.

I've been thinking about buying period undies for myself for awhile but to be honest as single mum cant justify the spending, but I would like to try these for my daughter she wont use tampons and pads make her uncomfortable. Menstruation in general seems to upset her still even 4 years later lol. I would love a discount to try these pants for her please.

I would like some help to purchase a reusable menstrual pack.

Would love to buy period undies for my 11 yr old. The poor thing has severe heavy periods like me from the day she got it. She is struggling with pads and being so active. I would also love a moon cup as I bleed so bad I go through super tampons in 10 minutes. I can go through several boxes in just one period & regularly have blood/iron transfusions because of it. The cup won't help that but it will stop me wasting $30 a period on tampons.

My 11 year old daughter has the heaviest period. She's embarrassed to go to school for.fear of leaking. We buy the super pads, the extra long night ones and she wakes up with her bed. I feel for her so much, I had horrific periods myself and suffered endometriosis. I just want to give her all she needs to be able to go to school, and not have period fear.

I have a family of 5 and would love to help my teen with what will essentially be a more sustainable way to deal with her period, we want to try the undies.

I have a cheap cup and I have found it's slightly too long and have been thinking about getting a shorty one. Other than that I am converted to using a cup. I still find I need to change it during the day on the first couple of days of my period so have been looking at the period underwear to try too. With 3 kids and q income my needs obviously come last! I would also love to have tried a couple of options before my 10 year old needs them so I can be armed with info.

My little sibling is non-binary but was born a female.
They struggle every month with having to deal with a period and does not want to use tampons because they seem to invasive, at the moment they use pads which they HATE but unfortunately I don't have the money to buy them a good set of period undies (their are some cheap versions out there but they have not worked, for a couple of embarrassing events). A subsidy would help so much and I think undies will take some of the stress away for the mean time.

I desperately want to try the period underwear but they are just out of my budget. I tried using a menstrual cup but found I couldn't fit it correctly as my body changed so much after having my first baby. I have done 100% cloth nappy for my baby since she was 6 weeks old she is now 14 months and I desperately want to go the reusable option for my periods. I have purchased a couple of cloth pads which I use too but would love to try the underwear as I feel they would be more comfortable and give me more confidence... thank you for considering my application xx

I would really love to buy period underwear to try and then purchase some for my 12 year old. I think it would be good for me to try first so I can teach my daughter to use them properly.

Would love the opportunity for my 13 year old girl to be able to try these pants. She is 1 of 5 kids so funds are a bit low to just purchase these. She's using pads at the moment, which are embarrassing to carry around in your school bag.

As a single mum with a daughter who has started periods, i would love to be able to buy reusable period undies and pads but they are super expensive, we don't use cups and tampons so its always an uncomfortable time when its period time with pads.

Save our chaffing asses,, please!

As a young mum to 3 I'm not in the best financial situation but would love to be able to use a sustainable type of menstrual product. For my own well being and the environment.

By hopefully helping with some reusable period products that I can reuse instead of using paper towels and an old tea towel.

I need help to purchase a menstrual cup. I've never tried one but I would like to ditch disposable menstrual products and use reusables.

I am currently a single parent and these added expenses monthly do add up. Would love to move to reusables.

I am currently a solo mum with super heavy periods using a cup plus pads for 5/7 days of my period hopefully with period proof underwear I won't have the struggle of having to use pads as well as my cup.

I have been using disposable pads ever since I have had my first period. Recently, I have been reading and researching on sustainable living and came across reusable menstrual products. I am very interested in switching to resuable menstrual products, but due to the slightly steep price range, I have not been able to afford it. I would really really appreciate it if I could be sent one of the MyCup menstrual cups (Size 2 - I tend to have heavy periods?). I would be super grateful if that is possible. Thank you!

I would love to be able to afford reusable menstrual products, currently I struggle to be able to afford cheap pads every month! I have endometriosis and I do find that the type of pad makes a difference. I also hate the waste, I am in my 40's and it breaks my heart when I think of all the waste I have created over my menstrual lifetime.

I have in the past used reusable material pads, but find they are not absorbent enough for my heavier days and they are also well over 20 years old now. I have an 8 year old daughter and while she has not started her periods I can't help but think about how I am going to provide her with what she needs at the time. I keep hoping that I will have finished by the time she starts!

I would be forever grateful if there's something that can help me.
Currently I am on the sole parent benefit with 3 girls, one whom I am currently spending the budget on for their period. So this leaves me with a $2 pack for my really heavy couple of days and then I'm going through toilet paper during the day and a flannel for nights once I have gone through the pads. I can't use tampons as my period is too heavy and I go through too many anyway.

It's just getting very overwhelming, I dread that time of the month approaching and make sure I can have as much of that time at home as I can. I feel unwashed and I can smell the changes, which make me so paranoid other can too. It's awful and I'd love to find some help and an opportunity to be able to afford something that could give me back a week out of every month.

I would love to be able to have some reusable products, I'm a teenager and my mum can't afford to buy me the knickers etc. but I'd love to have them for my confidence at school.

I've been using cloth pads for a few months now and it's been great... but I'm not quite happy with them and I've been wanting to switch to period underwear. Mostly because then I don't have to worry about the pad shifting or overflowing in the night. I was just wondering if I could have some assistance to get some please; as they are rather expensive.

Ever since my 3rd child I've been having 10-12 day period with only a 2 week gap i need something that not messing with my body like pads do and well money is tight when your a SAHM. I've only ever used pads as tampons fell so uncomfortable when in. But the amount of pads I'm using at the moment isn't feasible for one income family.

Sammy - Otago

I have been chatting with a friend about the amazing work you guys do with period supplies. I was just wondering if I could get some help/advice with a smaller size menstrual cup and reusable pads/ undies.

I'm a single mum currently on a benefit, (waiting for clearance from ACC to get back to work) i was diagnosed with endometriosis and polcystic ovaries at 14. I have tried many treatments, drugs pills and potions but nothing helps my pain and heavy period. I have my period for on average 6 weeks at a time with 2 weeks in between. As you can imagine its costly. I currently use a pad and mini tampons due to regular tampons being extremely painful to use, sometimes minis are also painful to use.

Look forward to hearing back from you guys

We're currently on a single income with a toddler and money is really tight, I saved up for a menstrual cup about 6 months ago but I've never been able to get it to fit comfortably so I've gone back to using tampons. Since getting my period back after having my son even tampons don't feel comfortable so I've been wanting to try period underwear but it's just not in our budget currently

I currently use second hand reusable nappies . As I can't afford disposable. And I use flannels as sanitary pads. This works. But I suffer from PCOS so I can bleed for months on end or not at all, s friend of mine directed me to this site after hearing that I cant afford sanitary products

I'm a solo mum to a beautiful almost 4 year old son, we get by ok but I often struggle with the cost of things. Especially feminine hygiene products. I've heard so many good things about cups plus I love the idea of never having to spend money on things that are a must but just end up in the rubbish. I've wanted to try them for awhile now but unfortunately I cant spare the high cost of them. I was told that WINZ do help with the cost but I really don't want to add to my existing debt.

Hi I have 4 girls. We would like to share a pack of the reusable pads to try. The cup I have used in past must be a cheap one it's very hard and uncomfortable.

My partners niece is 11 and God forbid got her period very early in life. Her mother is a single mother and doesn't have the money to spare for period undies but has told me many times she wants to get them when she has the money.

Could I please order the Lunette and undie pack with the 50% assistance please. I purchased a new MyCup (June 2018) and used it for the first time this June. Best thing ever! Unsure why I waited so long! I struggled inserting, took me a few attempts in the shower, leg up on the wall, because I was a lazy applicator user, I could never use the push up tampons. But it was a massive achievement when I finally popped it in correctly.

I did however struggle to find my stem on the loo and I had to take another shower to empty. These were my first 2 days. Had I researched a little more, I would have purchased the Lunette first, after recently learning that there are different stem lengths etc. Also, I'd love to try the Modibodis saves me using pads all together, now that would be my ultimate period goals!!

Jahdine - Waikato

I have Pcos so my periods are all over the show, it would be amazing to have period undies to help with those surprises. Also have bladder leakage from a digestive disorder from being unable to clench my muscles properly so if I could use something that doubles for both that would be the bees knees.
I am currently on a medical benefit because of my gastric disorder so funding these myself is a struggle as I would like to wear them on a daily basis. I am trialing a menstrual cup I was given but it is leaking as I think it is too big

I am a disabled 23 yr old living week by week. I have a broken vertebrae in my spine, 2 surgeries, the second being 2 weeks ago. The cost of food, medicine, doctors, ubers etc makes me poor so I quite often run out of pads or ruin underwear as my period has decided to be heavier than it ever has been. I want to see if a cup will work but they're expensive.

Bethany - Waikato

I'm a 20 yr old student living in the South Auckland region. I've recently become more aware of my environmental impact and have begun making small changes to create less waste such as carrying a reusable straw/utensils, avoiding plastic and one use packaging waste and being more mindful of wasting electricity.

As I rely on a student allowance for income, I often find myself reluctant and avoidant of buying essential menstruation products, as the cost of them adds up to be quite expensive. I'm excited to make the switch to a menstrual cup/reusable pads. If you could please help me purchase a menstrual pack, it will hugely help me achieve my goals in creating less waste and help me long term to save money. I would love to be able to recommend menstrual cups to my friends!

I have endometriosis and have extremely bad periods I've been wanting to try the cup but being a one income family its tight. I had endo surgery in September within 4 months my endo was back.

I would love to make the switch to reusable products but I just cannot afford to at the moment as a student in New Zealand.

I had been really excited to try a cup for a long while and purchased a cheap one that has let me down. We are a single income family and I don't normally ask for help but would really appreciate help to buy a quality cup. The one I use now leaks and is very difficult to get out, and whilst comfortable I still need to use pads as my period is quite heavy. So it is helping but not quite right.

I would be hoping for a discount, not a free cup. The work you is doing is amazing and if I don't qualify then I am ok about that, there are plenty in greater need than me. We are just out of the range for Winz help unfortunately so unable to get a quote for them to help.

I am applying on behalf of my mother in law. She is living on a benefit and has no money spare after paying for the essentials. She had to borrow tampons from me during her last period, and she is going through hormone replacement therapy due to a bladder issue which means she has heavy and more frequent periods than usual.

She just can't afford to keep buying tampons and pads and stays home instead when she has her period. She is definitely keen to use reusable menstural products and I just hope I can help her in some way. She has no internet or email so she cannot apply for herself. Thanks for everything you guys do you're amazing.

I'm a single mum trying to survive. As I only have partial care of my eldest I don't qualify for full benefits for her including NO disability benefit (she has ASD). I suffer from anxiety due to abusive relationship, custody battles etc and am seeking an ADHD diagnosis. I cannot seek work due to my kids situations. I am trapped financially. I would really appreciate some period underwear as I currently free bleed and its very hard to stay hygienic.

I'm a busy mum of 4 and a full-time student. Making one income stretch to feed and house 6 of us isn't always fun.

My 13 year old daughter ready struggles with using sanitary products, the hassle and being embarrassed by them. I'd love to be able to get a set of period underwear for her to try.

Kia Ora, Tena Koe, Hello Good Fund Team.

I have been reading and watching posts on Facebook a lot over the last 4-6 weeks along with posts from "Raising Ziggy" about period products, the costs and the impacts mainstream products have on our body and environment, and it's made me think seriously about woman's health and closely about the monthly budget currently and will soon to be going up, with this in mind it has lead me to reach out.

I am a 32 year old mother of three children, lucky I have two sons but with my daughter she is now 11 and is still yet to experience what its like to become a woman and the monthly dealings that come with life getting older. I myself have suffered tremendously with painful heavy periods since I was 11 and on top as far back as i can remember (8-9yr) battle with bladder incontinence which is worse now after the births of my dear children.

The cost of being fresh all day everyday is crippling not only the wallet but my self-esteem personally with emotions and in my relationship, but then to add menstrual costs on top of it. I know I'm not the only woman having this issue. I will be filling out the winz quote form because you don't know unless you ask but I don't think they will accept it as I owe almost $6000 as it is and I'm guessing because of the daily incontinence upkeep I would need quite a few items to maintain me as well as for my daughter when her period arrives.

I've been on meds for the incontinence that eventually my body becomes immune then they don't work, I've also had bladder xrays and I need an operation to correct it as I am straight smack bang in the middle of stress/urgency but I'm fearful of the method used (mesh sling) in this opp due to the stories of post opp issues so I've not yet gone ahead with it.

I'm still not even sure that your products are even going to be suitable for the incontinence due to how unfortunately heavy the leakage actually is. but I am most certainly interested in having a chat further to discus the options for me.

As for my daughter I know that when her period does arrive she would be in preference to use pads not tampons. Thank you for giving me the chance to share my story and hope to hear from your team in the near future.

My daughter just got her first period and I struggle to buy pads for myself every month. I have brought some reusable pads as I don't want her having the same issues I have with non organic pads and I don't want that near her skin is such a sensitive area.

My period lasts 10-12 days with 2-3 days off in the middle at night. I sleep on a towel to save on pads, I have days where I wear a pad for to long because I don't have any left and I'm waiting for the reusable pads to be washed and dried.

I know the initial cost compensates over the long term how ever currently we are on student benefit with a family of 5 as my husband owns his own business but we are not drawing a wage so buying anything extra is out of the budget currently but this is a necessary cost and I don't want my daughter to miss out or be any different because I cant afford to give her what she needs.

I'm a single mum to 2 toddlers on a solo parent benefit and I struggle with my periods as they are so regular and the cost of disposables is so large.

Alannah - Pukekohe

I have had endometriosis and associated pain using tampons since I was 14. After three surgeries, I found that the Mirena saved me - no/very light periods. However, after the birth of my one year old, I am not working, and definitely can't afford the cost of having another $400 Mirena fitted. I now have very heavy, painful periods again. (On a side note, I'd love to one day work on funding or having pharmac fund the Mirena for women with endometriosis, or very painful periods who may not be privileged enough to be able to jump through all the hoops to get surgery to confirm endo...)

Using tampons is more painful than it used to be as I tore badly during my son's birth. Four months ago we purchased a cup from the supermarket in case it was better than tampons - and it was, a lot better. But now this has already started to crack (ugh!!) and I can't use it anymore. We don't have it in our budget at the moment to purchase another one. I mostly use cloth pads currently to avoid tampons, but do have to use them at the start as I bleed much too heavily for just pads.

So I'd love to be able to try another cup (I'm looking at the shorty cup as I think I'm a bit munted down there by the birth and had to turn the one I was using inside out to get a comfortable fit???).

HOWEVER, I am aware that I am lucky to be in the position where I CAN afford tampons, and lots of other women can't even afford that and there may be A LOT of applications like that at the moment so I am totally fine with not being a priority now (or ever!) and I am sure that some point in future I will be able to get another cup ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your mahi either way, it's incredible.

I have a really heavy period and I'm struggling to afford $10+ a month on pads. I'd love to try a cup and some reusable pads/period undies.

I need help finding reusable menstrual products for myself and one day soon my daughter. We are a large family and not very well off and I don't know where to look or start.

I bleed for 2-3 weeks a month, I've tried mirena and the pill. Doesn't help. Mirena is out now after 4 years of pain and infection. I get a lot of Uris from tampon use. I never seem able to get pads that don't leak. I never know when period will strike. So I wear a pad everyday and it gets very expensive so I use a hankie or a rag. You would change my life if you could help me.

I am keen to try the period undies (if they make them big enough). I have a rather heavy period and go through a lot of pads per period.

I had a $10 cup but this only lasted around 2 years and wasn't a great fit. I've been using tampons since that time but have irregular bleeding and an irregular flow since having my children which means tampons don't really work for me anymore. I would really like a solution and to find a quality cup that works for me.

I'm a solo mum with 5 children. 4 of which are daughters. Aged 17, 14, 12 and 9. My 3 eldest daughters all got their when they were 9 so we wouldn't be surprised if she gets it soon. We go through a lot of sanitary products and it's affordability in the moment that prevents me from trying the cups.

Myself and my daughters would all like to try them. We have quite heavy flows on average. We are also aware of our rubbish we create. It's awful. Am I able to apply for all of us? I have just gone on the sole parent benefit this week.... Would a quote mean I have to sit at winz and talk about this in public....??

I would love The Good Fund to help me purchase a reusable menstrual pack. Buying pads constantly costs so much money, and isn't good when my period starts suddenly and I've got no back ups.

I'm so keen to try the undies and reusable pads. Each period seems to be causing worse reactions. I have just had a long period and having to use pads for so many days has meant itching and thrush. My husband and I have been trying to afford reusable options for me for a few months now and it just hasn't been in the budget. Now I'm going to have to spend the money I have been saving on thrush treatments.

Being a one income family, I know it makes my husband feel terrible that we can't afford these items. I feel yuck asking for help as I'm sure you have so many requests from women far worse off than me.

Hi, I would love a discounted cup for me. I'm a stay at home mum of 2 young boys and would love to save money but just can't afford the full priced cup at the moment.

I believe women, like myself and every other should be able to afford pads tampons etc for their periods, they should be free from health clinics like condoms. If I received a pack, it will help me with financially, with cost. Mentally & emotionally with my health issues, I have been using toilet paper and old clothing. I cant seem to afford I feel guilty buying me something I need if my kids need something more than what I do. I feel ashamed and embarrassed and don't tell anyone. But the blood has been ruining my clothes.

Hi there. I am looking to try the period underwear. I use my cup during day but want to have the underwear for night as I'm having to buy disposal pads and being a solo mum of three every cent counts. I was going to try get a grant from winz but I am already paying a bond back and I cannot afford to pay more per week. I would be grateful for any help.

I am applying for help to support our family in meeting the costs of period products. Heavy periods with clots are a common reality of each month - floods and continual worry re leakage and social pressures of a young lady. Period undies are a product she will use - no product that is inserted is an option for her - age, stage, and worry stop this from being an option.

Looking for help or subsidy to purchase 2 one for myself and one for my daughter. I am a single mum of 5 and no longer want to use products that take a long time to break down. Would like to try the cup. But due to a tight budget limitations to purchase.

I'm needing some reusable products and am hoping to access the fund for help.

Hi. I would love to get my 11yr old daughter some underwear for when her period starts. she has autism, sensory issues and anxiety. Iย think these will be amazing for her so she doesn't have to see/deal with the blood like she would with disposable pads.

We're a single income family and I'd love to not have the monthly expense of tampons. I have tried a mooncup but since having my baby, I've really struggled getting it in the right spot (as things have changed!) and it's just not working for me.

Several people have recommended the Modibodi underwear and I'm very keen to try them out and limit my impact on the environment. Thanks so much for considering me.

Claire - Bay of Plenty

A year ago I became a solo mum. This month is the month I finally managed to move out of my families homes, to pay my own rent and stand on my own two feet. Today, I got my period back for the first time postpartum. And it brought me to tears, not because of the hormones (although hell, they're probably not helping), but because I haven't budgeted for it.

I have enough money to go get some tampons so I feel like I shouldn't be reaching out for help. But this will be a monthly "oh FUCK" and if I could have a reusable menstrual cup at home then it is something I don't need to worry about anymore. If you could help me get my hands on a menstrual cup, I would be so relieved.

I found this site watching Millie Elder Holmes. I am a 34yr old solo mum, the added cost of a period each month does add up. I've use tampons all my life and have recently switched to pads after having my son. I have been looking into products that are healthier for my body and now I am aware of the waste accumulated with having a period.

I have been interested in using a cup and looking into all the product like period underwear and reusable pads, but the initial cost to try them are far beyond my budget. If you could help with anything for me to try ... I would be sooo happy

I would love to use period underwear but can't afford to buy them. I'm a single parent of 2 so money is always funneled into family expenses.

I would love to try period underwear. And replace some reusable menstrual pads. Currently I'm a full time mum to a disabled 3 year old. I have used a diva cup before, but not comfortable with the idea of using now, after giving birth.

I would love to give reusable pads and liners ago, I just hate the odor disposables can give off. Along with the fact that I have reacted to them recently after having my 6 week old daughter.

Also my 9 year old will be starting down the path in a few years, hopefully quite a few years away, and i would love to be able to have her straight on reusables instead of disposables.

With my 6 week old baby being in an out of hospital with chicken pox and feeding/growing issues among other things, we just cant afford to keep spending money on disposables whether it be nappies or menstrual products.
Am planning on trying out reusable nappies once everything has calmed down.

Thank you for considering me, I do believe what you are doing / offering is amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to make the move to sustainable and reusable menstrual products to help reduce financial and environmental costs.

As a heavy bleeder sometimes the cup just isn't reliable/comfortable or suitable especially after my miscarriages.
Period underwear is a fantastic option I wish I knew about sooner!

I would love to opportunity to try some reusable products. Currently I not working as I'm home with a wee one, so the out lay is out of my reach at the moment.

I need help to access and try reusable products as funds for this are low with 4 children.

We are a single income family and having just had my period back after my first baby I really want to make the change to a cup/period underwear. I love the idea of sustainability and also a better option for my body, as tampons/normal pads just aren't working for me after all the changes post baby.

Renee - Manawatu

I'd love to move to reusable menstrual products but am struggling to find the money now that I'm a stay at home mum and we're down to one income.

It would be great to have some period undies for when my 11 year old daughter starts her period. I love the fact that they reduce the impact on the environment and will make life for her so much easier than having to deal with bulky pads or try to use tampons (I couldn't use tampons till I was 18 so was more restricted in what physical activity I could do).

My partner and I recently separated and I am having trouble making ends meet as I'm now a solo mum studying to become a social worker. Switching to a reusable product like Modibodi underwear means I could save a lot of money each month and also reduce my waste. I owned one pair awhile ago, but they wore out and I can't really afford to buy anymore.

My daughter has an extreme anxiety disorder and is experiencing very heavy periods which are making it hard for her to attend school due to fear of leakage. these would be life changing for her.

I would love to try the undies as I've switched to the cup and am enjoying doing good for the environment and myself. I would appreciate good funds help as I'm a single mother with two boys who have just had birthdays and now I have limited funds, and really keen to try as a work friend says these are amazing.

Hi, my eldest daughter is 11 and I am wanting to get together a pack of reusable menstrual products for her for when she first gets her period. I use a cup now and hope to get some reusable period undies for me too at some point but I think if she starts out with reusable it will just be her norm. I am struggling to afford these.

I would love help with reusable pads or underwear. I currently only have 1 pad but love it! I'm a single mum to 3 kids under 4 so I just don't have the budget to buy any.

I'm applying for me and my 2 teenage girls. Because they use pads I use tampons, I usually get their things and I'll go old school. I hate it makes me feel gross but hey when life throws you a lemon you squeeze it! I also have got the rods in as contraception and my cycle is now longer and heavier.

Tracey - Auckland

I had a pretty well behaved menstrual cycle for the first 10 years since getting it, pretty regular lasting the "normal" 3-7 days and always light flow.

Fast forward to November 2014 when my period was due and didn't show up. After a couple of weeks of no period I did a home pregnancy test and bloods both were negative and the doctors couldn't figure out why. 6 or so months later my period reared its ugly head and was back with a vengeance.

Ever since then I have experienced severely heavy bleeding and usually bleed for 3-12 weeks at a time. As you can imagine, I go through quite a lot of sanitary products and it gets quite expensive. I have those big protective sheets that hospitals place under you after having a baby, that sometimes I have to sit on and free bleed as I've used up all my sanitary products or it's just too heavy and I don't have the right sanitary products for the amount of bleeding.

I suffer quite bad anxiety with my bleeding and it often stops me from going out as I panic that I will bleed through my clothes.

I am not quite 50 but suffer from severe heavy bleeding/ due to menopause due to being on a sickness benefit I can only afford 2 packets of budget sanity pads a week but I can easily use up to 7 a day on heavy days but have resorted to using cut up flannel sheets when I run out, not only are they bulky but embarrassing to hang on the wash line and then to hope they dry before it rains, and if it does rain? Then its toilet paper both of these have ruined my clothing from leaks, i also have my 12 yr old grand daughter has come into my care so now I will be giving her my sanitry pads to use instead, it would be an absolute god send with these products

Irene - Gisborne

I'm a solo mother of 3 children currently part time working and sometimes struggle to make ends meet in never put myself first everything I do and have is for my kids so buying things for myself is really rare.
My daughter is 9 and will be getting her period soon so this would help her immensely.

Nova - Auckland

It would be awesome to get a pack for my 19 year old daughter. She struggles .. as a student .. to afford to buy sanitary products.

I am a single mother to 4 beautiful daughters 26, 15, 11 and 9. I am also a second year student midwife so as you can guess money is pretty tight. With 3 of us requiring menstrual products every month it is starting to be rather costly and I would love to save money and also the environment by using reusable products even if it is only for myself at this time. I would really appreciate help to purchase myself a menstrual cup or reusable products for my daughters. Thank you for considering my application.

Nicky - Waikato

I'm a solo mum on a very tight budget however I have various health issues still yet to be diagnosed as I'm on the waiting list to see the gynecology department at Dunedin hospital. One of these is extremely painful and heavy periods which can last on average 2-3 weeks which takes a huge chunk of my grocery budget.

My husband is under the mental health act for over 20 years & suffers bipolar, schizophrenia & paranoia, therefore unable to work. We have a nearly 4 year old son, we're struggling financially. Having period materials would help hugely.

Tina - Auckland

I currently use a cup but its definitely the wrong size or shape or something, I only ever used pads before my pregnancies. After birth i just used the baby nappies coz maternity pads are ridiculously priced! I don't have the spare funds to replace the cup I have with something more comfortable at the moment, the kids need winter pajamas and that's more of a priority right now. I dread periods so much.

I am a solo parent of 3 children (14,5 &3) I am also a full time student on student allowance. By the time all the rent and bills and food has been paid for it can be a real stretch to be able to afford sanitary products for both myself and my 14 year old daughter. Sometimes when we both fell on the same cycle which is becoming more regular I am having to choose between myself or daughter of who to buy for meaning I often miss out We both suffer very heavy periods so to receive reusable sanitary products would be a real blessing.

Hi I'm a single mum of four and studying. So my budget is very tight. I struggle to buy my own products and now my daughter at the age of starting her period. I would love one of these packs for her so she's prepared.

Thanks heaps Nicola - Waikato


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